The Shadow Man By Liam Ridolfi

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In the year 3004, where technology does not exist anymore.
And is run by Magic. A man, a thief, a fugitive. Decides to rock the laws of humanity by taking the one and only source of magic there is in Future Britain. That doesn’t go well with the police, and so I’ve written this story for all you out there that want to know the true identity to……….The Shadow Man.

Submitted: June 10, 2011

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Submitted: June 10, 2011




December 1st 2011.

“Come on, hurry up Blake!” Joey called down the aisle. “I’m going calm down!” Blake replied with a little shout in his whisper. They were standing in the middle Of the Mall’s EB Games. Stealing the new video game “Call Of Duty: Black Ops”. Joey knew it was a bad idea, but Blake is literally obsessed with thieving, and to be honest, he is good at it. Ever since the two met Blake has been talking Joey into many thefts. Joey just couldn’t wait to get out of that store and get home safely. “Come on, hurry up!” Joey started to get really nervous and began to sweat. Blake was ready to grab the game and get out of there but couldn’t. There were too many people surrounding it. Two 17-year-old boys standing in the middle of EB Games looking around and suspicious, yeah, that doesn’t look suspicious at all. He went and grabbed the game suddenly with heaps of people looking at him. “What are you doing!!!!” Joey wanted to speak but couldn’t, the shock had left him speechless. Then before they knew it they were down the street on the run from 3 Security Guards. This was an ordinary thing for Blake; he was always on the run from security guards, teachers, cops, just about everyone. But this was the first time Joey has been caught. He was so frightened, that’s when they knew they shouldn’t of done that. Because as they ran around the corner, they saw them. The Chariots. A gang of vicious, violent killers. The two boys realised that they ran down the street they knew they could never go down. But now they had no choice. Joey suddenly realised that Blake was gone. The first thought in his mind was that Blake had gotten caught, so there was nothing Joey could do but to keep running. The truth was that they had lost the security guards and that Blake was trying to warn Joey to come back. But it was too late. “Hey, little shit, what the hell you think you’re doin’ down this street!” one of them asked. “You know, how many times do we have to warn you, don’t come down this fucking street or else, there’s consequences” the other one said. “I’m sorry, I’m-“ Joey wanted to finish his sentence but he knew that he was about to die. The gang leader came up and stuck a long sharp Pocketknife deep into Joey’s stomach. Joey dropped to the ground in pain and groaned as he saw the blood sink into his new white shirt. All with Blake standing there, frozen in fear as he just saw his best friend get murdered right in front of his eyes all because of him. Blake is the Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather of Lucas Treppor A.K.A The Shadow Man, who today is the biggest fugitive in all of Britain.


May 18th 2990.

3 Boys; Luke, Nick and Michael. Three bright kids playing with some spells they bought. Showing them off on their school oval on a Saturday. “Hey, check this out!” Mikey said as a ball of blue fire came out of his hand. “Whoa, where’d you buy that one Mikey?” Nick shouted in amazement. “My Uncle Jack bought it for me for a late birthday present” Mikey said smiling. “But you’re birthday was like 4 months ago” Luke said. “Yeah, I know but he was in London on my birthday and came back on Friday” Mikey said. Luke knew he wanted that spell so bad. “What’s the spell Mikey?” Luke asked. “You know I can’t tell you that, it’s against the law” he answered back. “Come on just bend the rules just once” Luke Pleaded. “Oh yeah, remember Jimmy Pends” Nick said. “Yeah, gave his girlfriend the freezing spell and now he’s doin’ a year and a half” Mikey answered back. “Come on, they won’t know, nobody comes to this place anymore, no one will see” Luke said secretly. “I’m sorry Luke but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to buy this one yourself dude” Mikey revealed. “Ah, you’re an asshole” Luke said jokingly. “Well hey check this out” Nick screamed as he turned invisible. “Holy crap dude, that’s the invisible spell how’d you get that, that’s like around 20 g’s!” Luke cried. “Aha, allowance!” Nick revealed with a big smile on his face. The friends all laughed together as if one of them told a very funny joke. Luke wanted those spells. Everyone in town had them, except him, his family won’t let him use magic, at all. Even though it’s a common thing now days, his parents wont let him do anything actually. Luke is very dedicated to his parents, he listens to them. But not today, today Luke becomes a man.

