Body 27

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Nick Chaser is a school teacher at Parkville high. Who would of known that he would be the world's first time traveller. Read this exciting and action-packed story about how a school teacher goes back in time to stop students from being murdered by a psychotic killer!

Submitted: June 10, 2011

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Submitted: June 10, 2011



Body 27

A Novel By Liam Ridolfi

“Nothing is finished!” Joey Screamed as he collapsed onto the floor.

Nick wasn’t scared anymore. He knew he had to do what he had to do. After he pulled the trigger he wanted to take it back but knew he had to do it.

Let me start from the beginning here. I am going to tell you the story about how Nick Chaser, an Australian high school teacher became the world’s savior. It all started on a hot summer morning in 2003. A nice sunny Saturday morning…


“Who’s winning Bud?” Nick called in from the kitchen. “Jersey but The giants are catchin’ up!” Buddy answered with an excited screech. “Don’t worry we’ll beat ‘em!” Nick called back. Nick was looking after his nephew Buddy for the weekend while his sister was going on a trip to Thailand for her work. Nick is Buddy’s favorite uncle; in fact Nick is his only uncle. Maybe that’s because Buddy is in the same class Nick teaches. Buddy’s in year 8 and Nick always negotiates with the principle every year to get Buddy in his class. Oh and another thing about them is they LOVE basketball. If you interrupt them playing basketball you’re in trouble, big trouble. The two are inseparable, even when Nick doesn’t have to look after Buddy he still likes to spend time with him since he doesn’t have a son. He doesn’t have any family actually, his brother Joey was killed in a car accident 2 years ago. He’s only 26 but he’s incredibly smart and very mature for his age, not just because he’s a teacher but it’s in his jeans as well. His mother and father were very mature as well. Just as Nick finished making them peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches for both of them he suddenly realized that he needed butter. The store was just down the road so he told Buddy to turn off the TV so they could head out for a few minutes. Just as Nick took one step outside he got grabbed from the back and was knocked out from behind. Buddy began to run outside but was shocked to see who was standing in front of him. “Who are you?!?!?!?!” Buddy shouted as he looked in shock.


3 Days Earlier:

“Ok, don’t forget Chapter 10, 11 and 12 revision questions are due in tomorrow guys!” Nick said just after the end-of-day bell went. It was Thursday, not an ordinary Thursday, Nick’s biggest and maddest Thursday in all of his life. Because of an important teacher meeting Nick had to stay back to 6:30 not 5:30 today. As he walked across the school campus towards the Staff Conference room he was met by a boy. Billy was his name. Although Billy referred to Nick as Mr. Chaser, Nick had no idea who he was. In fact he doesn’t remember seeing this kid anywhere around school. He wasn’t even wearing school uniform. “Mr. Chaser, I’m not going to be here on Friday so I’m sorry but I won’t be able to return the homework.” This mysterious “Billy” said to him. “Umm, ok Bill? Was it?” nick replied still trying to figure out who he was. “Yeah, don’t you remember me, Billy?” he said back looking very confused. “Uhh, yeah sure” Nick replied with a stutter in his voice. He didn’t know weather this kid was some random guy Nick hadn’t seen before or he just can’t remember him after a long day of hard work, so he just replied “That’s ok Billy, you can hand it on Monday” “Gee, thanks Mr. Chaser!” Billy said right before he stormed away onto his bicycle.

So Nick went on his way towards the staff room of the High School. Parkville High is a pretty big school; to walk from one end of the school to the other would take about 10-15 minutes. It’s for Year 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s and 12s. Nick got his teaching degree when he was 20 and began working there at 21 and since then has been teaching year 8 and a couple classes in year 9. After 5 years you’d think to change schools after a while but he couldn’t leave Buddy. Buddy was everything to Nick; he treated him as if he was his son. So there he was in the office walking down the hallway towards the staff room door. But before Nick could grab the door handle Mrs. Preacher opened it already. “Come in Nick” She said with a cold, dark voice. Nick walked in usually but all the other teacher’s were looking really scared and worried. “Where have you been Nick?!?” Mr. Donnelly said in a worried cry “Sorry one of my students was talking to me about some homework due tomorrow” Nick answered back. “Well, I’m sorry Nick but we went on the meeting without you, let me explain what this is all about” Mrs. Preacher confessed. Mrs. Preacher is very old, about late 60’s early 70’s. She had been working for that school for 30 years. She began to talk as if it was a top-secret mission… “You probably don’t know this since this is the first anyone in this school has ever spoken about it but, do you know a boy called Cameron Miller?”

