Mystical World

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This is the story of a young girl called Kia who goes on an adventure to find her brother and why he was taken but ends up finding out more than she could have imagend.

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




It was freezing in the little room and the wind was whistling outside, pushing the rain against the window. Kia was tucked up in her bed with the blanket pulled all the way up to her nose. She had been trying to get to sleep for three hours now but the rain was keeping her up. Normally on a stormy night she would go into her brother’s room and curl up in bed with him. But her brother wasn’t there now.

As she steered around the unfamiliar room she wondered how the room could look so welcoming in the day and so scary at night. When she had arrived at the little inn called Jo’s it had looked beautiful with its two story high wooden structure, the red roses’ outside and the little stable round the back where her horse Kaya was staying, and the woman who run the hotel was lovely. She had welcomed Kia in like she was her mother and had even let her have some free clothes as Kia’s were ripped and dirty from riding and being in the woods for so long. But now as she looked around the room it looked like it was looking back. The little candle on the bedside table had been blown out by the wind forcing the room to be plunged into darkness.

She shivered in the bed and lent over feeling for the candle. When she found it she waved her hand over it and whispered a few words. The words lit the candle and she placed it back on the small wooden table. The candle didn’t help much but she could now see the whole room. So she swung her legs off the bed and stood up, wrapping her arms across her chest as she walked over to the small window and tried to push it shut for the second time that night. But this time she was successful and the window slammed shut. She froze hoping the noise didn’t wake anyone. When she thought she had got away with it she went over to the bed and slipped back into it.

She listened to the storm outside and began to feel home sick as she thought about her mother at home by herself. She had taken off in the early hours of the morning and left her mother a note to say she was sorry and that she would be ok. She felt bad about leaving like that but she had to. Eventually she drifted off to sleep. But she didn’t get much sleep as she had to get up early the next morning.

When she woke she put on the white silk dress Jo had given her the other day then she brushed her long brown hair and put on her brown leather traveling boots, they didn’t go with the dress but the dress covered them anyway. The dress also had three-quarter length-arms so it covered the scar she had on her right arm from when she was little and her and her brother had been playing sword fighting even though their mother had told them not to.

When she went to get Kaya the stable boy told her she would have to wait because she was eating so she decided to go for a walk around the small village. The village had lots of little stools with merchants trying to sell their goods. It was packed with people as well, going about their daily business shopping for food and things for their homes. It reminded Kia of her home town Ledora, only her home town was bigger and she knew almost everyone there. This place was new and strange and even though it looked friendly it made her wish she had brought her sword with her, but she had left it in the stables so she would have to do without, but then again she still had her magic.

As she walked back to the stable she noticed a strange figure in a hooded cloak hiding in the shadows and she knew she should be worried but she felt perfectly safe. She felt strangle, sort of better with him there.

She kept walking and eventually she was back at the stables’ so she saddled Kaya and paid Jo for her stay. Then she rode off into the woods north.

She wasn’t entirely sure where she was going but she knew it was somewhere in Kadral’s land and that where she was going was dangerous, but it was her mission and she would accept the danger if it meant finding her brother.

She stopped for a rest after three hours of riding and gave Kaya her food before collecting firewood and starting a fire. Once the fire was lit she placed a pot over it with her dinner in. She checked her food a couple of times before she was sure it was done, and then she poured the rabbit stew into her bowl.

Once she and Kaya were done eating and everything was washed and had been put away Kia pulled the map out of her saddle bag and sat down by the fire again. But before she could begin planning a safe route she heard footsteps behind her so she shot up and span round, so she was facing the owner of the footsteps, as she did she saw that it was the cloaked man from earlier.

He must have seen the fear in her face as he raised his hands to show he was unarmed.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you.” His voice was deep and as he took his hood down Kia guessed he must have been in his early twenty’s.

He had short black hair, green eyes and was wearing the long black cloak from earlier.

Even though he had said he wouldn’t hurt her Kin knew better than to trust a stranger so she slowly edged towards her sword, which was still in the saddle bag, while she talked.

“I’m here because we both need something.” He continued as he saw Kia’s confusion at what he was saying, “We can help you find your brother if you will help us kill king Kadral.”

Kia’s face paled and she froze on the spot. “You want me to help you kill the king?” Kia asked in mortal shock. Did this man really think she would help him kill someone?

“Yes. Magic is rare these days and we would need someone who has magic to kill someone with magic.”

Kia went paler as she realized this man knew she had magic. “I don’t kn-“

“Don’t try and hide it. We know you have magic. We have been following you a lot longer than you think.” He said cutting Kia off.

“Following me?”

“Yes to make sure you had it. You see we searched every village we could to find someone with magic and then we saw you use it. So we followed you to make sure it was you and not a trick of the light or someone else that was near you at the time.”

Kia didn’t believe it because she saw something in his facial expressions that told her he was telling the truth but then Kia realized something else as he spoke. “What do you mean “we” and how did you know about my brother?”

