Tar Sand Robots

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A manifesto

Submitted: March 27, 2012

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Submitted: March 27, 2012



We live in a world where the driving force behind economics is producing the highest quality good for the lowest quality cost, thus tying together money and work.

Suppose an alien landed on Earth that was singlehandedly capable of doing all the work in the World before noon. We as a species, would not then go on to pay the alien all of our wages, nor would we separate the money between ourselves; we would simply benefit from the alien and call him a superhero. Suppose the alien, instead of doing all the work, ran around taking all of the money in the world at the end of every workday. We would not stop doing the work, because it was necessary for life to continue; we’d merely just curse the superevil alien for being such a bad person. In both of these situations, money loses all its meaning while work remains a fact of life. If this is the case, why can humans not take the step to end its use of fiat currency?

As it stands, these two extreme forms of overseeing alien exist. The side working all day for none of the cost is the majority of humanity, what has been called the 99% in recent propaganda, working without any recognition merely because if they didn’t, the whole thing would go. While the evil, greedy, thieving alien on the other end of the spectrum is represented by the market itself, sucking all of the money at the end of it all never to be seen again. It is not the 1%, the “born capitalists,” taking all of the money. It cannot possibly be done by any one human, none of them own all of the wealth, but all of them will die, unlike the market as it stands today. They are merely physical embodiments of the system that they have studied like a musician or actor or scientist or politician who learns how to best perform a certain goal. A musician learns how to best manipulate their instrument to creating their wanted outcome, be it a song or scale. A capitalist learns how to manipulate the market to create the most money. Though, neither is very productive if given the others tools. A stock broker cannot orchestrate a symphony in the same way a conductor cannot become a multibillionaire. Unfortunately, one of these roles carries significant power over the other. Unfortunately, the capitalists are merely the top of the hierarchical system that has been engrained into our culture. Teachers, policemen, bankers, all exert some form of authority over individuals and all of these beings are directed by their quest for money. The idea that a teacher or police officer is doing their job for the work and not for the money is untrue because they are mandated to receive money in the form of a wage which means they are compelled to use their currency in the only market it is good for. From this there are only two options. One is to remove money entirely and go back to bartering systems based on what one could produce, small communities of large families working primarily for the individual and their loved ones, then the group that the families had learned to care about. Or to use modern technology to create more ethical and realistic wages by basing wages entirely on what one produces. This will significantly help the whole of humanity because capitalists that exploit the markets yet create very little will be all but abolished, and a currency will have relatable values. You know a market system is flawed when the phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned” becomes “a penny saved is a penny plus compound interest”. I propose that by paying workers in more solid wages, they will work less because they will realize the futility of going the extra mile for a nicer t-shirt and the waste of their ways at their most fundamental. This is a good thing, in the future robots created out of Tar Sands will, hopefully, be able to take over the role of a manual worker in society leaving goods virtually free and most jobs relating to public good.

In a petroleum based world, peak oil is a situation that needs to be taken seriously. Eventually, oil will no longer exist, and with its passing, so too will virtually all goods. In addition, climate change, particularly climate change that is caused by residual heating of the Earth even without CO2 emissions rising, which many attempted debunkers such as “Lord” Monckton point to as a case against Global Warming, is a serious issue created by the free market based system. Human ingenuity cannot overcome the laws of nature. In a market that rewards goods breaking down, or more sick people to support the health care industry, it is essential to work for works sake.

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