It's a Process

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This the steps of the writing process written in a way that can be memorized.

Writing is a process, and it’s important for you to know,

You can then take your new knowledge and use it wherever you go.

To help you learn this method, there are five things I need to share,

It’s really quite simple, so no need to pull out your hair.


First, you choose a topic, anything your heart so desires,

You can write about anything from your favorite TV show to California fires.

Before you get too excited, more than often your teacher might choose,

But that’s okay too; you just have to provide the news.


Then, you think about why you’re writing and whom you’re writing to,

When you have a purpose, the rest is as easy as tying your shoe.

Your purpose and audience has a huge effect on what you write,

So make sure you pay close attention before your writing takes flight.


Next, you have to figure out the form your writing will take,

It can be a poem, a song, a summary, or a letter you wrote by the lake.

This part of the writing process really gets your creative juices flowing,

But make sure to ask your teacher before your writing gets going.


Then, there are accommodations that may need to come into play,

This can occur often throughout the entire process or on a very particular day.

Your teacher will support you and help you when you get stuck,

They can give you guidance so that you won’t feel out of luck.


So dear student, don’t feel overwhelmed and gain feelings of dismay,

Your teacher is by your side to guide you, each and every day,

Your writing will grow stronger and you’ll be a better writer pretty soon,

Just trust yourself and your writing skills, and learn my poem with a catchy tune.




Alvermann, D. E., Phelps, S. F., Ridgeway Gillis, V. (2010). Content area reading and literacy. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Submitted: August 08, 2013

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helpful piece of poem. got the message but i cant memorize it though . keep writing :)

Thu, August 8th, 2013 11:56pm

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