Just then five people stepped out from the trees. There was one girl who looked just a little older than Kia. She had long blond hair, ocean blue eyes and was wearing a dark red cloak. Then there were four men all in different coloured cloaks.

One man looked around Kia’s age while the others looked around the same age as the man who had spoken to Kia.

The man that looked around Kia’s age had medium length scruffy dark brown hair, the same colour as Kia’s, and brown eyes. He was wearing a dark green cloak.

“I am Cal and this is Peter, Taylor, Benjamin, Kaylynn and our youngest Lee, and we know about your brother because as I said we were following you.” The man who spoke was the one who had spoken to her before. He pointed to the people to his sides as he said their names.

Lee was the one who looked her age and Kaylynn was the only girl among the group. Peter looked the oldest. He had shoulder length black hair, blue eyes and was wearing a grey cloak. Taylor was the tallest and had short blond hair and green eyes. He was wearing a blue cloak. Then there was Benjamin. He looked the scariest out of them all and he was also the beefiest. He was only a little bit shorter than Taylor and was bold with grey piercing eyes. He was wearing a white cloak too so it made his eyes stand out even more.

“Hi, it’s nice to see another female once in a while.” Kaylynn said with a grin on her face.

“So will you help us?” Cal raised his eyebrow as he spoke but looked like he already knew the answer.

As much as Kia was not a killer and knew better than to trust a stranger or in this case a group of strangers she had to save her brother, and she hoped that once she saved him he would help her find a way out of this agreement so she wouldn’t have to kill anyone.

“I will.” She sighed.

“Come then we shall find somewhere safe to set up camp before it gets dark.”  He began walking east of the direction Kia was originally going before he finished speaking and the others followed.

Kaylynn reached into her bag as she walked and pulled out a dark purple silk cloak and held it towards Kia. “I thought you might like the colour purple and well you will need one as it gets pretty cold at night.”

Kia knew all about how cold it could get and that’s why she had took up staying in inns. “Thank you, and the colour is my favourite.” Kia smiled but still felt uneasy.

They walked for a while longer before they found a small clearing and began to set up camp for the night. Taylor and Benjamin went to find fire wood, Cal, Peter and Lee sorted out the food so it would be ready to cook once the fire was lit and Kaylynn and Kia set out the beds.

“So Kia you didn’t say, how old are you?” Kaylynn’s voice was soft and it sounded as thou she was singing her words.

“How do you know my name?”

“Like Cal said, we were following you.”

Kia was getting bored of hearing that. “So what else do you know?” Kia asked as her eyebrows pushed together in a deep frown.

Kaylynn stopped and looked up to smile at Kia.

“Don’t look so worried. Really we’re good people. I know that might be a bit hard to believe but it’s true.”

“You have no idea how hard” Kia muttered under her breath.

Kaylynn’s smile just grew and she laughed. Her laugh was just as musical as her voice.

“So you didn’t answer my question?”

“What question?”

“How old are you?”

“Oh um I’m fifteen, you?”

“I’m eighteen. Well Lee will be happy.”

“Why would Lee be happy?”

“He’s no longer the youngest.” That put a smile on Kia’s lips.

I bet he’s the type who thinks he’s the best at everything Kia thought as she place the last bed down and glanced over at Lee who was laughing at something Cal was saying to him and Peter.

Just then Taylor and Benjamin came back so Kia and Kaylynn went over to sit with the others as they got the fire set up and put the dinner on.

Kia was sat by Kaylynn and Peter as she thought they looked the friendliest and she was starting to feel comfortable around Kaylynn.

“…Well you just make sure you don’t burn the dinner again.” Cal said to Taylor.

“Hey that wasn’t my fault Peter distracted me.”

“Wow, don’t blame me Tay, I clearly said you should take the dinner off the fire but you didn’t.”

“Because you normally lie so I mess up and you’re still the best cook.” Taylor nearly shouted.

“You two are acting like a pair of girls.” Kaylynn laughed.

Kia just sat back and watched. It was funny to think that these people were killers, and was unbelievable at the same time. They all seemed so normal.

Once they were done eating Taylor cleaned the pots while Peter and Cal went to bed, and Benjamin went to sit by a tree, he was on first watch.

“So what did you think to Tay’s cooking?” Kaylynn asked Kia.

“It was ok.” Kia was honest, she didn’t like lying.

“He’s always trying to be the best cook but everyone knows that will never happen.”

“Why won’t it happen?”

“Because Peter is the best cook and he doesn’t like competition so he likes to sabotage Tay.” Lee butted in with a smirk on his face.

Taylor came back and went straight to bed.

“So what’s your horse’s name?” Kaylynn asked changing the subject now that Taylor was back.

“Kaya, it’s the name of my best friend.”

“Did your friend like being named after a horse?” Lee asked.

“Yes, she was the one who begged me to name my horse after her.”

Lee frowned at her but Kaylynn just smiled as though she understood.

Kia stayed up for another hour before she went to bed and left them to it. But just as she was drifting off Lee said something that caught her attention.

“Do you think it’s her?” He whispered.