Luke wanted to be like his brother, Trent. Trent was a cop in Nuke Town, where Luke and his family used to live. But was shot one day outside his house, Luke witnessed it all. Talking with his friends about magic made him think of his brother since that’s what he and Trent ALWAYS used to talk about.

He went home after his little meeting with his friends where he and his mother had a huge fight. He asked her if he could buy spells for magic and that broke out into a massive argument leaving Luke to storm out angry and fearsome. Luke wanted to get those spells. Except he has no money, no money at all. His parents don’t even give him money because they are scared he’s going to buy magic when they don’t know. So there Luke went, went to STEAL the magic.

He walked into the store and began to look around there were dozens of books filled with many spells in them. But, the catch, they were all protected by a long sheet of bulletproof glass. How was Luke gonna steal them now? “Um, excuse me, could I have a look at this book?” Luke asked innocently. “Sure” the shopkeeper allowed. The shopkeeper unlocked the glass then proceeded back to his wooden chair behind his desk. Quickly without thinking, Luke shoved all the books in his backpack and ran out the door! “AFTER HIM!” The shopkeeper yelled as 2 Guards came and chased him down the street. Luke then ran into the alleyway and pulled out one of the books. He began scrolling from page to page looking for a spell that would help him get away. He finally found one, the “Force field Spell” which made an invisible gate all around him. Another problem? The guards had magic-proof suits so they just walked straight through. “Shit!” Luke yelled. He crossed the pages quickly until he came to a good one, the “Teleporter Spell” he quickly said the magic words that the book told him to say and then suddenly he was sitting in his bedroom upstairs in his bed with the book in his hands. It felt so good to use magic. And from now, it led on to a 14-year legacy to today, where Luke is not Luke anymore; he is now the Shadow Man, Britain’s #1 Magic thief and fugitive.


February 6th 3004 Present Day.

6 FBI Agents after a man, a thief. Wearing a silver metal mask followed by a suit of metal armour covered by a big black cloak. Running from building to building being chased by those Joy killers the world calls Law Enforcers. Shooting at him with high-tech magic guns. Since 10 years ago, the police would do anything to get him dead. They call him The Shadow Man. He has stolen 4 forbidden scrolls that contain many deadly magical spells. Scrolls that only the Royal Family can read. And now he has stolen the biggest and most valuable thing he has ever stolen; “The Destiny Scroll”. “The Destiny Scroll” is locked away in a safe 40-feet high, 26-feet wide and 3-feet thick. Under an uncrackable code. But when it comes to The Shadow Man, anything is possible. Now, he has gone from Britain’s #1 Fugitive, to the world’s #1 Fugitive. Although that all depends on right now. If he succeeds and gets away successfully he will be. But if he fails, he will not be and he will most likely be….dead.

So there he is, running for his life, from rooftop to rooftop with 6 full-trained armed FBI Agents on his tail. He suddenly turns around and shockwaves 3 of them off the building. He was about to do it to the other three but he didn’t want to take the risk, so he just proceeded running away. They were getting closer. And closer. Until he came to a stop, he couldn’t jump anymore, the next building was too far away. His ultimatum was to jump or let them catch him. So he decided to jump. He was falling a long way. It was at least 13-stories. Then as the agents watched him fall he disappeared before they’re eyes. “Oh, goddamn it! the Invisible spell!” One of them said. “Yeah, the invisible spell”.


