Baby Tear

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Working as a nurse in the Pedi and Nicu area i've seen some of the strongest children and babies anybody could ever know, this poem is my feelings on a subject I'm sure everybody has seen and heard of.

Submitted: May 08, 2008

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Submitted: May 08, 2008



Cry-sigh, tears fall from the face,
dirty nose, torn cloth's,
how I weep for you woe’s.

So young-so old, does anybody care, that you
live in this place of broken dreams.


Moldy bottle-dirty binky, pots and pans
scattered across the floor,
does anybody care for your woes.

Dreams of pain, thoughts of anger
from one so young-so old.

Why doesn't the world care for the precious,
the little jewels in this life,
which live in a life of pain-of screams?

Destined to follow in the foot path,
that's laid down before them.

Little bitty feet dirty from grief,
how I weep for your woes.

Growing old-sad, destined to pass their pain,
to little bitty feet that look up to you,
with LOVE not GREIF.

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