Immovable Heart

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This is for Melinda Sue Henry's first ever contest, and, as the contest title says, this really did just come to me. There was some other inspiration behind it though. I don't know how well this will do, it just came on the spur of the moment, and it feels a little lopsided, but you tell me. :)

Submitted: August 22, 2013

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Submitted: August 22, 2013



He was blue in the eye

And his eyes swirled like whirlpools in the sky.


He was a sailor of the seven seas,

He could buy the town by the pound and all the trees.


He had everything of all the world’s riches

(Which was more than he could fit in his britches!)


He traveled distant reaches of the Earth,

Growing in fame, fortune, (and even a noble girth).


He was known all round,

And all round he never ceased to astound.


He would have had ladies all waiting at his door,

Had he known what to do with all he desired and more.


Winter arrived, blowing the east wind heavy,

And hardened his heart to stone which he could not levy.


He held out his hand,

And out flew the world that he thought so very grand.


Down fell his lofty hair, faded into dust;

Out popped the black holes in his eyes and all his lust.


The earth slipped off his shoes and poured out all his lament;

The wind blew off his hat, and all his false knowledge went.


Those who idolized him fled afar;

Nothing would shine upon him, verily not the Evening Star.


The blue in his eye showered oceans where he was standing,

And his heart sank as a stone in his Misunderstanding.

© Copyright 2018 Liam Strong. All rights reserved.

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