“Uhh, yeah, yeah I know Cameron, one of my star students!” Nick replied. As Nick said that Mrs. Preacher tried to choke back a long hard sob but continued talking… “Yes well, he has been missing for sometime now. But just this morning they found his body underneath the school bin” As Nick heard her last word he didn’t know weather to cry, scream, moan or do anything really, he just stood there in absolute shock. After about 2 minutes of silence Nick finally coughed out some words… “Uhh, uhh, w-what are we going to do?” he choked. “Well we haven’t called the police yet-“ before Mrs. Preacher could finish her sentence Nick began to shout “What do you mean you haven’t called the police yet?!?!?” Nick cried in disbelief. “Calm down nick, we are all thinking what we’re supposed to do” “Listen, we have to call the police, NOW!” Nick replied as he walked towards the phone but before he could pick it up Mr. Trench grabbed his wrist. “Nick, calm down, we’re all very scared. We can’t call the police it will cause too much mayhem for the kids here; we need to keep it a secret. We think it might have been one of the students who killed him.” “W-well s-so where’s the body now?” Nick replied still shocked from the devastating scenario. “It’s in a garbage bag in my office” Mrs. Preacher answered. “You people are sick, SICK!” Nick shouted. “Now calm down Nick, it’s ok, you know we can’t do this you know what it will all cause” Mrs. Preacher said. “So what we’re just supposed to bury the body and just pretend like we don’t know anything about it?!?!?!?!” Nick shouted. “I’m afraid it’s the only thing we can do right now nick” “BULLSHIT!!” Nick shouted. You could tell by their faces and body expressions that that were all petrified, they all didn’t know what to do. Nick kept protesting to call the police but they all denied, they didn’t want the students to find out. So there they were standing in the middle of the staff room in complete silence thinking of what they should do. The suddenly Mr. Price, the math’s teacher, broke the silence; “So…who and where are we going to bury it” he said in a depressed tone. Nick stayed silent and waited for any other teacher to reply with an answer but the room stayed silent. “I’ll do it” Nick said still looking at the ground in disbelief. “I’ll bury the body, out in the woods just past Nerve Creek” He said now looking up at the room. “No, I’ll do it,” said Mr. Neil, the geography teacher. “No, I’ll do it,” said Mr. Price. Suddenly the whole rom burst with chatter, “I’ll do it!” “No, I’ll do it” “No trust me, I’ll do it!” “No I’ll do it!” “SHUTUP!!!” Nick shouted. “This isn’t a fucking game okay, nobody takes fucking turns! Someone is going to do it ok! Pick who it is, fast!” Nick shouted angrily. “I’ll do it” Mr. Price said just after he took a big step towards Nick. “I can do this Nick, let me do it” Mr. Price asked desperately. “Ok, you do it” Nick answered. As Mr. Price began to walk to the bin he realized the body was gone. “Hey guys the body, it’s gone!”


Later that night Nick was drinking a bottle of 40-year-old scotch his father had given him before he died. Nick seriously didn’t know what to think. He was scared, stressed, worried, depressed and nauseous all at the same time. “Who could do something as cruel as that!?” Nick thought. “If only I could go back in time to see who really did it.” RING, RING! RING, RING! Nick’s phone rang from the kitchen. He stormed towards it. “Hello” Nick said in a soft voice waiting for an answer on the other line. “Yes, this is Agent Morrison from the FBI” a deep old voice replied through the phone. Suddenly Nick felt a big chill go straight down his back slowly. The first and only thought that popped into his head was about the body. “We’d like you to come down to the Bentley Police Station please” the officer asked. “Uhh, may I ask what this is about?” Nick asked in a frightened but fierce voice. “I think it would be better if we tell you in person Sir, if you could please just come to the station and co-operate, everything will be fine” The cop answered.