“It has to be.” Kaylynn assured him.

“Do you think she knows?”

“No, that’s why we’re not supposed to talk about it.” Kaylynn sounded like she was hissing at him as she spoke.

“I know I just had to ask to make sure…you don’t think she’s like him do you?”

“No, she’s way too nice to be like him.”

“Yeh I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right, I’m always right.” Kaylynn laughed.

“Shut up Kaylynn, we all know I’m the brains around here.” Kaylynn just laughed even more in reply and then they went silent until Kia heard them saying goodnight.

The next morning Kia found out that during the night Cal had woken up and gone to get horses’ for the others so now they were heading north again.

Kaylynn’s horse was the only white one out of the others and was also the first pure whitehorse Kia had ever seen. Kia wondered if Cal had chosen the colours of the horses’ or if that was just all the stable had had at the time.

They rode in almost complete silence, and as they rode Kia found out a few things about the people she was with. She found out they like to call Taylor Tay, for whatever reason she didn’t know, also that Peter like to talk a lot. She also learnt that Lee wasn’t very talkative and nether was Benjamin who liked to keep quiet and keep himself to himself more than Lee did.

“…So at least I know how to fight like a knight and not a little girl” Taylor and Peter were having their usual banter as Kia had come to learn.

“Hey be careful what you say or I might just beat your ass again” Peter smirked and started a conversation with Cal so he got the last word in the argument. “So how much longer do you think it will take to get there?” Peter’s tone was serious now as he spoke to Cal.

“Not long, about a day and a half, if we keep this pace” Then Kia noticed Cal glance back at her before turning back and whispering something to Peter who nodded in agreement.

She knew she should find out what was going on but decided to wait until she found her brother so he could help her after all these people may not act like killers but she knew they were.

Suddenly Cal pulled his horse to a stop and the others copied not knowing what was going on. Kia watched as Cal, Peter and Benjamin searched the area and realised they were looking for danger. She noticed Kaylynn, Taylor and Lee click on to what they were doing as they too began to scan the area. It put Kia on edge as she watched but could see nothing wrong herself.

Then Cal and Benjamin sheared a glance at each other before Benjamin slowly reached for the sword in his saddle which Kia had only just noticed. Then she saw the others doing the same.

Where did they get those? Did they already have them or did Cal get them when he went to get the horses’? Kia thought as she too reached for her own sword.

“Can you use that?” It was Lee who whispered to her. She just nodded to answer as she was trying to focus on what was going on. “Good, because I think you’re going to need it.”

She saw Peter and Cal looking at something to their left in the trees but as she turned to follow their line of sight a twig snapped on the other side of the woods and everyone’s heads shot round but they saw nothing and the woods went quiet again.

Cal, Peter and Benjamin slowly slid off their horses’ and landed with a quite thump on the solid ground. It was still quite early in the morning so as they landed on the floor their feet vanished into the morning fog.

Cal motioned for the others to do the same so Kaylynn, Taylor, Lee and Kia all slid down but kept close to their horses’ in case they needed to take cover.

Suddenly there was a whistling sound and then a loud thump as an arrow berried its self in a tree by Taylors head. Then there was screaming and around fifth-teen men charged from the trees around them with swords in their hands. They looked vicious and had scarves covering their faces. They were also wearing ripped clothes so Kia could tell they were bandits. Kia did her best to hide how scared she was.

Cal and Benjamin were the first to begin the fight, and then Peter, Taylor and Kaylynn joined. Kia looked to Lee who looked back and then with one single nod rushed into the battle.

A man ran at Kia and she dogged his swing for her head. She swung for his chest but he blocked her and nearly made her sword fly from her hand, but she held on tight with white knuckles.

She swung,


Swung again,


She was now beginning to tire which worried her as he was only her first opponent and the battle was nowhere near won. She tried again, this time swinging low for his legs and hoping to give him a wound that would distracted him long enough for her to land the final blow, it worked and he fell clutching his chest.

Kia looked down at the man and took a few deep breaths although she didn’t have long to rest as another bandit attacked, swinging viciously at her. She blocked as many of his strikes as she could but she knew she would have to beat him soon or he would beat her.

She looked around and saw that Cal was fighting two men at once while Peter was trying to help Taylor, how looked like he was wounded but not too badly, she then saw Benjamin fighting like a true knight, taking one man after another down as thou it was as easy as breathing. She turned her head to the other side and saw Kaylynn take down her opponent and then turn to fight another. Kia was about to look for Lee when her own opponent knocked away her weak defence causing her sword to be thrown from her hand. Her opponent then knocked her down with ease and lifted his sword. Kia knew she had to do something or she would die. She thought about using her magic but it didn’t seem to rise within her and so her only hope of getting out of this situation vanished as she looked up to the strange man. The world around her seemed to slow as he brought his sword down. Kia squeezed her eyes shut.

Then just as the sword was about to hit her she heard a loud clinging sound as metal clashed with metal. Her eyes shot open and she saw Lee’s sword block the bandits.

