Dark Beast

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A man whom has little knowledge of nature strolls through a forest on a nice afternoon. The flowers are in a nice colourful pattern and the sun shines through the leaves of the trees nicely, but there is a dark secret behind the forest, the man is relentlessly hunted by an evil beast resting in the forest. He is chased into a lonely house in the forest.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




Dark Beast

Is there no escape? Am I trapped? Am I to starve to death or am I to be slaughtered by the monstrous butcher? The beast guards the only way out, preventing me from leaving safely. It is stalking me, it knows I’m here, it knows I am a defenceless human being. I am the mouse in this game of cat and mouse.

The beautiful forest containing its wide range of flowers putting on a display of beautiful colours to impress the guests of their homes, the bees buzzing a calming song as they fly towards the flowers to view their beauty up close, the streetlights of the forest lit up the ground in an amazing pattern, but this beauty has a dark side. As I was staring upon a lonely house, I spotted a frightening sight. It looked as though it was sixty feet fall and 90 centimetres in width and its dark fur stuck out of it like the syringe from a lethal injection. Staring at the beast left me paralyzed and I was unable to leave.

Eventually I was in its line of sight. The beast gazed at me with his deathly black eyes with a hungry look. When I saw it moving towards me, I backed away in fear, looking around for a form of defence against the dark furry shadow approaching me. Finally I found something, a small stick on the ground, it might have been small, but it might have had enough power. I felt powerful with this weapon and so I wacked the beast, but the stick snapped with a sound which would shatter glass. The beast merely stumbled and its eye flared with anger. When I saw this, I ran and the beast chased.

Running through the forest would mean death judging by the speed of the beast, so I ran into the house and slammed the door in hope that it would prevent the beast from advancing further, however I just ran into my tomb as the beast broke down the door with ease.

When I saw this I ran down the west hallway in search of a place to hide. The beast most likely picked up my scent and continued, but I wasn’t prepared to just give up so I continued to run. Out of breath I closed my eyes and stopped as I know I was going to be slaughtered, but it seemed that the beast went somewhere else.

The dark shadow went to the dining room east of the front door (I knew because I could hear it breaking down the doors). Thinking the beast was too busy searching for me in the dining room I went towards the front door, but after the floor made an awful creaking noise the beast sprang out of the dining room and ran towards me.

The beast’s intentions were obvious so I had to run as fast as I could. It seemed hopeless; any door I opened the beast would plough through, any obstacles in the hallway I threw down it went through and any corners I turned the beast would follow. It seemed hopeless as the beast was slowly catching up and I was rapidly losing my breath and my will.

I looked back to see what was going on behind me and the events that transpired made me think about giving up. The beast slashed at me and pretty much ripped my face into pieces. The pain was intense as there was a strong stinging sensation and to put salt on the wound, some of the blood remained on the nerves which caused continuous pain. The slash was pretty powerful too as it sent me flying onto the floor. The beast was looking down on me; he is the one with the power now.

I knew the beast was going to start ripping out my flesh so I looked for a way out and thankfully the door behind me had a hold big enough for me to crawl under. The only problem was though, is that the beast had me down, in fact I was practically paralyzed. The only chance I had was to wait till it began slaughtering me and then make my move

The beast opened its mouth, saliva dripped from its mouth onto my face and the smell of its breath was like that of the poisonous gasses being spewed from a factory. This was the cue. I punched the beast and although I was very weak I made it falter a little, which gave me the lee way I needed to slide under the door. Sliding was a big mistake as the floor was like the beast’s claws were nailed into the ground as the stinging sensation of sliding on the ground to the hole in the door was similar to that of when the beast slashed at me.

The pain in my back sent me sprawling on to the ground when I was in the room. The beast knew where I was so I acted quickly and searched for a place to either hide or a shortcut to the front door.

The room was dilapidated with many cracks in the wall which was black from sooth, there were burn marks all over the place, there was a hole in the ceiling which seemed to go on to the third floor and there were scraps of burnt paper and objects. I found a hole to hide in after I recovered and I went down just in time as the beast smashed through the door.

I was confident that the beast wouldn’t see me down here, so I observed it. The beast seemed to destroy everything in the room in hope of finding its prey. To be honest it seemed as though he was insane as he was sprawling around the room slashing blindly. At close examination it seems as though the beast had a blood stain on its chest, but it wasn’t my blood, in fact it was gash in his chest. While the beast was further destroying the room, I progressed down what seemed to be a long tunnel.

