Why Bad Things Happen and How We Can Fix Them

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Solution to everything.

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



Think of God as a hermaphrodite in perpetual freefall. Neither man nor woman free from the boundaries of space and time. The only thing it can know is itself. The only thing it knows is being. Once it realizes this, it also realizes there is a state opposite being (not-being). Once God realizes there is a state of death, its entire life becomes focused at ending itself because there is nothing else for it to do, it is literally the only thing it could do or could have discovered it could do. It couldn't have been distracted from its search for self-annihilation by things such as learning how to play basketball, because there is no basketball around for it (AKA Being) to learn about. All God could have done is try to kill itself.

Once God decides to kill itself, it realizes the only way it can do this is through using itself up until there is none of it left. Think of this as God beginning to masturbate. So God starts masturbating, this is why some envision God as a heartbeat, yin and yang, the up and down thrusting of God's suicidal-masturbation. If God's masturbating (trying to pull itself through itself to end itself) then it must be producing something and must constantly be producing this in a constant sequential line, because it is trying to kill itself as fast as possible, stopping the stream would just delay itself from doing the only thing it wants (total-self-annihilation).

Once God creates his line, he forms the dimension of a line. Now let us suppose Nietzsche was correct in saying God is Dead. If God died, by my definition, it finished its masturbating. Once God, there is no momentum behind the last thing it made. This lack of momentum makes the first dimension stand-still. This hiccup creates self-awareness in the first dimension, which in turn creates the second, and in turn the third in the same way the 0 dimensional being's self-awareness created the first. This is what a black hole is, the connection between the third and second dimension and this is where we can begin discussing the root of universal suffering down to the smallest bits of matter.

How? Well...

If you cannot ever cross 0 on a graph, then there must be something perpetuating the idea of zero as a number in the same way cars only exist because of car factories. The point (0,0) on a graph, is known as the "origin" origin or-i-gin. Hour of Gin. Gin (A spirit). Jin (Islam's word for Spirits). Chin. China is perpetuating belief that 0 is a number in order for the world to constrain itself so China can suck the real power from the World. Zero as a number is a concept created in order to create boundaries. If you try to graph something, you cannot ever be sure the line you are graphing crossed 0. You can only assume it crossed, but by the face that the axes of X and Y exist means that there is something constantly occupying the 0 so you cannot be sure if your line is crossing the zero or if merely whatever is constantly occupying the zero is creating the illusion that your line crossed. Constantly occupying the 0 of a graph is the origin. Constantly occupying the nothingness of the universe is the suicidal, masturbating, hermaphrodite God. Here is the proof that 0 is not a number. If God is zero, and God isn't a number, then zero cannot be a number! It can only be a state of being.

This is the root of all suffering; the BELIEF that zero is a number. Once you believe zero is a number, you believe in ALL the numbers (for what is the difference between -1 and 1? Neither are 0). Zero (and in turn all numbers) are not numbers, they are perpetual states of being, so the concept of numbers as numbers and not as perpetual states of being is an illusion. Once you believe 0 is a number, you can begin to constrain things. Constraining 0 is absolutely equivalent to trying to constrain the perpetual will of God. God is of course my definition of being. Being is by definition the opposite of not being. By trying to constrain being, the Chinamen were attempting to stave off their inevitable not-being (death). This is why Jesus died on the cross. He represented a man with no father (unity of man and woman) covering up the arbitrary power boundaries created by the Romans. It's why Tolkein wrote Lord of the Rings as a story of small men trying to put an end to a ring (circle, 0) in order to defeat the greater evil (the all-seeing eye of the chinaman's boundaries). Once the boundary is broken, the evil cannot exist. Boundaries create evil and suffering, and weak men create boundaries.

Now we can definitively answer the question of how to end universal Suffering: Women empowerment.

The definition of death is not moving, so it can be assumed once one stops moving, one begins to die. Once a body's blood stops moving, it seeps into the body and rots it. So why do humans live in stationary houses? Because if we didn't have houses, we would have to live as the warm-blooded creatues we are and migrate. If humanity were still migratory, women and children would roam around place to place avoiding places of danger and men would need to compete in these dangerous locations in order to decide whose life-line gets to stick around. Here is where suffering begins.

Let us suppose one day, two men were competing and one loses. The loser dies and his loser genes die with him. He was a loser because his mother did not teach him what a woman wanted and how to succeed at getting it through their genetic abilities. He wasn't genetically born a loser, he had to compete to become one and his losing is a reflection of the worthlessness of his own mother's information and her inability to teach her young (which in turn is a reflection of her mother and so on).