Lee pushed the bandit back and stepped so he was between the bandit and Kia. He then blocked the bandit’s swings at him with ease and when he saw a gap in the bandits defence he shot for it. The bandit fell and the battle was won.

Lee turned and held his hand out to help Kia up.

“Who the hell were they?” Kaylynn asked.

“No idea but I think its best we get a move on in case there are more of them.” Cal said as he scanned the area then turned to Taylor. “Tay are you ok?”

“Yes, it’s just a scratch.” He said as he tied a piece of ripped fabric around his arm, and as Kia looked at his tunic she found where the fabric had come from.

“Ok, then everyone let’s get going.”

Everyone mounted their horses’ and then they continued to travel north as if the battle hadn’t even happened.

No one talked while they rode, but Kia wished someone would break the silence soon. She felt as thou she should try to talk but she had no idea what to talk about. She didn’t know these people. They might prefer to ride in silence, and if that was true then Kia didn’t want to make them dislike her by doing something they didn’t like.

They stopped to set up camp halfway through the day. Kia, Kaylynn, Lee and Taylor stayed to set the beds down and get the fire wood while the others went to hunt for their food.

“Will you two be alright setting up the beds and sorting out the horses’ if I and Lee go to get fire wood?”

“Taylor, I’m not five and we both know how to use a sword. We’ll be fine, now go away so I don’t have to look at your ugly face any more.” Kaylynn pushed Taylor and Lee towards the woods and then walked back to Kia once they disappeared.

Kia just laughed and shook her head.

“What are you laughing at?” Kaylynn picked up one of the blankets and placed it down. “Tell me.”

“You, it’s like you’re the one in charge yet you’re the girl.”

“Well if I let them think they’re in charge they’d go all mad with power. You know men, you have to keep them on a lead and train them.”

Kia just laughed even more as she place the second bed down.

“Will you be ok if I go fill these water skins up?”

Kia didn’t really want to be left on her own but she nodded and carried on putting the beds down as Kaylynn trundled of into the woods to the lake nearby.

The minute Kaylynn left Kia was on guard. She didn’t really know why as she had spent three days traveling the woods before she had arrived at Jo’s inn. She thought it might be because of the attack earlier that day.

She tried to think of other things to take her mind off her surroundings but found herself instead looking into the woods as they darkened around her and began to taunt her. She looked up at the trees hiding the sky and any light that was left away from her as they towed over her. She looked at the shadows that threatened to hide the enemy. She listened to the wind whispering secrets about her. She smelt the damp, cold air reminding her she was not at home. She felt the whole woods staring at her. She then heard a rustling sound as something came her way. She span around and nearly jumped out of her skin as she saw Lee walking her way with a pile of wood in his arms.

“Someone’s very edge, aren’t they?” He joked.

“Sorry I just…sorry” Kia shook her head and put the last blanket down.

“What are you so scared of Kay-wait where’s Kaylynn?” He frowned and began searching the area.

“She went to fill the water skins up in the lake.” Kia could tell by the look on his face that Kaylynn would be in trouble but she didn’t understand why. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.” He placed the wood down and began setting it up.

“Tell me,” Kia narrowed her eyes. “Please.”

He crossed his legs as he sat on the floor and lifted his head to look up at her. “Well it’s just that Cal told us to keep you safe and that you’re not to be-.” He cut himself of when he saw the look on Kia’s face.

“Not to be what?”

“Left alone in case someone attacks or something.” He sighed.

“I can look after myself you know?”

“I’ve no doubt you can.”

“What else has Cal told you to do?” She could hear how she hissed Cal’s name and she knew he heard it too.

“You won’t get any more from me so don’t even try.” He turned back to the wood in front of him.

Kia huffed and went to sit on her blanked. She looked around the woods again and then she realized, “Where’s Taylor?”

“He joined the others on their little hunting trip.”

“Thank you by the way, for earlier. I didn’t really get the chance to say thanks.”

“Its ok.”

Just then Kaylynn emerged from the woods on the other side of the small clearing.

“Oh look whose back.” Lee raised his eyebrows as he turned his head to look at Kaylynn.

“I wasn’t gone that long, Lee. And if you tell anyone I was gone you’ll regret it.” She smirked at him and Kia guessed that by their banter Kaylynn didn’t follow the rules much.

Lee got the fire going and Kia and Kaylynn joined him around the fire. It wasn’t long before the others came back and got the dinner started. And soon they were talking and joking just as they had the other night.

Kia went to bed straight after dinner along with Kaylynn, Cal and Peter. Benjamin went to take first watch again and Taylor went to wash up while Lee sat poking the fire with a stick.

Even though she went to bed early and was tired from the fight that day she couldn’t sleep. She just lay there listening to the others slow breathing as they slept and she heard when Taylor came back and went to bed. She also listened to Lee singing a song she didn’t know. He sang it low as not to wake the others but she could still make out some of the words,

She sings her power,

He hides in the tower,

She grows stronger,

Until he’s no longer,

She doesn’t know what’s to come...