Michael Logan, the anchorman on the Channel 2 News was informing the world of The Shadow Man’s contact. “The world’s most known criminal and fugitive is at it again! But this time he has stolen a much more valuable scroll. “The Destiny Scroll” was taken today at 3:15pm by the professional magic thief we know as; “The Shadow Man” more information on this incident will be revealed tomorrow at 5pm”. CLICK The television suddenly went to black. An underground cave, about 300-feet under the London Free-way is where The Shadow Man hid for the past 10 years. Ever since he stole that scroll as a teenager it did not stop him from carrying his Great uncle’s thieving legacy. He has been watching himself on the news almost every week. If it’s not him stealing something, then it’s about the police getting one step closer to finding him. He knew they could never find him. He always would rob a place far from his home. All over the UK, he’d have to be at least a couple of kilometres away from that place. Luke was very smart. He wasn’t just some thief that would take a risk by walking into any lair. He would look into the place for at least 3-4 weeks before he would rob it. He doesn’t steal spells or potions, just scrolls. Or spell books, valued at millions and millions of pounds. Some of the magic he steals he uses to keep hidden. He doesn’t just steal magic for fun. He has a reason for every scroll he steals, except “The Destiny Scroll” was much different though. Nick Chaser, a fully trained FBI Agent, has been studying The Shadow Man’s every move since he made his first real robbery. Another interesting fact, Nick Chaser is Luke’s high school friend. Although Nick has no idea of The Shadow Man’s identity, Luke has known all along which is also the reason Nick’s still alive. Nick has encountered Luke a dozen times, and has had many chances to kill Nick. Luke knows that if he doesn’t man up and forget they were friends once that they would soon catch up to him and eventually catch him.

Now, let’s get back to “The Destiny Scroll”. Luke has wanted to steal the scroll ever since he heard the name. It’s the most valuable and powerful scroll in the entire world. It is valued at 896.2 Billion Pounds. The price of the scroll increases everyday. Luke had to go through thousands of guards, cops, and trained spies. He had to go through months and months of research and pulled up a fight as he took them all on. But here’s the thing you need to know about Lucas, all through that entire battle to steal the scroll against all that security, there was not one dead body. He puts up difficult fights to get himself away but he does not kill. And if he does, it’s for a good reason. You’re probably thinking that no body deserves to die, but that is not the way Luke thinks. If someone steals something that he was planning on stealing, he will kill to get it. But he will not kill people who protect it. He uses his magic to get away most of the time. But there really is no point when the people protecting the scroll are magic proof. The wizards and witches that create the magic and scrolls for today’s society are appalled at The Shadow Man. Now that he has stolen “The Destiny Scroll” he has risen from Britain’s biggest criminal to the world’s biggest criminal. Whoever catches him will be rewarded 50 million Pounds, but now over 50 Billion pounds!

A man who’s raised that high for something that valuable is something. You don’t see this everyday I can tell you that, The Shadow Man is probably the only Magic thief in the whole world. I mean every scroll is very well protected and most try and fail. So the thieves these days don’t even bother. But if you’re the Shadow Man no one will stand in your way.

“Hey come back here!” Nick yelled chasing a criminal down the street of Nuke Town, a famous tourist attraction in that area. Nick was chasing a prisoner who just broke out. “Hahaha!” laughed the criminal running down the path. WOOSH! The prisoner teleported onto a rooftop. “Ah shit!” Nick then used his FBIW band to teleport up there as well. This was a typical day for FBI Agent Nick Chaser, Nick always had to run after prisoners, bank robbers, killers, thieves. But most of all Nick wanted to catch The Shadow Man. After another 15 minute chase Nick finally caught the prisoner. He was sentenced to 2 years 4 weeks ago. He stabbed a man outside Jacob’s Creek, a local bar in Nuke Town. “Got him, sir” Nick engaged as he sat the handcuffed criminal onto his boss’s office chair. “Good, Nick, oh, you got a message, you’re not going to like it” Bill (his boss) said right before he handed him a typed note. It read:

You think you can catch me, haha I’s like to see you try. There have been dozens and dozens of times where I could of killed you, Do what’s best for you and tell yourself and your men to leave me alone.

It will only get more people hurt and I don’t want that. I don’t intend to harm any human being so please leave me be. You and your officers are only a distraction to me and I’ll assure you that if you do come after me, men will be killed. I am warning you now to stop provoking me, I will not stop for anyone or anything..

