The forgotten future

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This is a poem about the future of the modern life.

Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012




Tall glass buildings, towering up above.

Surrounding the smoke by the children’s


Fossil flues, natural gasses, destruction.

A life not lived in peace by sound,

The bustling city by your finger tips.

The million pound penthouse, looking out

At the polluted river, sewage, rubbish.

Is this living the high life? Is this your dream?

Broken glass, rubble and blue prints scattered

Around an empty construction site. One paper

Stands out, BILL. Reminding the working class for

Near poverty.


Families of many cultures mixing together.

Different religions arguing with each other.

Stereotypes and racists is this the English way?

Is this the future we want for our children?

The existing year of the diamond jubilee,

With the queen and country.

The congregation of countries joining together.

The future is coming, but today is already here.

© Copyright 2018 Liam G Nelson. All rights reserved.

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