As she listened she noticed he sang the line ‘she doesn’t know what’s to come’ at the end of each verse. She wondered what the song was about but eventually she became too tired to care and fell into a deep sleep. But she woke screaming. She had had a dream about finding her brother but then he was killed in front of her. It had felt so real and made her want to hurry on.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Kaylynn sounded worried as she ran over to Kia and knelt down beside her.

Kia breathed three deep breaths before answering, “Nothing, just a bad dream.” She panted.

“What was it about?” Kaylynn relaxed more now.

“My brother, I had found him.”

“Don’t worry, Kia, we will find him.”

Taylor walked over and frowned at Kia, “How was it a bad dream if you found him?”

Kia looked up to him. She hadn’t really talked to him but she felt fine around him.

“Um well, when I found him he was killed in front of me.” Kia looked down to the floor hearing how silly she must sound getting all worked up over a bad dream.

“We won’t let that happen. You will be back with your brother safe and sound soon.” Taylor bent down and patted her should then he nodded to her, “I swear it.” Then he walked back off to get ready to leave. Kia was stunned by his words. He had seemed like he had meant it but killers couldn’t be trusted could they? She just wanted her brother. He would know what to do.

She got up and Kaylynn helped her pack up so they could leave earlier. They would make it to Kadral’s land by midday but they hadn’t a clue on how to rescue Kia’s brother.

Kia was confused at how these people seemed to know exactly where her brother was. She could understand them knowing he was in Kadral’s land because they had been following her but they seemed to know more than she did on the whereabouts of her brother.

Kia was beginning to get impatient about having the long ride in between her and her brother. She just wanted to race ahead a full speed, but Cal wouldn’t let her. He had said that it would tire the horses’ out.

When they stopped to rest the horses’ and have a quick something to eat Kia hared Lee humming the tune to the song he was singing last night. He was humming it quietly but stopped when he looked up and saw Benjamin glaring at him. Kia still couldn’t get her head around these people’s strange behaviour.

Lee yawned and shook his head then carried on eating his apple.

“That’s what you get for staying up so late.” Kia’s head whipped round to look at Benjamin. It was the first time she had heard him say anything. Her mouth hung open and she stared at him with wide eyes. The others just laughed.

“Yes Kia, he talks.” Taylor said it like he was talking to a small child.

Kia dropped her head and looked at the berries in her hands. She ate them without looking up because she knew her cheeks were red with embarrassment.

“I didn’t stay up that much later than Tay.” Kia was grateful that Lee changed the subject back to him.

“Yes but Tay sleeps more than you anyway.” Benjamin said.

Kia looked around the group and then saw that Cal was watching her. She shied away from his stare.

“You don’t go to bed early.” Lee said trying to think of anything so that he could get the last word in.

“No but I’m used to it.”

“I could get used to it too.”

“Like you said you could get used to winning a fight but then lost to me?” Benjamin laughed.

“That fight was unfair.” Lee narrowed his eyes.

“Ok that’s enough.” Cal said cutting both of them off.

Soon they were back on the horses’ and riding at a fast pace, but not fast enough for Kia. They stopped after another four hours of riding at what looked like an abandoned house. But even though the house was in Kadral’s land it was hidden in the woods, surrounded by the trees on three sides and a lake on the other. It was away from any towns too. It was only one floor and made from dark wood. It looked like it had been here for a while. Some of the windows were cracked or smashed and there were holes in the wood of the walls and the door. Also some of the roof had dipped from water damage.

They tied the horses’ up and walked into the little house. Cal had to give the door a good shove to open it though as it was that damaged and old it had gotten jammed. As they entered the little house Kia could smell the damp in the cold air. The house was just as damaged on the inside as it was on the outside. From where Kia was standing she could see another door hidden behind a funny shaped wall to her right. But before Kia could go and investigate the room Kaylynn beat her to it. Kia watched as Kaylynn pushed the door open and walked into the dark room. She disappeared it was that dark.

“Has any one go a candle or something?” Kaylynn asked as she came back out from the room.

“No sorry, why do you need one?” Peter said.

“That rooms too dark. I can see a thing.” She said as she came back out.

Kia didn’t want to use her magic in front of these people, but she trusted Kaylynn so she held her palm out flat in front of her and whispered into it. They all turned and watched her. Within no time a small gold light was glowing in the palm of her hand. She walked past Kaylynn and even though the light was small the whole room immediately lit up. The room looked the same as the other one, dark wooden floor and walls, all damp. The only difference was that this room had no windows.

“Ha, cool trick K”

Kia turned and frowned at Peter.

“He likes to give people nicknames,” Taylor explained. “He gave me mine. But he’s not very imaginative about it.”

Peter just glared at Taylor who just laughed in his face.

“We’ll stay here for,” Cal paused and glanced at Kia for a brief moment. “Now, Kaylynn and Kia you sort out the beds while we go and get the fire wood and some food.”

Kia and Kaylynn did the beds and had used Kia’s magic to create candles that they placed in each room. But the others still hadn’t come back so Kia decided to see what information she could get from Kaylynn as they sat in the main room.

