Bothering Niall

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Lilo and Zarry... In which they see how far they can go before Niall tells them to stop. One Direction!

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



Bothering Niall

Niall’s View

“Mmmm, I love you so much my little Li-Li. Now give me a kiss, cutie pie!”

Niall Horan almost threw up at the sound of one of his best friend’s, Louis Tomlinson’s voice. All five members of One Direction were downstairs in the television room of Zayn’s flat. They were supposed to be watching a movie, (Chicken Little, they had decided on) laughing together and hanging out, but that plan was backfiring for four of the lads.

Ever since the movie had started, Louis and Liam had been tickling each other, giving sweet pecks and being way too sappy in their talk, while Zayn and Harry, the other couple of the group were kissing obnoxiously loud and messy. Niall was literally sitting in the middle of it all on the smaller leather couch that was between a bigger one that the two brown-haired, mushy, annoying boys were on and a half chair half couch thing that Zayn and Harry were practically having sex on.

Niall felt extremely awkward. He’d tried asking both of them to stop, but seemed to not hear him over their “business” and he didn’t want to be mean by yelling at them or leaving, so he just stayed there, curled up in his blanket, trying to concentrate on the movie. Although it wasn’t working out too well because even when he tried to sneak the sound up a bit, the two couples seemed to get louder. He was starting to get suspicious of what was going on.

Lilo’s View

Liam laughed as his blue-eyed boyfriend nipped at his ear like a little puppy. He was having so much fun right at the moment, he was almost forgetting that this was all supposed to be a scheme.

Earlier on that day, Louis, Zayn, Harry and he had decided to play a trick on Niall by continuously loving on each other in front of their poor, blond friend. It was really just a silly thing, just to tease Niall and not to torture him. They wanted to see how far they could go before the Irish boy finally got too overwhelmed by it and forced them to stop. Liam hoped that if it did end up going far, considering Niall could be a little unsure of things sometimes, he would get to cum. If he didn’t, Louis would leave him desperate all night until the next time they went at it, begging and insanely hard. He’d experienced a raging hard-on for numerous hours before and it was NOT fun.

He almost shuddered at the thought, before remembering he has to keep in “character”, although he knew he and the other three weren’t really acting…

“Li-Li,” Louis said in a sing-songy voice, peering down right into Liam’s eyes, blue meeting brown. “Pretty, don’t you want to Lou-Lou to kiss your nose for you? You know how he loves that precious skin of yours.”

Liam blushed and turned his head with mock-disobedience from his place under Louis. “No,” he mumbled quietly, biting at his lip.

“Awww c’mon, Li, look at me. I’ll be sad if you don’t.” Louis put on a fake pout and Liam laughed covering his face.

“Go away, Louis.”

Louis fake gasped. “Liam Payne! Do you really wish for that?”

Liam shook his head quickly, still covering his smile.

“That’s what I thought.” Louis leaned down and kissed his boyfriend’s hands. “Now let me see that pretty face of yours.”

“Don’t want you to see my face,” the Wolverhampton lad mumbled.

Louis thought for a second, before a stellar idea popped in his head.

“Hey, Li-Li?” he said, kissing his lover’s hair. “How about I kiss all of your fingers and each time you get a kiss on one, you have to lift it away, okay bunny?”

Liam nodded softly.

“Okay, babe.” The blue-eyed boy leaned down and gave one of Liam’s pinkies a soft, sugary kiss before doing the exact same to the other pinky. Then he did his ring fingers and so on until Liam had taken all his fingers off. Louis kissed each of the backs of his hands and finally he got to see his baby’s pretty face. But Liam’s eyes were squeezed shut. The Doncaster boy gave a dramatic sigh and shook his head.

“Li, Li, Li, Li, Li. You’re being a naughty boy.” Leaning down to Liam’s ear, he whispered heavily. “You don’t want to have to be punished, do you?” He felt the group’s leader swallow deeply beneath him.

