The Innkeepers

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A new twist ending idea. came to me in a dream after reading some stephen king.

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012



The Innkeepers

By: Liam Molenda


Jeph Morrison hadn’t even walked through the revolving door of the Bean Family Inn before he had a sudden change of mind, but he couldn’t tell his wife that he had to leave this roadside inn because of his own needs. No, that would be too selfish him, he thought sarcastically to himself. The initial thought of leaving had come from the painting hanging on the left wall it, the wall, was painted a dull yellow that looked like it had been painted a million years ago. The painting itself was of two young children wearing clothes that seemed to be from the 18th century. The part that had disturbed Jeph the most was that the children’s eyes in the painting were gone, replaced by white spaces that were empty, but strangely enough it seemed that they were still looking at you. “Why did that damn car have to break down”, Jeph mumbled to himself, “Honey”, Jeph’s wife Marissa said to him in a calm and soothing tone,” lets try to make the best of this ok”? But even in Marissa’s voice there was a sense of doubt in the safety of the inn.

Jeph was a 21-year-old writer from Milwaukee he has broad shoulders, black hair, and a nice attitude. He and his wife, Marissa, are on their honeymoon. While on their way to New York their car broke down and they walked to the nearest hotel, the Bean Family Inn.

Jeph and Marissa walked up to the surprisingly well-cleaned check-in desk and asked the incredibly gaunt man sitting there if there were any rooms available. The man said,” Yes we have 13 rooms and 13 vacancies”. “Great,” Jeph said trying not to act frightened in front of this feeble old man, “We’ll have room number 1 if you don’t mind”. “Why yes that is fine”, said the innkeeper. While he bent over to pick up the key from one of the boxes beneath him, Jeph asked the innkeeper,” Excuse me but, that picture over there on the wall, who is it of”? The innkeeper answered,” Why that is a picture of my grandchildren, Annabelle and Alexander Bean, they are two of the nicest kids you’ll meet”.

”Why are their eyes white out”, Jeph asked.

“Oh the picture must be old”.

“Oh,” Marissa asked, “What’s your name?”

The innkeeper replied, “My name is Alexander Bean”.

When they finally reached the door to their room Jeph told his wife, “I don’t know what it is, but that Bean guy creeps me out.”

“Yeah”, Marissa replied,” Remember when I was doing that report in my history class on infamous people in history?”

“Yeah what about it”

“Well, I’ll tell you when we get in the room ok”?

  “Sure ok”

The inside of the room was strikingly different from the entrance to the hotel, for one it didn’t look like it was made in the dark ages; there was a flat screen TV and other technologies. Another difference was that the paint wasn’t peeling all over the place. In fact the state of the room was almost decent except for one exception. On the bed lying in the middle of the pillow there was a dead rat not just any dead rat either this rat had no lower half of any kind in fact it was basically a head with a piece of the spinal cord sticking out of the bottom of its neck. The other half was nowhere in sight. “OH SHIT” Marissa yelped and backed into a corner. Jeph didn’t have such a drastic reaction but he was shocked. “GO PICK IT UP AND THROW IT AWAY”, Marissa screamed.

“OK, OK,” Jeph reassured her. He went over to it and picked up the pillow with the rat on it walked over to the trashcan in the bathroom and disposed of it.

When he came back Marissa was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed rocking slowly back and forth breathing heavily. “That really must have upset her,” Jeph thought.

“Hey what about the report you were telling me about”?


“Remember the Bean guy”?

“Um yeah, you see back in the 1500s Alexander Bean married a girl named Annabelle they were both outcasts of society, for they greatly disliked hard labor. So they hid out in a cave and whenever they needed food or something done they kidnapped a person from the village they lived near, made them do the work promising in return they would let them free whenever they finished, and then they ate them. After a while they had kids they raised in the same way. There must have been 50 children! After years of doing the same thing, a young child that they planned to kidnap ran away. He told the village what had happened so they came to the cave killed the parents and let the kids go, for they were only children what harm could they do? It is rumor that the children kept the name of Alexander Bean to every male born child and every female born was named Annabelle. It is also said that they taught every child the same sick ritual their parents taught them and their parent’s parents taught them and so on. Unfortunately my stupid teacher gave me a D on it because of “fabrications” but I swear its all true.

“I believe you hon”, Jeph said though he had his doubts, “Lets sleep on it ok? I’m feeling really tired.”

“Fine” said Marissa, “But sleep with one eye open ok? For me?”

“Yeah sure, anything hon.”


When Jeph awoke the next morning he noticed two things. one, a sweet aroma coming from somewhere near, and two Marissa was gone. “She probably went to get the car fixed,” thought Jeph. He got up, got dressed in his favorite outfit, a tuff greaser jacket with a white shirt underneath, and went downstairs. He walked to the right of the room he entered yesterday to check in to. He saw a sign that read “kitchen” and entered. Inside there was no-one in sight except a nice looking old lady behind a counter. She had been making waffles. Suddenly Jeph realized he hadn’t eaten anything since the previous morning. He went up to the lady, her nametag read belle, and said, “Excuse me ma’am, but may I have one of those waffles? I haven’t eaten since yesterday.”

