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Mental issues

Submitted: April 19, 2015

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Submitted: April 19, 2015



Sometimes at night I stay awake to keep the voices from interrupting my slumber.

The longer I am awake the more of a chance for peaceful dreams. More then one person is using me as a host, living within the walls of my cranium and living vicariously through me. They are parts of me, they make me me. I have taken to writing in a journal documenting everything I feel and have done. Most days my actions, language or general appearance is affected by my curse all together. My brother Adam whom is older then me takes care of me, as I forget to eat, affecting my health and rendering me borderline anorexic.

It is not a personality disorder you see, medication will not solve this. I do not understand how I am recognised, and noone will tell me. I decided to believe that without knowing I can put some kind of cloak up. I know when I change it is whilst I am asleep. And most times I awake with my bed filled with blood from my bones breaking and reshaping into the next girl. Adam says I have to keep it a secret or they will lock me up, that it is dangerous to tell anyone. Today I am Melody, I am finally me.

Previous days I have been: Samantha: an angry teenager with a need to burn and destroy all I see. Magenta: Quite, shy, a severe cutter. Destiny: Socially out going, lives life to the fullest. As Melody I have long red hair, a cluster of freckles wrapped around my nose, pale skin, bright blue eyes hidden behind large rectangular glasses. My age is approximately twenty-two and a half. I'm small and fragile and because of my eating habits my brother has signed me up for an on going treatment at the hospital. Each day I am driven to the institute to be watched for each meal time. Sometimes if it is that bad I am connected to tubes. Its not that I think I am fat, I know I am not. Some of the other me's have eating disorders. As I cant determine who I will be tomorrow, I don’t know wether I will be bulimic, a binge eater or a regular girl with regular eating patterns. My mother left this trait to me, it skipped Adam all together. But he knows more then he will ever let on

. It is uncommon and those who do show signs of it are locked in an institute and used as lab rats. They say it is a psych ward but I know different. I am more then happy to go to the institute, because I have found someone exactly like me. It fills me with hope, although he can never leave the institute. They think he is mentally insane, I know different. His name is Tobias, sometimes, Skylar, Lynk, or Blaze. Today however he is Tobias, my lovely sensitive Tobias

. I am clumsy and bashful as I find my way to the games room with Adam and Nurse Joy in tow, keeping a close eye on me. Once I am close to Tobias's table they find somewhere to sit to give me a little privacy. I smile he smiles. He is studying his journal, meticulously writing down all he is today so that we can swap our journals at the end of the day. I don’t know how but every change we make, our hearts are still recognisable. I know how corny that sounds believe me. But I swear it is true. We start the day the same as we always do. Introducing ourselves. “Hello I am Melody” I say as I get comfy in the chair next to his. I noticed a few stray hairs in the window behind him and fastidiously correct my appearance. “Nice to meet you Melody I am Lynk” He takes my hand gently and kisses it. I remember him from my journal.

He is devious and enchanting all in one, He hates authority a ands has proved it many times. When I am Samantha I have read passages of what we have done and that scares me. “How long have you been waiting?' I ask smiling timidly. “Not as long as you may think, tell me darling what are you doing tonight?” Sometimes we pretend we have a life outside of these walls.

Though tonight proved different. Lynk has ran away and is at my window.

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