I am Me an artistic individual

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A simple poem that I did while bored in class one day. ^.^

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



I am an artistic individual.

I wonder what places I'll get to see.

I hear butterfly wings beat in rapid successions.

I see angular shadows where they do not belong.

I want to feel my firstborn child heartbeat.

I am an artistic individual.

I pretend I know someone elses story.

I feel the suns caress on my soul leaving a footprint.

I touch the sunset seeing every color imaginable.

I wonder whether the man of my imagination is out there somewhere.

I cry out every time our eternal clock gets closer to our predestined death.

I am an artistic individual.

I understand peoples fear of pain.

I dream about soaring in the clouds an eternal haven.

I try to understand the vulnerablecomplication of a child's mind.

I hope everyone stays by my side in a time of need.

I am an artistic individual.

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