The tunnel seemed wide, in fact it was wide enough for a group of people to walk through, the wall was split horizontally by a border which was cracked at parts, the bottom half was a rotting wall which had a mix of colours which was impossible to determine due to the black fungus growing on it and the top half which was just bricks, the ceiling was wood which was very unstable and I feared the beast would just break right through the top. This tunnel seemed very long and it didn’t seem normal as the house wasn’t that big.

As I progressed down the tunnel I spotted a steel door. This door seemed out of place as it was the only one here and I was sure that there were still a few more metres to go in this tunnel. Seeing that the door was steel and that the beast has probably realised I’m gone, I entered.

The room behind the door was like a hotel room as there was a bed which looked comfy enough, a ladder that I can’t reach a locked cupboard, a toilet which was covered with rust and grime and a trap door with an odd shadow. The shadow only showed when I pointed the light at the trap door, so I opened it. It seemed that a hand was in the trap door. Funny enough, it seemed normal at first, but when I realized what it was I screamed. The hand looked as though it was pulled off, judging from the stress marks. There was something stabbed into the hand, something which was gold with a silver stone inserted in the middle.

It was a key. The key had what seemed to be La Tene design judging from the curvilinear patterns which started from the rusted edge and ended with the head of a lion about to eat the silver stone. I inspected the key and guessed that it was the key for the cupboard which was locked. I was albeit worried as the front end was rusted, so I would only have one try with this key, if it was for the way out, I was dead.

I used the key on the cupboard, the contents within were blinding. A man’s body with insane writing, knives, torture equipment, cyanide and insane writings carved into the doors of the wood. My heart stopped beating once I observed the man as there were scratches all over his body, parts of it were decaying, organisms were growing on the parts were the blood flowed out and there seemed to be ugly blotches growing on his chest.

Most of the markings read “the key”, “exit”, “my hand”, “the Dark Beast”, “night”, “escape”, “help”. The rest of the writings were illegible as they were completely covered in blood. I was freaked out by this because it seemed as though this man was here a while, it also looked as though he committed suicide as there were many suicide pills in the cupboard.

I am guessing that this man sought refuge here from the beast and gradually went insane. The ladder must have been his only escape, but it probably couldn’t be used when he was down here because it must have been badly rusted. Now part of it is missing and even if I did recover the other part, the ladder would break because it was so badly rusted; in fact I think it might just fall over time because the ladder seems to be severely worn away near the top.

After me while I heard a crash and a snarl, it was back. I heard its heavy breathing and horrible footsteps which were like pillows being hit off the ground. I was exhausted and in no condition to run, so I hid under the bed and waited for the beast to pass by.

While under the bed I caught a glimpse of myself. My face was horribly disfigured with three claw marks running along my face, one of my eyes were gone which explains the loss of sight which I thought was blood and the blood which seems to have flowed as far as my chin seems to have dried up. Looking at my face now makes me feel that stinging sensation again, the feeling of the bear’s claws running along your skin and tearing it into pieces. I then think of how painful it would have been if the bear had ripped me into pieces back in that hallway, if he sank his claws into me, man the thoughts of the pain was unbearable.

I kept my eye at the door in hope that the beast would not break the door down. The beast drew close and while I am thankful it didn’t break through, it did make this scary breathing noise which sounded as though there was a stream of mucus blocking up one half of his throat. I went out to have a look and the beast seems to have undergone a metamorphosis from a regular beast, to a fragment of a child’s nightmare.

The beast’s skin was decaying, the outer layer was peeling off and I could see his organs which were an ugly grey, green colour, its eyes were missing and its muzzle was gone. The beast seemed ten times as fierce and when it gave chase I closed the steel door in the hope that it wouldn’t be able to penetrate the door, thankfully the door held.

I lost confidence in how long the door would hold the beast so I tried to get to the ladder, but I couldn’t reach and there were no objects that I could use for a stepping stone.

The sounds of the suffering beast’s slashing made me think that this may be the end, so I decided that I would grab the hand, attack the beast and run down the tunnel regardless of how hopeless the plan seemed.