She replied,” Why of course who do you think they're for?” She handed him a plate that he gladly accepted. He sat down near the window in a red booth that made it feel like a 50’s car. “Oh by the way your wife told me to tell you that you needn’t worry she just went to get you alls car fixed”. That made Jeph feel a lot better, but something still didn’t seem right.

He then saw Belle go back into the kitchen and then heard her yell, thanks to Jeph’s curiosity he went to see what was going on he hid beside some boxes so he wouldn’t be caught. He saw Belle putting a giant pot on the stove and then Alexander came up and asked her a question.

“How’s Johnny cooking”?

It couldn’t be, Jeph thought. They can’t really be cannibals can they? As soon as Jeph got up to run away from the couple he bumped into a box that fell down and alerted them. They ran out of the kitchen just as Jeph had gotten back to the dining area. “Jesus, did they notice?” Thought Jeph. “The elderly couple sulked back into the kitchen as if they wanted to catch me doing something I shouldn’t have.”

At around 7:00 Jeph went back to his hotel room to think things over. He thought about the story his wife had told him yesterday, and he thought of whose sorry soul would be the Bean family’s meal that night. He considered leaving, but he couldn’t just leave, what if another couple came, and then they got eaten? Or worse, what if he or his wife were? Jeph never thought he could ever be capable of killing another human being, but if someone threatened him or his wife there would be hell to pay.

While Jeph was in deep contemplation, his wife burst into the room saying, “That bastard, one week! Why I oughta”.

Jeph, trying to calm her down, said,” Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, honey what happened”?

“I went to get the car fixed this morning luckily there was a place just down road, right?”


“So I go up to the guy at the counter and tell him to look at the car, so he goes up to the car, looks it over and says that our tire had a blowout”


“So then he says it’ll take him a whole week to get the new tire and replace our old one!”


“Jeph, I don’t want to stay here any longer.”

“I know hon, I know. Lets just go to sleep ok, I’ve had a long day.”

“Ok, Ok.”


The next morning, while his wife was still in bed, Jeph decided to do some snooping. He hadn’t found any cold, hard, evidence that the Beans were eating humans, so he went downstairs. He then went towards the entrance, past the portrait of the children, and out the door. He then went around to the back of the inn to look around. He then saw a shed out by a fence, but something caught jeph’s eye about the shed. There was a pool of blood just beneath the door of the shed.

The shed itself was small, about the size of an outhouse, but very long. On the door there was a padlock that was covered in a coat of thick, grimy, rust. Jeph looked around for a way to get into the shed. As he was looking for a tool, he noticed a shovel on the side of the house. He picked up the shovel, went back to the shed door, and broke the padlock. He opened the door to a very nasty surprise.

Inside the place was absolutely soaked with blood. All over the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling even! He then felt his stomach. “No”, Thought Jeph,” Not today”. He then walked around the room searching for more clues he could use to justify getting the hell out of there. Suddenly the door swung open with a bang, and there in the doorway was him, Alexander Bean.

Bean was dressed in an apron covered in blood; his facial expression was that of terror mixed with anger. “You shouldn’t be here” he said angrily, “There’s a lock for a reason!”

“I know what you’ve been doing here,” Jeph said.

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean, Alexander Bean.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t try and play innocent with me I heard you and your wife cooking up Johnny the other day.”


“That’s right, I know.”

Jeph took the advantage of the time he had and grabbed a knife he had found on a nearby table. It was a butcher’s knife. Jeph almost had second thoughts about throwing the knife, but he thought of all the people who had died by its sharp bladed edge, and threw it hitting the old man square in the face. Surprisingly little blood spray occurred just a little flew across the room. Even though that throw would’ve made and top knife-thrower green with envy Jeph was far from cheering. In fact Jeph was close to crying. “What have I done”? He asked himself,” I just took the life of a human being”. Jeph has just learned that death is not as flashy as it is in the movies or the video games.

“OH MY GOD”, Belle’s reaction shook the shed, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?” Jeph was scared.

“Y-you would’ve killed us,” Jeph said, “Eaten us”.


“I saw you in the kitchen yesterday, you were cooking a man named Johnny”




“B-b-but Alexander bean was an old man back in the 1500s who ate people, he married someone named Annabelle that’s you right?”


“B-b-b-b-but, I-i-i-i-i”.


Poor, Poor Jeph he never got to go on that honeymoon of his. In fact he never even got to live a full life, for after that he was put into a mental institution. Marissa suffered from a far worse fate, she awoke from her bed that morning to find her husband a loony, a hysterical old woman, and a slaughtered old man. With her car not being able to be fixed for a week, and her already unstable mental state, she committed suicide the next morning.

It just goes to show you, curiosity kills.




© Copyright 2019 Liam McGilligan. All rights reserved.

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