Libertarian Realism: Part 1

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A summary of libertarian policies on immigration and foreign policy in the Middle East, specifically related to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Submitted: November 20, 2015

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Submitted: November 20, 2015



Libertarian Realism: Part 1

Immigration and foreign policy in the face of Islam

Libertarians stand on in the belief that Individual liberty/sovereignty should be maximized and government should be minimized. The exact amount of power that the government should hold can be debated, but when making up our minds about where that point is, it is important that we look at facts, history, context, and reason.  Though Libertarians usually oppose neo-conservatism and empire building abroad, it is important for Libertarians to understand that there are some incompatibilities with the demands and goals of tens of millions (if not a few hundred million) of followers of Islam. For example, 78% of French Muslims believe that the Charlie Hebo cartoon creators should be prosecute, an over 60% of Muslims in the United Kingdom believe the legal system should change to one of an Islamic Theocracy. Given the trends in immigration and fertility, recent clashes and increases in crime, and global geopolitical events, Libertarians need to realize that the definition of "limited" needs to reanalyzed in respect towards a few policies. I will not argue for unlimited warfare, a police state rounding up Muslims, or closed borders, but instead, for rational policy that allows for immigration/trade, liberty, and security. This essay is more aimed at convincing the purists that context matters, and though libertarian policies still work best, simply claiming all critics of immigration and Islam is racist is counterproductive and false. Discussing how libertarian polices are the best at dealing with immigration and Radical Islam will be more productive and more realistic given the modern global economy and society.

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Second amendment and private sponsorship, but no welfare (don't subsidize individuals that hate Secular Values and support theocracy/sexism to have more kids!)

Libertarians are inherently pro choice. If a family or individual wants to bring over a refugee, house them, cloth them, and help them integrate into American or Western Society, that is a great thing! If some of these refugees are members of ISIS, the second amendment serves as a safety net, limiting the amount of innocent civilians killed in an attack (though not deterring all attacks or saving all lives). As long as the refugees are privately sponsored/funded, refugees are not publically subsidized, and we as individuals are allowed to defend ourselves with the second amendment, there is nothing wrong with this. Most of the refugees are not sympathetic to Islamo-fascist thought, and simply want to escape a country torn region (partially our fault!). The Islamo-fascists that want to get into the United States will always find a way, even in a police state. Keeping refugees out will only lead to more hatred and Islamo-fascism. It is important that immigrants are kept off of welfare and libertarians strongly oppose any “public” funding

Iran: Free Trade

Free trade raises the average standard of living for all countries involved, and also forces governments on average to become more economically free in order to remain competitive. Higher standards of living on average generate more social freedom and political freedom in the long run as well. The long term key to defusing authoritarian governments, religious or secular, is free trade. Trading with Iran will in the long run, lead to the empowerment of their people to demand change and to force change. So far, China has been the only major exception to this rule in resisting political change, and on paper, given the size of its population; China is still a lower middle class country. The Iranian populace is a major potential ally against Islamo-fascism. Its own government has been corrupted by fascist elements, though to a greater extent than our own government.

No more Intervention or nation building unless we are willing to go in full force.

The last time nation building was successful at replacing fascist/totalitarian regimes with secular, democratic governments was World War Two, with Japan and Germany being the examples. Also, a military presence has remained in both countries for the past several decades. Any war with a foreign power must be full force and we must be willing with allies to keep a presence for decades. In the international global economy, no rational nation state will be willing to do this. However, rogue organizations and states, such as ISIS and Islamo-fascist are not rational actors. Dealing with non-nation-state actors is problematic and requires working with the nation-states in these regions. Perhaps as a last resort, having private contractors or Special Forces bring an individual to justice is the most realistic approach. Drones tend to create more sympathies for Islamo-fascism than they kill, making drone strikes counterproductive. Assuming the nation-state where the individual is staying refuses to corporate, using a bounty to bring the individual alive to the United States for trial would be the most realistic and cost effective program given the Federal Governments responsibility to protect the individuals of the United States from criminals, which means apprehending criminals to prevent them from committing future violent crimes against individuals in the United States.


Libertarian policies do work, but it is important that Libertarians keep in mind context and realize that much libertarian policy relies on the fact we have the second amendment (safety net against violent individuals). It is also important to realize that though our foreign policy does make the issue of Islamo-fascism more problematic, Islamo-fascism will exist with or without our interventions and nation building. Thus, looking at the root causes and applying libertarian solutions (no foreign aid to authoritarian states or theocratic states, free trade with all, etc) will be what works in the big picture. In case of specific attacks, working with the local governments and as a last resort, issuing a bounty with a few stigmas (no civilian causalities, brought back alive for trial, etc) will be more effective at bringing these individuals to Justice and preventing more Islamo-fascists from arising will be more

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