“So how long have you all known each other?”

“I met Cal and Benjamin ten years ago.”

“How old were you?”

“I was nine.”

“And when did you meet the others?”

“Well when I was twelve we met Peter and Tay, Their cousins you know? And then Lee we just sort of found him in that same year.”

“Didn’t you just sort of find the others?”

“No, Cal and Benjamin were already looking for a crew to help them find…a magic user to kill the king when I met them I joined because I hate Kadral. I used to live in a small village in his land called Malantay but he had my village burned because we refused to give him our food. My family died and I was the only one left.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“It was a long time ago now.”

“So did Peter and Taylor join because they don’t like Kadral?”

“Yes. Kadral took them from their home to try and force them to be his soldiers when they were eleven but they escaped. They tried to go home to their town but it was too risky. If they were caught again they would have been killed so they travelled around together and then when they heard about what Cal and Benjamin were planning they wanted to join.”

“So what’s different about Lee’s story?”

“We don’t know. We found Lee when he was ten, wondering the woods. He never told us his story but when we found him he was ill from the weather and had been injured in a sword fight so Cal decided to help him until he was sour Lee would be alright. We cleaned his wound and looked after him and then before we knew it we just got used to having him around. Also Taylor likes to see our little group as some sort of family so he persuaded Cal to let Lee stay and well you know the rest.”

“Do you see them as your family?”

“I suppose I do now. I have known them so long. And I guess they probably do too.”

Just then the others came in. Lee, Taylor and Peter were carrying the fire wood and Benjamin and Cal had three rabbit, a couple of ferrites and lots of fish.

“I hope you two are hungry.” Peter said as he came in.

Kia and Kaylynn just grinned and shared a sideways glance at each other.

Cal cooked the food this time and there was enough for seconds which Kia was happy about as she was starving and fish was her favourite.

Tonight though when everyone was going to bed and Benjamin went to sit outside the little house, Cal asked her to take a walk with him. They walked about five minutes before Cal turned to talk to her.

“Kia, it is time you knew the truth. I don’t want to tell you so soon, but we are coming to an end of our journey and you must know before we get there.” Kia frowned at him and he carried on, “You must listen to everything I say understood?”

“Yes.” Kia hoped he hadn’t heard the way her voice shook as she spoke in a quiet whisper but she guessed that if she had, he had.

“Your brother Keyairun was doing something before he was taken am I right?” Kia just nodded. “Do you know what he was doing?”

“He was trying to find our farther.”

“We told you we were looking for a magic user to kill the king and that was true but what we left out was that we were looking for you specifically, and the reason we were looking for you is because this is your war.”

Kia was lost for words. She just stared at Cal with her eyebrows pushed together and her mouth open with no words flowing out.

“Kia, your brother found out that the king is actual your Uncle, that’s why he took him. There are prophecy’s that say you will kill the evil king and your brother will take his rightful place.”

Kia shook her head, “No, no you have…there has to be a mistake, I’m just me and my brother is not a prince. Are mother would have told us.” Kia took a step back.

This man really is crazy, she thought. I’m no one special.

“Sophie was threatened by the king that if she told you or your brother he would have you killed.”

“No, it can’t be true. My mother would have told us.”

“You and your brother were young when your farther was killed by Kadral. Sophie didn’t tell you to protect you. She knows the king has Keyairun and that is why she wouldn’t let you find him. The prophecy’s say the princess born with singing magic will defeat the one with blood on his hands.”

Kia knew that if it was true she was a princess, but hearing the word out loud was like being slapped in the face, she didn’t see it coming but at the same time she knew before he used the actual word.

“We had to tell you so we could train you for the war that comes for us.” He looked at Kia’s pale face and knew she needed time to get her head around it, “I’ll leave you to have some space for a bit but don’t stay out too long as you need to get your rest ready for you training tomorrow.” He walked off back to the little house and left a confused and shocked Kia to think it through.

Kia lent against a tree and slid down it. She tucked her knees up to her chest and hugged them tight. How can I be a princess? I don’t remember farther being a king and sourly mother would have told us when we were older, wouldn’t she? Oh I’m so confused, why can’t Keyairun just be here? If I could find Keyairun then he could tell me who took him and why.

She lent her head against the tree and closed her eyes to rest them but ended up falling asleep.


Kia’s eyes snapped open and she shot up.


She realized she had fallen asleep and now it was morning and they were either worried or angry at her.

“I’m here, I’m here!” she called back as she ran in the direction that her name was being called from. She soon spotted them and slowed to a walk.

“There you are. Do you have any idea what trouble you have caused us?” Cal asked.

“I’m so sorry, I fell asleep.” Kia was scared at how furious Cal looked.

“Cal, it’s ok, she’s back now and that’s all that matters.” Taylor cut in before Cal could scream at her again.

Later on Cal set up a schedule for Kia so that she would have to practice sword, mace, and no weapons fighting for at least six hours a day, and she would also have to practice her aim with the bow and arrow and learn how to hit a target spot on with a knife and a dagger.

