The Difference

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
The sequel to "My Friend Mary"
Mary's point of view
Some topics may be sensitive to some viewers such as: abuse, strange sightings, etc.

Submitted: April 01, 2016

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Submitted: April 01, 2016



Mary woke up and was greeted by a warm ray of sunlight flooding into the closet she called a room, her mother was out so she became distraught when she didn’t hear her mother’s sweet and calming voice saying “Good-morning”. Dane, Mary’s father, burst through the door of the closet cursing profanities at Mary, telling her to go out to the field and be more useful. So Mary did as she was told, she made herself useful by tending to her garden of white and red roses. Mary is a very good gardener, she takes pride in her roses, but they are slowly dying only a few red roses and one white rose remains completely alive in her tiny little garden. Mary walked back to the small cottage where she lived with her flowers tucked into her apron which lay over her white gown that was now stained with mud from the Garden. As Mary walked back home she could hear her mother and her father bickering about Mary’s “difference” from the other girls in the village. Mary heard a loud scream from the house and dropped her flowers, she ran back to her garden and hid in a ditch behind it. Mary could hear her heart thumping in her chest when someone was running through the fields, her mother threw herself into the ditch with Mary. Mary could see that her mother had been crying, Mary’s mother ran over to her and picked her up and carried her back home. The carriage and horse were missing from the gravel path in front of the house, when Mary entered the house it was still and silent she could feel the eeriness of the house and become washed over with fear.


Later Mary’s father came home, Mary was in her bed and heard the creaking of the floorboards as he slowly walked toward her room. Mary buried her face into her pillow trying to make it seem she was asleep, she was unsuccessful in doing so and her father grabbed her by her hair, Mary screeched in pain and her mother came running from her bed and started yelling at Mary’s father. In all the commotion Dane let go of Mary’s raven-black hair. Mary ran, she ran to the small garden and cowered in the roses trying her best to dodge the sharp thorns. Mary looked around and spotted a piece of a broken mirror lying on the ground. Mary crawled up to it and snatched it up holding it to her chest and hopping back into the hole she created in the roses.

Mary’s mother limped over to the rose bushes and sat at the end of them waiting for Mary to come out. Mary’s mother had blood coming from her nose and mouth and was bruised all over. After a long quiet moment Mary came out and dropped the mirror piece and ran to her mother hugging her tightly, Mary’s mother hugged her back, sobbing.


Dane was gone… All was silent… Everything was still… Quiet... Soft whimpers in the dark… The sweet smell of roses in the air… And then light… A friend sitting near Mary’s bare feet, the whimpering was her, that child… She looked as if she was made of light and fog with long hair and a nightgown that fell all the way to her feet, covering them. Mary recognized her instantly, Grace, Mary’s friend who helped her with the flower garden. Mary sat up slowly as to not frighten her shy friend “Grace..? Friend, why are you here..?” Mary whispered into the dark, still scared she would frighten Grace. Mary called out once more “Grace, why are you here?” Grace slowly turned to Mary and smiled softly, Grace was so beautiful, “Mary!” Grace’s voice was soft and squeaky due to her being only around four or five years of age, yes, she is a ghost, she is dead, Mary can see her, Mary is different.


 “Grace! I’m going to find you!” Mary giggled and she searched for her friend, “Noooo!” Grace giggle and tried her best to hold her breath. Mary jumped out from the side of the cottage yelling “Boo!” Grace screamed and hit her head on the wall, she slid down the wall and sat in the dirt whimpering and on the edge of tears. Mary covered her mouth in shock and plopped onto her knees trying to comfort Grace. “Grace! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” Grace was now crying uncontrollably, Mary failing to comfort her. Grace screamed, and with a light flash of white light, she was was gone. Dane watched from the upper level window as Mary ran from the side of the cottage to the inside calling for her mother. “Ally! Your daughter wants you!” Dane called out to his wife, still looking out the window. As Mary ran up the stairs to her mother’s room Dane glanced behind him, watching as Mary ran into the room panting “W-Where is m-mother..?” Dane looked back at the window “Probably went to town. Why?” His voice was stern and the question sounded more like an order “Grace got hurt I need mother to help me find her! Grace ran off I need to find her!” Dane frowned as her turned to face Mary who was in the doorway, tears in her eyes. “Grace? Who is Grace!?” Dane folded his arms across his chest “What did I tell you about going to the village!? You are forbidden to go there! You know this!” Mary looked up at her father with wide, teary eyes “I didn’t father, I swear! Grace lives in the shed, that is her home, I swear I didn’t I go to the village!” Dane stomped his foot and Mary cowered, whimpering under shaggy breaths, “To your room! Now!” Mary scampered out of the room yelling for her mother again.


Ally walked into the house with a large crate of fruit and sorrow filled eyes. She set the crate down inside the door and slowly pushed the ajar door closed. Mary ran over to her mother with open arms and a big grin, but Ally didn’t respond. Mary stopped, no longer smiling, she tilted her head in confusion. Ally pushed passed Mary and sadly walked into her room, plopping herself onto the bed, she fell asleep. Mary walked over to the crate of fruit and looked through it, picking out a few apples and berries, she tucked them in her apron and walked back outside. Mary walked over to her garden which was now blooming brightly with the roses, she sat in the grass, munching on an apple and hopping Grace would appear before dark. As Mary was just finishing her apple Grace appeared with a soft flash of light and a wallowed sigh. Grace crawled over to Mary on her hands and knees and sat next to her, putting her hands in her lap. Mary looked over and smiled softly at Grace, picking up a berry and holding it out for her to take. Grace didn’t respond.


To Be Continued...

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