On the way there Nick began to think. What will happen? Did they find out about the body? Will I get blamed for it? What if they ask if I agreed to bury it? He was scared, really scared, Nick had never been to the police station for anything! He hasn’t even committed a crime before, and the body thing was already intense enough. As soon as he drove into the parking spot he stormed out of his car and began to run to the door. As he opened the door he realized that none of the other teachers were there. In fact no one was in there except for a police officer standing at the door. “Are you Mr. Chaser?” The officer asked. Nick wanted to say no for many reasons but answered with a “Yes”. “Would you come with me please?” The officer led him into a rom with 4 other officers in it, Nick still didn’t know what this whole thing was about. “Do you know a boy named Cameron Miller?” the cop asked. As soon as Agent Morrison said that he shut down, he suddenly thought of Cameron’s dead body, he was scared and after about a little less than a minute he answered with a “Yes”. “Ok well we need to talk to you. We heard you’re his teacher at Parkville Secondary College am I right sir? The cop asked. “Yes” “Ok, then you’re our only lead. After the past 2 years there have been 25 murders at the school that you teach. All of them have been at least 2-3 months apart and all of the bodies have been recovered around the block of the school, all from the same killer, he uses his own strategy. And now Young Cameron has gone missing and we think that the killer has gotten to him. Nick didn’t know what to do, say or think. 25 MURDERS? He thought to himself. How come the school hasn’t told me about this? Should I tell him the boy is really dead and not missing? Nick replied finally… “I’m sorry, the boy is dead” Nick said “What?” the FBI Agent replied in amazement. “We found his body underneath the school bin this morning” Nick replied. “And why haven’t you called the police?!?” The officer asked impatiently. “I don’t know, I should of, I’m sorry” “Well since you’re the only one that could help us, I want you to have this” The officer answered as he handed him a silver pistol with 2 magazines. “If you need to use this, use it.” The officer said. “Thank you officer” The teacher said as he made his way out the door, into his car and on the way home.


“Who’s winning Bud?” Nick called in from the kitchen. “Jersey but The giants are catchin’ up!” Buddy answered with an excited screech. “Don’t worry we’ll beat ‘em!” Nick called back.

Nick wasn’t going to tell Buddy about what happened. It was a good day and he didn’t want to ruin it with something as depressing as that. Nick had just finished making them sandwiches when he realized he needed butter. “Come on Bud, we need to go to the store for a few minutes I forgot about butter” Nick shouted from the kitchen. “Okay!” Buddy shouted as he turned off the TV.

The two went to the store and bought some butter, along with some chocolates and candies for Buddy. On the way home Buddy ate most of the candies Nick bought him for the whole week. There was gum, chocolates, gummy bears, gumballs, sour worms and heaps of other delicious sugar filled candy. When they finally got home nick got a phone call from agent Morrison. “I’m sorry Nick, you have to come in here. There has been another murder.”

Before Morrison had anytime to say anything more Nick had already hung-up the phone and began his way to the station. He dropped Buddy off at his Mum’s for now just whole he goes to the station and find out what’s going on.