When her training began she would train with Kaylynn or Peter or Taylor most of the time for six hours each day, but sometimes Cal would ask to fight her to see how well she was doing. Kia was just glad she didn’t have to fight Benjamin. She was scared of him even though she knew he wouldn’t hurt her because they needed her, but still the look in his piercing eyes made Kia want to run as far from him as she could get.

She had been training for a week and a half now, and she was learning fast. She could now beat Kaylynn and Taylor in a fight no matter what the weapon, she could even beat them without a weapon. She could only beat Peter in a sword fight though as sword fighting seemed to be her strong point.

She was training with Peter today and he was teaching her how to improve her aim with a bow and arrow.

“Stand in your shooting position,” as he spoke she adjusted her way of standing so she was in the correct position. She stood with her feet apart and her knees bent so when she looked down she couldn’t see her feet. She had her left foot facing the way she was aiming and her right foot pointing out. Her head was over her left shoulder, and her right arm was level with her cheek and her hand next to her cheek as it pulled the arrow back. The bow and arrow were held ready and aimed above the target so when the arrow was released it would fly up and down onto it target.

“Do you think you will hit the target?” He asked as he had done every day.

“I do.” Kia had said this every day too but she had always missed her target. But not now, now she was sour it would be the perfect shot.

“Then shoot.”

Kia pulled the arrow back even more and then released it. It flew fast with a quiet whistle and then landed with a loud thump.

“Congratulations Kia.” Kia turned to him and smiled and as she did he smiled back. She looked back and her smile grew as she realized that she was one step closer to helping her brother.

She went to bed early that night and woke the next morning to the sun shining bright through the window and onto her face, heating her up.

Then she saw Cal towering over her. She pulled her sheet back and sat up.

“Are you ready young Kia?” He asked in a very serious voice.

She nodded, “I am.” And those two simple words lead to something more than Kia could ever imagine.

They all had breakfast and then they were off again for the first time in two and a half weeks. Kia was hoping her brother was ok but Cal had told her plenty of times that the king would not kill his nephew without a good enough reason and Kia just hoped her brother hadn’t given the king that reason.

It wasn’t long before they could see the castles grey walls peeking over the tree tops. The castle didn’t look as scary as Kia had imagined. In fact she though it looked quite nice. It had three towers and was hidden well in the woods. It had the city houses surrounding three sides of it and was so big Kia’s mouth dropped at the sight of it. She couldn’t believe that this was the place she was supposed to call home.

They had already set up a plan of how they would get in, get Kia’s brother and, the part Kia was nervous about, kill Kadral. So they split up into three groups, one with Peter and Taylor, the next with Kaylynn and Lee, and the last with Cal, Benjamin and Kia. The first group were to hide in the shadows and if need be create a distraction so the others could get in unnoticed. The second group were to get Kia’s brother to safety. The last were to get Kia to the king so she could finish her destiny.

Cal led the way and Lee followed behind Kia. They all had their swords in hand ready for and unexpected attack.

“You ready?”

Kia didn’t want to answer in case her voice cracked so instead she looked to Cal and nodded. The other groups when off to get in another way so they were less likely to get caught.

Cal, Benjamin and Kia walked through the trees until they saw the tunnel they were to use to get inside the castle unseen. The gate was closed off by a locked metal gate. Kia knew what she had to do, she stepped fall ward and raised her hand, “Tusp rina yal”. As she whispered the words the gate burst open and they rushed inside the tunnel. Cal picked up an abandoned torch and held it in front of Kia who whispered another load of words that made the torch light up with bright yellow and orange flames. The tunnel was long and the walls were mouldy. The air in the tunnel smelled damp and it reminded Kia of a rainy day. She was sour she could hear something scurrying around too. They walked down the tunnel until they came to another gate that Kia opened with ease. Then they went up the stairs and into a brighter room that had tapestries with king Kadral’s cress on. The room’s walls were also cleaner and the air smelled fresher.

They walked out the room and, quietly down a corridor to the king’s chambers.

“Stop right there.” A man’s voice came from behind them but they kept walking. “I said stop!” The man shouted and drew the attention of other knights in the area.

Cal grabbed Kia’s free hand and began to run, but Benjamin stopped and began fighting the knights off. More knights appeared in Cal and Kia’s way and stopped them in their tracks. Just as Cal was about to fight Peter and Taylor jumped out behind the knights and engaged in a fight with them.

“Go, we can deal with these!” Peter shouted.

Cal began running with Kia again. They ran down a long corridor and Kia could still hear the swords clashing and the screaming coming from behind them. She tried to block it out and focus on what she was supposed to do.

Cal suddenly stopped causing Kia to run into him. He looked around and then turned to Kia with a very serious face.

“Kia there is more knights coming, too many. You need to go as fast as you can and don’t hesitate when you get to the king, am I clear?” Kia nodded, still afraid her voice would show her fear. “Good. Now run, I will fight them off. Go, now go!” He shouted as around six knights rounded the corner.

