Andy's Closure

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Andy met his first love, Vicky. Was she his soul mate?
I included an alternate ending for this story.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



"Finally," Andy thought. He just arrived at the China airport. It's been 3 years since he went there last time. His friends should come picking him up and they would drive to their hometown. He looked around. "Yo!! Andy!!" Andy saw two of his friends, Tony and Andrew, waving their hands like crazy. Andy smiled and walked toward them. "Hey-hey..what's up, man?" Andy shook their hands. Tony said,"You're chubby, now!" Andy hit his shoulder, "Shut up!" They laughed. They walked to Tony's car still laughing and talking.

Andy was at a grocery store looking around. Andy and his friends were stopping by there to get some stuff for their outing in the weekend. “Andy?” Andy turned his head. “Hi, Vicky, how are you?” Andy smiled and hugged Vicky. Vicky was just like he used to remember. She was still the same petite girl with long black hair and nice smile. The only difference was she looked more mature than the last time he saw her 10 years ago.

“I’m good,” Vicky smiled. “How about you?” she asked back. Andy opened his arms and laughed. “What do you think?” They laughed. “I heard that you’re getting married. Congratulations!” Andy said. “Thanks,” Vicky smiled shyly. “Who’s the lucky guy? Do I know him?”

Vicky shook her head. “Warren is from out of town. How long will you be here?”

“Until the 27th

Vicky took a piece of paper and wrote something on it. She handed it to Andy. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you will be around. Here’s my wedding invitation. I really hope you can make it,”

Andy took the paper from her. He glanced at it and smiled. “I won’t miss it for a thing”

Vicky smiled. “I have to go. Warren is waiting outside.”

Andy nodded. “Take care..”

“You too..”

Andy saw her leaving the store.

“Do you still like her?” Andy jumped when he heard Andrew’s question. “Damn it, scared me..”

Andrew and Tony laughed. “You just brought him back from 10 years ago..” Tony said to Andrew, teasing Andy.

“Are you guys done?” Andy ignored their teases.

“Are you?” Tony teased him.

“Shut up…let’s go..” Andy walked away. His friends followed him still laughing at him.

That night Andy was lying in his bed while staring at Vicky’s invitation. It brought back nice memories about them. They used to hang out together. They were best friends and they just started dating when Andy had to leave to America. They tried to stay in touch for some time. But later they were busy with their high school lives. After a while, they just stopped talking.

He couldn’t deny that she was his first love. Andy thought that he still liked her. He remembered his friend back in US who told him that he should meet her when he’s in China. Maybe she’s his soul mate, his friend said.

Andy thought what if Chris was right? He threw the invitation to his desk and took a pillow. “Damn you, Chris,” He covered his face with his pillow and tried to sleep.

A week after their meeting, Andy already forgot about how he felt for Vicky. One day Andy and his friends were having lunch in his favorite restaurant when he saw Vicky coming through the door with Warren. Warren was a good looking guy but he looked unhappy. He complained about something to Vicky. Vicky didn’t seem happy either. When their eyes met, Andy smiled to Vicky. Vicky smiled back. Warren looked at both of them and he seemed more upset.

“They’re always like that,” Tony whispered to Andy. “Hm? What do you mean?” asked Andy. “Warren always complained about everything to Vicky in front of everybody. Wendy told us that he doesn’t like Vicky to hang out with us. They argued every time Warren saw Vicky with us. That’s why we don’t hang out with Vicky anymore. As much as we hate Warren, we respect her choice to be with him.” Wendy was Vicky’s best friend who used to hang out with Andy too.

“Vicky told me that Warren is not from here. Do you know how they met?” Andy asked with curiosity.

“Their moms went to the same college or something. They thought Vicky and him would make a nice couple.” Tony explained it to Andy.

“So it’s like an arranged marriage?” asked Andy surprised with what he heard.

Tony nodded.

“Is she happy with him?” Andy asked softly more to himself than to Tony.

“Wendy said she is..but who knows?” Tony whispered.

Andy watched Vicky and Warren who sat not too far from them. He can hear Warren complaining about something.

“It’s a simple thing, can’t you figure it out?” Warren asked Vicky.

Andy who heard Warren’s complaint couldn’t stand it anymore. He stood up. Tony touched his arm, “Andy..” he whispered. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything stupid,” he told Tony. He walked to their table.

“Hi,” he said when he got to Vicky’s seat. Vicky looked surprised. She didn’t realize that Andy would stop by at their table. Since she went out with Warren, she noticed that her friends always tried to avoid her when Warren was around and she understood why.

“I believe we haven’t met,” Andy offered his hand to Warren. Warren shook his hand.

“My name’s Andy. Vicky and I used to hang out together. Well, as a matter of fact, all of us used to hang out together,” Andy pointed to his table where his friends were sitting.

Andy pulled a chair and sat next to Warren. Sitting next to each other, Vicky can see that Andy was much bigger and taller than Warren.