As he walked through the door all the officers stood up from their chairs to greet Nick. “Nick, you’re here” Morrison said. “Yeah, could you please tell me what the fuck is happening?” Nick demanded. “Well we a couple found another body 2 houses away from their home with the killer’s same strategy” Morrison replied. “Fuck! Was the victim a student at Parkville?” Nick asked “Yeah a year 11 called Dane Peterson.” Morrison replied. “Shit, so what do we do?” Nick asked. “Well, this is the 27th body of the Parkville killer, he doesn’t leave any evidence so we’re going to have to use something different” “Like what?” Nick asked. “Well, we have set something up but we’re not 100% sure it will work” Morrison answered. “What is it?” Nick asked in curiosity. “Well it’s this program that can teleport a human being into the past but it is top-secret and it’s for military uses only” Morrison answered. “We can still use it though, right?” nick asked “I don’t know nick, I mean it’s for military uses only so I don’t think we’ll get access to it.” Morrison answered. “Well there must be a way, could we sneak in?” Nick asked. “No way, too much security” Morrison answered. “Well we can’t just let the killer get away with this shit” nick replied. “Trust me I know, I know” Morrison said trying to think of a plan. “We HAVE to use that software,” Nick said desperately. “I know Nick, I could try. Its 400 kilometers from here, it’s passed the city.” Morrison said. “I could come with you, I needed to catch this killer man!” Nick said. “Ok, lets go,” said Morrison.

Morrison and Nick were on their way to the base where deep down, they had the time machine. Nick was now obsessed with catching this killer. He couldn’t let him hurt anyone else anymore, what if his next victim was Buddy? After a long, long drive they finally got to the base. It was a 3 and a half hour drive so the military men better say yes. After about 2 hours of negotiating with Sergeant Jack Python, the head of this entire operation. He finally let us use the machine for one use. Python began to explain the rules to Nick… “Ok, here are all the rules; First, DO NOT let your past self see your real self it could disrupt the future, you will have someone with you to help you out” “Who is that exactly” Nick asked. “His name is Billy and he’s 13. He’s not real he’s just a projection of the software, everyone can see him in the past world but no one can see him in real life” As Python showed Nick a picture of Billy he realized that Billy was the same Billy that asked him about the homework 3 days earlier. “Ok, here you go” Python said as he strapped Nick into a metal chair with dozens and dozens of electrical cords connecting to the chair to computers and buttons. “You go in, stop the killer, then come right back out my friend, here’s a wristband” Python straps on a metal wristband to Nick’s wrist. “You press that when you want to come back, ok” Python said. “Yeah” Nick replied nervously. “Ok, see ya big boy!” Python shouted as he pushed down a long lever connected to the wall.


Suddenly lights were flashing everywhere and everyone in the room suddenly disappeared. Nick was in the chair but everything around him became white. All he could see was white and a tiny black hole at the end of the room he was in. Then the chair started to move towards the black hole and he fell straight through and found himself and Billy on someone’s garden near Nick’s house. “What day is it Billy?” Nick asked. “It’s Thursday, the day you find out about the body” Billy answered. “Ok what time is it?” Nick asked. “2:45pm 15 minutes before the end-of-day bell goes at Parkville. “Well then we better hurry!” Nick shouted as he ran towards the school. “Ok I need you to do something for me Billy” Nick said “What?” Billy asked. “I need you to distract my past self so he’s late for the meeting. If you don’t they’ll Mrs. Preacher will tell all the teachers at the same time, we can’t have that!” Nick answered. “Ok” Billy replied Billy went off to ask Nick’s past self about the homework due on Friday while Nick went to the staff room office and heard what Mrs. Preacher was telling the teachers.

“Ok, now you all know Cameron Miller don’t you” Mrs. Preacher began to inform all the teachers about the body. Billy began running towards Nick. “I did it” Billy said. “Good, ok now, we just need to wait for my past self to find out about the body.” Nick replied. “Then what?” Billy asked. “We hide the body” Nick replied in a hushed voice. “What? Why?” Billy asked impatiently. “That way they don’t bury it so the cops don’t get the teachers in trouble, if they bury it, then the police find out, all the teachers will go to jail, including me.” Nick replied. This isn’t a fucking game okay. Nobody takes fucking turns! Someone is going to do it ok! Pick who it is, fast!” Nick shouted angrily. “I’ll do it” Mr. Price said just after he took a big step towards Nick. “I can do this Nick, let me do it” Mr. Price asked desperately. As that was going on Nick and Billy went to hide the body. They took it and dropped it off at the edge of the footpath 4 blocks away from the police station where Agent Morrison was.