Kia did as she was told and ran with only one thought replaying its self in her head, kill the king and Keyairun will be safe.

Before she knew it she was at the Kings chambers, and surprised to find it was not guarded. She reached out and opened the door then stepped inside.

There was a man looking out of the window in the corner of the room. He was tall and had short brown hair. Kia could tell he was a strong man as he was muscular. He was wearing his armour and as he turned around Kia guessed he was in his early thirties. She also saw his piercingly blue eyes with dark rings underneath.

He looked Kia up and down before he opened his mouth to speak. “Hello niece, I was wondering when you’d come.” His voice was deep and harsh like he had a sore throat.

Kia didn’t speak she just held her sword tighter and raised it a bit.

The king laughed and walked towards her but stopped about five feet from her so he was just out of her reach but she could still hit him with her sword is she wanted to.

He drew his sword and held it towards Kia’s chest. “So you think you can beat me with an enchanted sword?”

Kia stayed still and tried to hide her shock. How did he know that I enchanted the sword? She thought.

“I know because I can sense it just as you can sense my magic.”

Kia had had enough of the talking. The quicker she killed him, the quicker she could see her brother. She swung for him but he blocked her blow and used his sword to push her back. She was only just able to duck out of the way of his aim for her throat and then again for her chest. She ducked and swung for his legs but he stepped back and as she stood up he caught her shoulder with is sword and caused her to scream.


Lee and Kaylynn had successfully got Kia’s brother out of castle grounds and into a clearing in the forest that Cal had said they were to meet up.

Kia’s brother was awake but in pain from a wound in his side that wasn’t healing properly but looked to be weeks old. He was also skinny and Kaylynn and Lee guess he had been starved.

They laid him down and Kaylynn started to clean his wound and bandage it when she notice Lee pick his sword up and start walking fast beck to the castle.

“Where are you going?”

Lee didn’t turn around he just shouted over his shoulder. “To help them, they should have been here by now, I won’t be long!” And then he was gone.

He started to run when he got nearer but as he entered the castle and was about to head to where the others were fighting he heard a girl scream.

“Kia.” He whispered as his eyes went wide and he shot off in the other direction.

He ran into the kings room without a second thought and saw Kia holding her right arm and backed up to the back wall with no sword. The king was moving closer to her and Lee knew he had to think fast so he ran to the king and swung for him but the king turned and pushed Lee to the floor giving Kia enough room to move away from the wall and pick her sword up.

She turned and her face went white as she saw the king’s sword sink into Lee’s stomach cause-sing him to scream in pain. Kia stood in shock and watched as the king pulled his sword out and swing for her. Everything seemed to slow down and Kia scrunched up her face and let out a raw of a scream and plunged her sword into the king’s chest just as everything started moving at normal speed.

She watched as the king dropped dead to the floor, and when she was sour he wasn’t going to get back up she dropped down next to Lee and placed her hand over his wound willing her magic to raise in her. She felt it rush through her body to his as her hands glowed a bright yellow light and then dimed as Lee opened his eyes.

She pulled her hands back and the wound was gone without a trace. She looked into his eyes and smiled when she saw him smiling. It was done, she had killed the king and now her brother could take his place on the thrown. As she thought of her brother she remembered Lee was supposed to have got him out of here with Kaylynn.

“Where’s Keyairun?” She asked in a panic.

Lee sat up. “He’s fine. Kaylynn is with him in the clearing. I knew you could do it.”

Kia then remembered her arm and placed her and over it and did the same thing she had done with Lee’s wound.

“That’s a handy trick. Come on lets go.” Lee smiled.

They walked through the castle and out into the courtyard where they found the others and to their surprise Kaylynn and Keyairun.

Kia’s smile grew when she saw her brother and she ran to him and squeezed him in her arms causing him to wince in pain.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, but didn’t need an answer as she saw his bandaged wound. She repeated the spell she had used on herself and Lee and healed her brother.

“I’ve missed you.” He said as he hugged Kia again.

Kia hugged him back and buried her face in his chest. As she pulled back she was surprised to see everyone, even the knights who had been fighting against them, kneel down and bow.

“Long live king Keyairun and princess Kia” They all repeated the sentence three times and when they finished Kia saw an old man walking to her brother and her with something shiny in his hand and it wasn’t until he got closer that she saw it was a crown.

He placed the crown on her brother’s head and bowed.

Kia felt funny to see people bowing in front of her and hearing them call her princess but she was happy to have her brother back.


It had been three years since Keyairun had become king. Kia’s mother had been escorted to the castle by Cal and Kaylynn in the first week, and Cal had been made court adviser. Kia had told her brother about how they had helped her so he made sour they were all looked after. Kaylynn became the first girl knight at the castle. Kia’s brother had also made Benjamin, Peter, Taylor and Lee knights. Kia and Lee had got married when she was seventeen.

But the story doesn’t end there.

By Libby Gardiner.

© Copyright 2018 Libby Gardiner. All rights reserved.

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