Yours sincerely,

The Shadow Man

“Shit!” Nick cried just after he read that name “The Shadow Man”. “I know, it came in this afternoon” Bill answered in the same shocked look as Nick. “But you know what the stupidest and pointless thing about it all?” Bill asked. “What?” Nick asked in curiosity. “He accidently left an address on the back of the envelope. Nick turned over the envelope and saw the address. “It wasn’t by accident, he wants me to go there” Nick cried. “Nick, you know if you go there you’ll get killed!” Bill shouted “I have to, who knows will happen but I have to find out once and for all, I’ll be back by morning” Nick replied just before he grabbed his FBIW Band and his gun and proceeded to the car on his way to the suspected hideout of The Shadow Man”


Nick was eager to see what was at this address; he knew that The Shadow Man didn’t leave it there on purpose. He wants nick to see something, but what?

Once nick finally got to the warehouse after 1 4-hour drive he was anxious and scared to walk inside but he knew he had to do it. In there The Shadow Man walked. He kicked open the door to see a completely empty were house with just a coffin in the middle of the room. Nick didn’t know what to think at this moment; A coffin? Why is that there? Is this some kind of joke? Is the shadow man even here? All those thoughts were rushing through Nick’s head when suddenly a figure was noticeable on the other side of the warehouse. “Shadow Man?” Nick asked anxious to hear the reply. No answer. “Are you the Shadow Man?” Nick asked again, except a little bit louder this time. Still No answer. Nick took a couple more steps closer to see that it was he, a man in a big black cloak with a silver iron mask covering his face. “Give me back “The Destiny Scroll” walk away and we can both forget this ever happened. I will not pursue you nor try to capture you in any kind” Nick said quietly. The Shadow Man nodded his head “No”. “Suit yourself!” Nick said just before he bolted straight towards him to fight him. WOOSH! He teleported behind him. “Oh no you don’t” Nick took out his Anti-Magic gun and shot The Shadow Man in the neck with one of the darts. “Yeah let’s see you try and use magic now mother fucker!” Nick screamed. The two busted into a full on punch on, Nick punched him in the face hurting his hand from the metal mask. The Shadow Man then pulled put two daggers from holsters on each side of his hips and began to go for Nick. “Argh” Nick screamed as The Shadow Man cut right across his stomach leaving him to bleed extremely. Nick then gained energy and tackled The Shadow Man to the ground, nocking the daggers out of his hand. Nick jumped on top of The Shadow Man and began punching him. “It’s time to find out who you really are!” Nick shouted as he pulled the mask straight off The Shadow Man’s face. “Oh my god!” Nick screamed in disbelief. “It’s you, you all along?” Nick was still trying to process that who was once his best friend is now The World’s #1 criminal. “How could you?” Nick asked shedding a tear. Finally The Shadow Man choked out a few words. “I never wanted to do this. I had to do this.” The Shadow Man managed to cough out. “No, you had a choice. You never needed any of those scrolls that you stole; you did it for your own personal entertainment. But please just answer me this, why “The Destiny Scroll”?” Nick asked extremely eager to hear what will come out of The Shadow Man’s mouth now. The Shadow Man didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to. He pointed straight behind Nick towards that coffin. “The Destiny Scroll can resurrect the dead Nick” The Shadow Man answered. “So?!?” Nick cried. “My brother was the only family I ever had that loved me. Him and me were very close, extremely close. If he comes back I won’t have to steal anymore. I’ve been looking for a scroll that does this ever since I could remember, and then I finally found The Destiny Scroll.” The Shadow Man said. Nick looked in amazement as he realized The Shadow Man wasn’t a criminal after all. He stole all of those scrolls to find one that will bring his brother back to life. But before anything could happen, 4 guards burst in the warehouse including Bill. “Well done Nick, you got him” Bill screamed The Shadow Man gave Nick a betrayed look right after Bill shot him in the heart. “NOOOOO!” Nick screamed as The Shadow Man collapsed onto the floor covered in his own blood. Nick looked into Luke’s eyes just before he died in his arms. And that is the Life and death of The Shadow Man.


You’re probably wondering who I am though. I am the one who knew The Shadow Man the most, I’m the one who’s in the story but I refer to myself as my name and not as me. I’m The Shadow Man’s best friend, I am Nick Chaser.

© Copyright 2019 Liam Ridolfi. All rights reserved.

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