Friday Nick was about to call past Morrison and inform him of the murder, which is what the plan was. But Nick decided he wasn’t going to do that. Nick didn’t want the cops to catch the killer; Nick wanted to kill the killer himself. Nick didn’t need Billy anymore so he decided to delete him from the software for the rest of his stay in it. The next day was Saturday, the day of the 27th murder, the day him and Buddy were watching basketball when he had to go to the store.

The Next Day.

Nick began his way to his house to stop Nick’s past self from going to the store. Nick can’t let his past self see him so he’s going to have to knock his past self out from behind. So as soon as Nick finally got to his past self’s house… “Who’s winning Bud?” Nick called in from the kitchen. “Jersey but The giants are catchin’ up!” Buddy answered with an excited screech. “Don’t worry we’ll beat ‘em!” Nick called back. Nick was getting ready… “Come on Bud, we need to go to the store for a few minutes I forgot about butter” Nick shouted from the kitchen. “Okay!” Buddy shouted as he turned off the TV. Just as Nick’s past self-walked out the door Nick knocked him out from behind but realized. Buddy saw it. “Who are you?!?!?!?!” Buddy shouted as he looked in shock. “It’s ok buddy, it’s me, your uncle, but right now I need you to stay calm, I have to go right now, but don’t worry I’ll be back” Nick said to Buddy as he ran towards the school where the killer was about to kill his 27th victim.

He ran 2 kilometers until he finally made it to the school. He looked down the hallways of the first building, nothing. He went to the second, nothing. Nick was beginning to give up once he got to the third and realized there was no on there. There were only 4 buildings and the office. He began his way to the 4th building until he heard a noise from the gymnasium. “Shit I forgot about the gym!” Nick realized right before he bolted down the ramp on his way to the gym. He ran straight ahead until he came to the door. He was scared and nervous at the same time but he knew he had to do this to stop a murderer. “No, please don’t hurt me” cried Dane, the 17th victim of the Parkville killer. Nick quickly ran around the corner and was shocked to see whom the killer was. It was Joey Chaser, Nick’s brother. Joey was said to have died in a car accident 4 years ago. But Nick was looking straight at him. “Joey how could you?” Nick choked out in a slow stutter. “I’m sorry Nicky, but this is what has to be done” Joey said right before he gave Dane a hard deep stab in his stomach. “No!” Nick yelled as he realized, he still has the pistol Morrison gave him. Before Nick could think he quickly grabbed the pistol and shot Joey in the heart. “It’s over Joey, it’s finished” Nick told Joey, still pointing the gun at Joey. “Nothing is finished!” Joey Screamed as he collapsed onto the floor.

Nick wasn’t scared anymore. He knew he had to do what he had to do. After he pulled the trigger he wanted to take it back but knew he had to do it. Nick ran towards Dane to check of he was ok. He was still breathing, but he needed medical attention immediately. Nick called the ambulance and straight after that pressed the button on his wristband. Suddenly he was teleported back into the chair in the military base. Morrison, Python and many others were watching in curiosity. “What happened Nick?” asked Morrison, nervous to hear what the answer was. “I got the killer” Nick replied quietly and dull. “Really? Who was it?” Morrison asked excitedly. “I don’t know, he was wearing a mask I just shot him and then came back” Nick replied. “Oh, well at least you got him right?” Morrison said cheerfully. “Yeah” Nick replied keeping a straight face. Nick knew he had to kill Joey, he didn’t want to but he had to. He would of saved hundreds of more people, who knows how many other people Joey would of killed. Joey was mentally sick before he had the accident, so there’s no surprise he would do something like that. But all of that doesn’t matter anymore. Nick got the bad guy. He continued teaching at Parkville High as a Year 8 Teacher. He explained the entire story to Buddy and made him promise not to tell anyone about it, and he didn’t ever. To this day Buddy, Morrison, Python and Nick have never spoken a word of the evens that had just happened. Oh and you’re probably wondering who I am, who wrote this story and how I have everything to do with these entire events. I’m Tyson Fury; I’m the person who created the time travelling software.

The End

© Copyright 2019 Liam Ridolfi. All rights reserved.

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