I grabbed the hand, pushed the door open with all my strength and ran as fast as I could. After I ran out the door, I ran through the tunnel as fast as I could, I didn’t care how close the beast was. “You know what death?” I asked. “Do as you please, take my life, take me into those cold hands of yours, make me slowly decay, make my skin rot, make my organs slowly disintegrate like dying vegetables for I have lived long enough now” I said.

When I looked back I noticed that the beast was limping and it seemed that its skin was gone. The beast was very slow and it seemed to cringe at its every move. Eventually it stumbled, collapsed and disintegrated. I was horrified by what I saw as the beast was suffering a slow and agonizing death, decomposing from the inside out.

After staring at what remained I took out my phone and took a photo and strangely enough the remains were in an odd formation, in fact they were in the formation of numbers; 2881. I wondered what this could mean and so I continued down the tunnel thinking the answers were there.

At this point the beast’s remains seemed to extend throughout the tunnel as what seemed to be a green river flowed. The walls were an ugly green colour and the border was gone and the ceiling was no concrete with green water dripping. After a while I heard a sound, but it sounded like that of a bear that was suffering severely with its lungs deteriorating and its throat perhaps filled with rust. Actually I was frightened after that sound as rust began to form on the walls and I felt something approaching. Eventually the ceiling began to collapse behind me, so I ran.

The rust ran along the walls like that of sick twisted pain streaks, any area which was completely consumed seemed to collapse into a black abyss. The suffering sounds became strained roars, the paint streak rust was catching up with me, as though the rusting wasn’t natural, but then again it wasn’t, that beast wanted me dead, and this place is where it hopes to catch me, but I wasn’t prepared to disappear like he did.

It was hopeless earlier, but now there is some hope, there is some hope for escape. The tunnel was going on forever, but my strength wasn’t as the rotting tunnel was slowly catching up with me. Eventually I came to a door which leads to another tunnel. I had a choice; keep going until things seemed hopeless or give myself up to the rust.

I chose to keep going and strangely this tunnel was much shorter and it was devoid of the steel door and the green droplets of water. Regardless of this tunnel the rust continued to catch up, but it formed much slower out here and so I was able to continue on.

The next door I found had a blinding light, I could see absolutely nothing and ended up charging blindly through in hope of escape. I ran and ran and ran not caring about what I would hit. The only useful sense I had was hearing and all I heard was the cries of what seemed to be an already suffering bear.

The sounds were intense as the roars and cries became more strained and in the sounds I felt that it was begging to be killed, it wanted the pain to end, it wanted the decay to stop and then I asked myself; “Is it still alive?”

I stopped and did what I think was turning and I began to run, I ran what seemed to be a great distance, but I got nowhere. I was about to lose it as the cries for help continued. It was impossible to think of where I was going at this point. I wanted to end whatever was suffering, but I couldn’t as I could not see, so I gave up; I lay down, covered my ears and closed my eyes, funny enough I even started to cry, but that was with the fear.

After a while I opened my eyes, my tears were on a red floor, the sound had stopped and I was relieved. The room was strange though, it was completely red, and it was in perfect condition however. The room seemed to have ordinary walls with minor cracks and grey smears on them, the ceiling had girders which went in an interesting pattern in my eyes and the floor was a normal floor with yellow lines going through the centre.

There was only one door in the room and when I opened it I saw the beast, but it was chained up and it was in the same manner as it was prior to its disintegration. Its green organs were dropping from its stomach onto the ground and it looked as though it was decomposing again.

There was a gun on the floor and I knew what to do with it. In order for me to escape this madness, I had to end the pain of the beast, so I pointed the gun at it and pushed the trigger. The sound of the gun was like that of a thunderstorm, only ten times as severe.

When I shot the beast the door behind me made a clicking noise. I ran to it thinking I was locked in, but when I opened it I appeared to be out in the forest again, only this time, it was a beautiful twilight with the moonlight coming down from the gaps in the trees making ghostly patterns on the ground. When I looked back through the door the world within seemed to rust away along with the door and the house seems to have crumbled.

The beast was nothing more than a suffering spirit, the violence of the beast and the slow decay showing the man’s feelings. Knowing that the man’s soul was now put to rest, I strolled through the heavenly twilight.  

© Copyright 2018 Liam Lynch. All rights reserved.

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