A drunkard who travelled with Wine

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Making sad story is just like wanting to be in pain...

Submitted: March 28, 2009

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Submitted: March 28, 2009



A Drunkard Who Traveled with Wine

This was my past which is now out of time .It relates about my history from the world that was full of mysterious people who treated me as a slave and who ever hated and hurt me for no reason. Yes, it was my history, but in present time this kind of history is still happening, and will exist forever and ever.

I was walking alone along the long the street in a place I was not familiar. I had my old bag on my back that inside were a bottle of water and some pieces of bread. I was traveling as though I were a vendor of sweet candies and cigarettes or like a drunkard that every time was nothing in hand but a bottle of wine.

Yes, that was true. I was a drunkard that traveled anywhere and everywhere in the foolish world I had been jailed. I had no friend or even a single stranger one. That was maybe because I was alone, lonely man, a selfish one. No one ever loved and liked me. I always preferred to be alone because I always felt that every stranger along my path would tease and insult me to believe that I was no use in that and this particular place. People I had seen everywhere were familiar to me, I didn’t have to let myself introduce to them, because they knew already. I ever heard from them, they said that I was getting insane or rather maybe I was just really insane! However, that one thing was no use to me. I didn’t care about them. What they said about me was nothing at all. I was dead already! They killed me already! I did no longer exist, I was no longer living! They were only shadows that faded after sunrise and I was a dried leaf that fell down after the raindrops… It was fair.

I had just lost my family. Family, how possible was it? Maybe I had been dreaming of something that was nothing. I never did know if I had a family, because even I didn’t know what my surname or may name was. So, I called myself a drunkard who traveled with wine of joy and sadness, love and hate and failure and success. I never wished to have a friend, but I did one time, that was maybe when I was in need, when I got sick. But that was the first and last time, I never did again because, I admitted, I was ashamed to live with stranger. I didn’t want anybody to be with me. My wine and my bread and of course my journey to nowhere were all I had ever wanted in my life. I had done everything I needed all by myself. I fed myself with bread and wine in my entire life. Who could help me? No one but of course myself. I was abused in this world and after all I was left behind. Respect, care and love from strangers were just a dream that was difficult to gain. All these things made me happy and satisfied, rich and free and full of grace… but after all, it made me empty.

I was just a loser, a loser of all times. I gained nothing but a bitter whip from those whom I had asked for simple things: help to raise myself up, a little bit of food to kill my hunger and a little bit of water to kill my thirst only for a while; but from those things I had asked from them, they instead spitted  on my face, kicked me at my back, threw me  big stones and rocks, poured me a boiled water, stroke me in any part of my body and after all, left me all alone tasting my own spreading fresh blood. And after all again, the eyes of the flaming sun were teasing me of what I had. It was making my eyes blind and burning my whole body with its intense heat. I didn’t have a way to run, but to stay from the place where I got down and to kiss the brown earth that was full of my own fresh blood. I turned my palm opened, but nothing was left but a fresh blood of mine. So, I kept on crawling until I got the way where I could rest, but again there was a shadow, a big shadow who grabbed the path, maybe, I thought, it came to make my pain not to end. But when I closed my eyes for there were no more ways and hope to find to get out, the kind shadow was gone. It disappeared and never came back. Until, after a little bit of seconds ran, there came raindrops. The dark clouds cried on me. I thought I was indeed in heaven, but I could feel the rest or maybe the last beat of my dying heart, so I kept on breathing. I was such a loser.
I could say what a nightmare experience! Almost they threw me down the hell where a river of fire runs without ending. How silly surprise brought to me, it almost ended my poor life. It almost drowned me over and over until I could not recognize everything and could not open my eyes. What sin I had done? I was just ever a simple young man that only knew was nothing but to drink wine and eat bread and travel to satisfy my world which was never known, and a slave of myself who had nothing but a dead palm which never got a good gift. I was so, so foolish.

I knew, that was maybe must be given to me while taking my journey. It was alright; I could honestly tell that I was not really hurt, as if I was only whipped three or four times without pain in hand. That was good. It made me only drunk with sweet delight. But how could I say so?
Oh yes, I lived in this miserable kind of world without much opportunity to cry out all my feelings and emotions. I had not been given a right and privilege to raise a dream, to dream and to fulfill it. I had not been given a chance to know even my own history of how I came, to where I came from and when I got started to travel. Only one thing I had just taken or had been given tome was how to be a loser, a foolish, a slave and an animal in their eyes and how to treat me, tease me and mock me as insane! All in all, they made me a drunkard! An idiot! A Stupid! And a dead!

This world was so selfish and often it didn’t care about poor people like me as an example. It would treat you a pest in the rice or corn field and later you would be killed. This was just what It had done to me with its good characters or rather evildoers! They would surely make you torn into pieces as what hands could do to poor papers. And I was a victim of that kind of cruelty and ill-treatment from their chain hands! I never had courage to get out from their chain hands to be free, I could not do even to face or speak before them, because as what I had just said before this that I was a slave and a loser man.  

No one heard my voice though I had been traveling for almost my whole life, maybe for only just a simple reason that honestly I never opened my mouth to talk, except that I did eat and drink. I often thought and considered myself a dumb because I could not talk any longer. But why was it that I could taste the bitterness in life I had ever been? All I knew that my tongue was fond with the taste only of bread and alcohol, and no more edible matters. Oh, I nearly forgot, I admitted that I was a slave that had to taste bitterness in life and that was all I had to until I had gone through the hell as what they called the holy place for me I had to be with.
But no, maybe I was wrong, I had made a little lie or rather a little shame to myself denying that I could not talk, but for the truth, I did one time talk. But from that moment I was no alone. I had met someone who had been my friend only that time we met. There was a stranger in this history, in my history. He was kind and gentle man. He was so different from others I had seen and met. He was good and I could say I was lucky. We had a little conversation. He talked to me!

When I was walking alone while at the same time seeing bastard people around my way, I didn’t mind that I was getting closer to a particular place I was not familiar. I never had been there, I could remember. And after I made my last three steps going nearly to the opened gate, I well recognized the place I had been. It was a park! It was good in my sight. It was rich of good different plants with their flowers, small ponds with different colorful fishes, a wide playground that was full of silver and gold gravels and fine dust where poor children had ever been to play, and It had several tall posts that were covered with colorful lights around them. Beside the park was a long river. Old places I had been were so really different from this. And that time I had to go inside because it made interested and fascinated that I could not explain. It really enchanted me to come. It touched my whole soul, and I thought, it came suddenly in my mind a way to go out from this world, a way next to my new land where I could stay free forever.  


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