All it takes is Love

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Bridget was having a crappy life with her hero dying when she was 8 to her dealing with being bipolar,, she wasn't your everyday teenager,, she was an adult living in a teenagers body...

Submitted: July 06, 2009

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Submitted: July 06, 2009



I was sitting in my bathroom with the knife in my hand,, I was ready for this,, finally things would get better,, it would be over..... "Bridget you open this door right now or I swear to God I will break it down" "Go ahead Kyle,, it's not like it'll matter in a couple of minutes" I pushed the knife onto my arm,, a little blood trickled out,, I was so close.... "Bridget please open the door,, we can talk about everything,, you can tell me Bridget,, please" "Kyle go away and let me do this alright?" "I-I can't let you do that" "and why thehell not? huh?" "cause-c-ca-use" "that's what I thought" I pushed the blade a little farther, I was starting to get woozy...good. "CAUSE I F**CKING LOVE YOU OKAY?!?!?!!?" "wha-wha"....but it was too late,, I was already slipping into darkness. But I heard a bang.....

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 3 Weeks earlier ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

I got up like usual,, by rolling out of bed andonto the floor

"FUUUCCKKK" I groaned

I walked to my bathroom,, did morning stuff,, and then went to my HUGE closet that I didn't really need,, and grabbed my black and purple checkered skinny jeans,, neon yellow t-shirt and my sweater that said "Let the good times roll" on the back, ironic isn't it? I ran downstairs and grabbed a nutrigrain bar that I knew I wouldn't eat and my tigger bag (yes I am that cool). I hopped into my good old beat up truck with graffiti all over it and I was on my way to school.

You see 1/2 the school hated me,, 1/4 was indifferent and the other 1/4 were my friends...but they all shared one thing...they allare scared of what I can do.

As I am walking to my very first class English (blaghk) a very preppy girl ran up to me (a new one too) and walked right up to my face "Hey Bitch" I just glared at her "I-I-m-mm-eean-n,, here take my apple" and she ran away. See? all scared. So I went to my english class,, late,, as usual,, and walked in "Miss.Richards-Hyellm,, you are late again" I just glared at him "But I will let it pass this time" See? EVERYONE is scared of me. I sat in my usual spot on the right of Natasha (my BEST friend) behind Max (Best guy friend) in front of Carmen (girl by the way)and to the left of.....wait what? where was Natalie,, instead there was this guy,, may I add EXTREMELY hot,, skater guy in her seat. "Hi, I'm Kyle, I'm new here, and by the way,, I can't believe you got him to let go of that late"..."Ya, well everyone around here is scared of me,, I have no idea why tho"..."Ooooh,, cool, what do you have next?"..."Drama! yey! (in the least preppy sounding voice possible without sarcasm)..."Hey! me too, you think I could walk you there?"..."How about I walk YOU seeing as you have no idea where we're going,, and you can walk me tomorrow, kaay?"..."Deal"

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