“Didn’t think so. Now open those pretty eyes.” He kissed each of them, happy to see his boyfriend completely again.

“Now,” he breathed. “Let me kiss you.” And with that he smashed his mouth on Liam’s turning their fun, tickle time into a heated make-out session.

Zarry’s View

“Oh, Harry,” Zayn moaned into his curly-haired boyfriend’s mouth. His hands ran up Harry’s sides, their tongues desperately fighting with one another for dominance.

They were cuddled side by side, devouring each other’s faces, but trying not to go into complete sex-mode yet, in order to keep in time with the other lads in their plan to bother their Irish friend. However, things were getting pretty heated and Zayn could already feel Harry’s excitement against his own growing arousal.

“Fuck, baby. Wanna fuck you so bad,” He groaned into the ex-bakery worker’s mouth, loudly. He swore he could feel Niall’s embarrassed gaze on them and he knew the plan was working.

“Not yet,” Harry breathed, his hand going up to tweak one of Zayn’s nipples.

Zayn bucked his hips into Harry’s, wanting friction and let his hands slide under Harry’s shirt, squeezing his sides and pushing over to try and kiss him impossibly deeper.

“St-stop, Zayn,” Harry moaned out. “It’s too much. We’re gonna ruin…”

Before he could get any farther and spoil the plan, Zayn dove to his neck, desperately sucking a hickey in attempt to stop grinding. It felt so good, but he knew he had to stop or Harry would cum and the plan would be ruined. He continued biting and licking at his green-eyed lover’s neck, creating a large purplish-red spot that he knew would be there for days. Then he tore off Harry’s green Bob Marley shirt, tossing it on the floor behind them.

“Uh, um, g-guys,” he heard Niall say hesitantly. “Um…”

Zayn just smirked before taking one of Harry’s nipples into his mouth, sucking and twisting it, while he palmed him gently (well as gently as Zayn Malik could possible get) through his pants.

Harry moaned his name loudly, begging for more. Even Liam and Louis must have stopped for a second to glance over at poor writhing Harry, but Zayn didn’t care. It actually gave him and extra thrill to know people were watching him and his boyfriend have sex.

He moved over to Harry’s neglected side and began giving the little nub the same treatment, only stopping when Harry yanked off his shirt.

Lilo’s View

Liam pulled Louis closer to him in their kiss as he heard another obstreperous moan erupt from Harry. He didn’t tell Louis, but the curly-haired boy was turning him on by doing that. It filled him with images of Louis fisting his hard dick at a fast pace, telling him to moan so he could “hear that pretty voice”. Louis was kinky like that. One time he’d even made Liam stand in front of a mirror during an orgasm, so Liam could see just how beautiful his face was when he came. It was definitely an experience neither would forget.

“Louis, undress me!” he cried out and his boyfriend gave a laugh.

“Liam, we’ve been through this a hundred times. That is not what you say during sex. The clothes come off gradually, remember.”

Liam groaned. “Fuck that, Louis. I want them off now!”

“Edgy now, aren’t we?” Louis said. “But if that’s what you wish…” All of a sudden Liam felt his shirt gone and his pants being undone and ripped off and thrown on the floor.

Louis quickly shook out of his clothes to before climbing back on Liam and kissing him.

“That good enough, my pretty baby?” he said.

He hadn’t taken off their underwear yet, after catching a glimpse of Zayn’s and Harry’s pants still on. He also poor Niall’s eyes flicking back and forth between the two couples and on his hard-on, which he knew Niall has to be at least somewhat turned on by.