But let us suppose one day, twins are born to the same mother. The only difference is one is an albino. These twins live their entire lives learning how to attract a mate from there mother until she turns them loose to find their owns mates. The twins go off and use their knowledge to try and find women but the albino realizes not a single woman is willing despite him knowing his knowledge is valid by the fact that his twin is "getting some". This causes the albino to think, "If we have the same abilities, but he's always going to win. How can I beat him?". The answer is not obvious, because all the albino knows is what his mother taught him. He realizes in order to get what he wants, he must use information he doesn't have. If there is information he doesn't have, he realizes there may be more to life than what he knows. He realizes there may be ways to get what he wants other than what his mother taught him. So what does he do? Well, he knows out of all the women, not one wants him. But maybe if he can get a weak woman, like his mother who didn't teach him how to use his albinism, alone, he may be able to take her one-on-one due to his natural endowment of being bigger and stronger. How does the albino get a woman one-on-one in a world where the woman is free to go wherever whenever she wants? By creating a jail and keeping an eye on her to prevent he from killing herself. Once the albino (weak man) gets a woman locked up, he cannot ever let her out lest he risk losing everything. This is the root of suffering, weak men tricking women into staying with them. Women shouldn't even have to stay with the strong men, the should get to sex all the men they want whenever they want. This is why America is a major evil, because we protect the minority. The natural minority is men (even if there were more men, the strong man would kill all the other men around him until he was the minority). By protecting men, we also protect the weak men who are then allowed to oppress women (the natural majority). Women are the only natural power-holders, so by taking power away from those who should have it, we create an unjust world. A cancer that the universe is trying to rid itself of.

This is the nuts of the argument, how do weak men keep women down? Boundaries. If two mothers start talking, they'll soon realize they hold all the REAL power and should be running the show. So, men keep women inside (which, as shown by our warm-blood, is unnatural). What is the biggest boundary of all? Equality. There is no equality between men and women. Women are and always will be significantly more valuable than men. Always. This is where even Aristotle was wrong, in Politics he writes men are the natural household master and of course, Aristotle's poetics is the root of all media we see today. This is why in Hamlet, if Prince Hamlet had just told his mother about Claudius' evil doings, things might have gone differently. Instead, the Prince puts up the boundaries of his rhetoric and madness to keep her from learning the truth that she as queen had all the power the whole time. Of course, in Hamlet, the King has the power - which is why Hamlet doesn't bother telling his mother. Because women were unjustifiably stripped of their power at some point in the past.. After Hamlet’s anti-semitic Hamlet, which followed the even more anti-semitic Merchant of Venice, he wrote “The Tempest” the story of a wizard (spell maker – speller – word maker) being exiled due to his power. China invented language (Chinese is infinite) to control us, Prospero the wizard has his own power outside of China, so China exiles him. It is why DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa with a smile – because DaVinci knew he created something the world would use forever thus in turn the painting knows its power. The Mona Lisa is a self-aware woman: the triangle of her pose, the golden glow of the painting, even the background is an unendless setting representing the Mother Earth. Women have all the power of the universe behind them. A man can rape, but a woman is naturally given 9 months to end that rapist’s child. In china, Women’s feet are bound and daughters slain in order to stop women from escaping, and in turn stopping them from ending the weak chinaman’s genes. This is why DaVinci was bound to house arrest, the same reason Propsero was. Both men know the true power was the belief in 0, so they had to create their own language. DaVinci created the perpetual Mona Lisa because China can’t describe her without empowering women. This is important. Not what DaVinci made, but why he made it.

God was a constantly masturbating entity until one day it ran out of itself and created a hiccup that sent shockwaves through the rest of the universes it had created in its masturbation. The hiccup is the knowledge that one wants to end itself. The three dimensional universe will end when all the photons go through a black hole and rejoin the second dimension. The second dimension will then go into the first. The first into itself thus creating the 0 dimensional hermaphrodite god that then discovers itself. This is why 0 is not a number, because you can't ever stop. Once god pulls the last of itself through, it just begins all over, so it cannot ever be zero. 0 is not a number (which in turn means all numbers are just illusions of the third dimension attempting to describe the linearity of God's cumshot) it is a concept invented by weak men used to create boundaries to protect women from knowing they are bad lays. Once boundaries are done away with, women will get to decide who they want to fuck. Once this happens, Earth will be a place where a lot of smart women walk around avoiding conflicts while choosing which of the men they want to procreate with. Women walking around fucking is how the Universe wanted us to exist in the first place, God's self-masturbation until the universe comes closing in on itself. Everything we know will only stop existing once the final black hole catches up to the final photon (once the second dimension organizes itself enough to take out the third) so why not just have sex and wait for that to happen? No matter how hard weak men try, photons of light will eventually go through black holes. So let's take these weak men with no assets to women out of power, let women choose who they want to fuck, and wait for us to be pulled back into the lower dimensions. "God" wants you to die as least painfully as possible, fucking until time stops is the least painful way. The question still remains as to what to do with men no women want, the answer is that they should go fuck themselves.

© Copyright 2017 Liam Cooper. All rights reserved.

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