He grinded against Liam, who was busy trying to give him a hickey and moaned as he felt the dampness on Liam’s boxers rub into his. He loved seeing (and feeling) how excited Liam got for him. Sometimes all he had to do was talk naughty to the brown-eyed boy and Liam would cum right then and there, hard, in his pants, which Louis wouldn’t let him change out of because “I want you to know whose you are and every time you walk or sit down, you’ll be able to remember that I’m the one who caused this and that only I can make you cum.” Louis absolutely adored the embarrassed but shocked look on his lover’s face when he had told him this.  The whole rest of the day, Liam had been walking awkwardly around, begging Louis to let him take them off, which he never had done.

“Hey, pretty Li-Li,” he said, sitting up on Liam’s thighs, causing the poor, submissive boy to whine as the friction broke. “It’s alright. Louis’s gonna kiss you now, nice and good and all over, okay?”

“Please, Lou?” Liam cried, hands flying over to his boxers to give his extremely aroused dick a few strokes.

Louis slapped his hands away. “Nuh-uh, Li-Li,” he babied, shaking his brown hair away from his eyes. “That’s only my job, unless I say otherwise.”

With that, he began kissing Liam’s forehead, down to his nose and then his cheeks and mouth, followed by his neck, which Louis sucked three nice big hickeys onto. Then came his shoulders, arms, each of his hands and fingers again, his chest, stomach and belly button and finally his waistline, before his boxers were yanked off.

Louis heard Niall tell them and Zayn and Harry, quietly, to take it elsewhere after the movie was finished, so they could all five spend time together. He just ignored it s he took Liam’s very hard cock, which had sprung to his stomach as soon as it had been freed from its confines. He slowly kissed up it, starting from the bottom and working his way to the top, before wrapping his mouth around it and giving it a huge suck.

“LOUIS!” Liam cried out, kicking his legs. “Oh Louis, that feels so good!”

Louis blushed a bit as Liam practically screamed this for the world to hear. He could here Harry and Zayn trying to hold back their laughs as they made out. Niall’s face turned scarlet and he grabbed the remote to try and turn up the volume some, but of course that again failed miserably.

Liam kept screaming awkward things like ‘Louis, your mouth feels amazing!’ or ‘This is gonna be the best orgasm ever!’ while poor embarrassed Louis sucked him off. Finally, Louis stopped and had to tell Liam to be quieter because he was screaming way too loud.

“Li-Li,” Louis said softly. “We’re not alone, so could you please not let the whole entire world know we’re having sex?”

“Sorry, Lou,” Liam mumbled before bringing him down for a kiss.

Louis smiled into it. “It’s ok, babe. At least I know you want me.”

Liam blushed and Louis sat up again, pulling Liam with him. The Doncaster boy’s legs were now under Liam who was ironically sitting on Louis’s thighs.

Louis struggled to quickly pull of his boxers, finally managing to and laced his arms around Liam’s waist, kissing him hard.

“Touch yourself for me, cutie,” he said hotly, breaking the kiss. “It’s alright this time.”

He watched as his boyfriend brought a shaky hand down to jerk himself off. It was slow at first, Liam closing his eyes and occasionally leaning in to find Louis’s mouth, but it gradually got faster until he was moaning loudly again.

Louis grabbed his own aroused dick and began stroking himself at the same speed. He bit his lip as he felt his end nearing and looked at Liam, whose mouth was opened wide, spilling with delicious moans.

“Lou-Louis,” he whimpered, his hand jerking faster and faster. “I’m go-I’m going to cum. Touch me, too, Lou!”

Louis quickly wrapped his free hand around Liam’s and stroked hard. It wasn’t long before Liam came hard, crying out Louis’s name, cum spilling all over his stomach and their hands. Louis soon followed, drowning in the bliss that was Liam’s moans and his orgasm.

As they came down from their highs, Louis noticed his brown-eyed boyfriend had opened his eyes and was staring at something on the ground, intently.

“Louis?” Liam said, breathlessly and shakily reached down to the floor and grabbed what Louis recognized as his pants and pulled something out of the pocket. Something soft, square and…

“Lou? You weren’t going to bring my cock ring, were you?” Liam twirled the little velvety box meant for a ring, in his fingers as Louis stared, pale and wide-eyed before trying to yank it out of his lover’s hands. But Liam’s was too quick. And before Louis could even say carrots, Liam had opened the box.

Zarry’s View (A little before Lilo had cum)

Zayn kissed at Harry’s chest some more, before moving back up to kiss him on mouth. Zayn absolutely loved sex with Harry, but he loved kissing him even more.

Their mouths clashed and they began to grind again, their clothes all off. Zayn had his hands tangled in his boyfriend’s crazy, curly hair, while Harry squeezed his ass, when suddenly they heard Liam start screeching.

“Louis! Oh Louis that feels so good! Harder! Suck harder!”

They both started to snicker, which turned into almost uncontrollable laughter that they tried to subdue by continuing to kiss. Finally, Liam stopped and the two eventually were grinding each other so hard that they were both extremely close.

“Oh God, Zayn, I’m gonna cum! Please let me cum.” Harry was starting to rant, which he always did when he was about to cum, so Zayn reached down and twisted one of Harry’s nipples hard, grinding against him roughly.

“Fuck, Zayn!” Harry closed his eyes, leaning his head back as he came. Zayn moaned as he felt his green-eyed lover’s hot, sticky cum on his dick, finally cumming himself, in a blissful paradise. His orgasm lasted for a little while longer than it usually did, and he enjoyed every second of it.

He eventually collapsed on Harry, lazily kissing and closing his eyes, the only sounds now being Harry’s and his rapid breathing and…

“Louis! What is this!?”

He and Harry both shot up at Liam’s loud and shocked tone.

“Oh no, he couldn’t have found…” Harry started.

“The engagement ring,” Zayn finished, whispering.

By now all five boys were staring at the tiny box, the television muted and all their faces pale.

Louis gulped and grabbed the open box from Liam before getting off the couch, butt-naked, and down on one knee. He stared at Liam for a moment, before holding the box out to him and saying with increasing anxiety,

“L-Liam P-Payne, will-will you… marry me?” He squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for the ‘Are you daft? At this age!’ from his boyfriend, but it never came. He slowly opened his eyes his eyes to see Liam staring at him and blushing.

“Well?” Louis said, biting his lip.

“Well, yes!” Liam suddenly squealed and jumped on Louis, covering him with kisses. “I can’t believe you didn’t ask me earlier!”

The other three boys sighed with relief as they all had known about Louis’s plans for this and had been waiting for this moment forever.

Finally, after Liam and Louis had stopped making out and were sitting back on the couch, (Zayn and Harry had to remind them that they had to explain the whole prank thing to Niall) the blond spoke up.

“Um guys, well okay… Um what’s goin’…? What happ-…”

“Relax, Ni,’ Zayn said calmly, tugging his shirt over his head and buttoning his pants, as the other three did the same. “The boys and I just wanted to see how far we could go before you finally told us to stop. Apparently, that wasn’t ever, though.”

Niall’s face went from a look of confusion to that of being upset.

“But you guys know I don’t have a partner. Why would you do that?” His blue eyes filled with tears as his lip trembled.

“Nialler,” Harry jumped in. “it’s ok. You don’t need a date, first of all and second, even if you did, you can get one easily. There are thousands of fans out there that would do anything to go out with you.”

Niall’s face brightened at that. “True,” he said. “But still, that wasn’t cool! My virgin mind has been scarred!”

He was laughing now. “Liam wins the crown for the most awkward things said during sex and for being the loudest!”

Liam blushed hard at the comment.

“It’s true though, baby.” Louis said, kissing the side of his face.

“I don’t know about that last part,” Zayn laughed. “Harry’s got that down pretty well. But Liam definitely does get recognition for the most awkward!”

So on went the night, the boys laughing and joking together, celebrating the engagement, and finally, at God knows when, falling asleep all curled up next to each other, the five superstars of One Direction.



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