“You see, Vicky was a very popular girl. Well, she still is,” Andy smiled to Vicky. She was blushing. Warren was going to say something but Andy didn’t give him a chance. “You are a very lucky guy, Warren. Frankly, I can’t see what she sees in you. You must have something that we don’t have…” Andy paused. “Anyway, I’d like to congratulate you on your wedding. Please take care of our girl. It’s a small town here. We know where to find you if you hurt her,” Andy looked at Warren straight to his eyes. Warren can feel how cold Andy’s look was.

Andy laughed. “Just kidding, Warren.. welcome to our hometown..I’ll see you guys in your wedding next week,” Andy shook Warren’s hand and stood up. He patted Vicky’s shoulder when he passed her. Vicky smiled and Andy knew from her look that she thanked him. He nodded and went back to his table.

His friends welcome him with big smiles on their faces. Andy continued eating. He can see that Vicky and Warren ate in silence now.

He didn’t regret what he just did. He knew now that he still had feelings for Vicky and wanted to protect her. He was telling Warren the truth when he told him that he can’t see what Vicky saw in him. He was whiny and he was disrespectful to Vicky. He really wanted to teach him a lesson. But as Tony said, he should respect Vicky’s choice.

A day before Vicky’s wedding, Andy was looking for a present for her. He went to a mall by himself. He was debating which bracelet he should choose when he saw Vicky passing by the jewelry store he was in. He put down both bracelets and went after her.

“Vicky..” he called.

Vicky stopped and turned around. She smiled when she saw Andy.

“We should stop seeing each other like this,” Andy said. Vicky laughed.

“How are you?” Andy asked her gently.

“I’m know, for tomorrow..” Vicky answered quietly.

“I see..can we talk?” Andy asked.

Vicky looked hesitant. “ Warren waiting for you outside?” Andy asked her teasing.

Vicky laughed. She shook her head. “No, it’s just I’m so busy..but I think I can take a break for a minute,” Vicky finally said.

“Let’s get something to eat over there,” Andy pointed to a small café.

Vicky nodded and they walked together to the café.

After they ordered their drinks, they sat in silence.

“How are you, Vicky?” Andy asked.

Vicky chuckled. “I thought you asked that question already..I’m busy..”

Andy laughed.

He cleared his throat and said,”I mean, how are you with Warren? Is he nice to you?”

Vicky smiled. “Of course he’s nice to me..he’ll be my husband tomorrow..”

“That’s not what I saw last time...” Andy snapped. “I’m sorry, I just can’t stand him treating you like that,” Andy apologized.

“Warren is just as stressful as I am for our wedding...Don’t worry, everything is fine...” Vicky smiled.

Andy sighed.

“Are you happy with him?” finally he blurted out that question. Vicky smiled and said,”I am...”

That wasn’t what Andy wanted to hear. But what if she said she wasn’t happy. Would he force her to cancel her wedding? And then what? He scolded himself for expecting a different answer from Vicky. There were a lot of questions in his head. Most of them were to confirm if she was telling the truth. He tried really hard not to ask those questions.

Andy looked into Vicky’s eyes. He tried to find the truth there. Her eyes were sincere when she said she was happy. So he took a deep breath. He smiled and said,”I wish you a happily ever after with Warren, that lucky guy..” Vicky laughed.

“I’m sorry…I have to go..I still have a lot of things to do for tomorrow,” Vicky said.

Andy stood up. “Of course, I understand.” He walked her out from the café. “Alright then..I’ll see you tomorrow?” Vicky asked.

“Yes, I’ll be there…” Andy said.

“OK..bye now..”


Andy kept watching Vicky as she walked away.

Suddenly Vicky stopped and turned around. She walked toward Andy and hugged him. Andy hugged her back.

“Your girlfriend is a very lucky girl,” she said as she let him go.

Andy held her hand and smiled.

Vicky kissed him on his cheek then she said, “Take care, Andy...”

“You too, Vicky…”

This time Vicky walked away without looking back.


Andy sat down on his seat in the plane that would bring him back to the US. He took out Vicky’s invitation from his pocket. As he read her handwriting, he remembered how her wedding party went. It was a very big party. Almost everybody from their hometown showed up. Vicky and Warren were busy accepting wishes from their guests. But they didn’t look tired. They kept smiling and sometimes laughing with the guests. Once a while, Vicky tucked her loose hair behind her ear. Andy knew that habit since she was younger. One time when Vicky and Warren had a chance to sit down, Andy’s eyes met with hers. She smiled at him. Then she whispered to Warren. Warren looked at Andy and lifted his wine glass. Andy lifted his glass too. Warren mouthed ‘Thank you’ to him.

“You’re welcome,” Andy whispered. Warren sipped his wine then kissed Vicky’s cheek.

“I’ll take care of her,” Warren mouthed his words again.

Andy smiled and said,”Thank you,” then he sipped his wine.

Andy folded the invitation and put it back to his pocket. He was glad that he met Vicky. Maybe this would be a closure for them since they never said goodbye before. He closed his eyes and he smiled.


Alternate Ending:

Andy looked around him. He was waiting in line to get inside the airplane that would bring him back to the US. He wondered when he would come back to China. He heard some noises outside the gate. It seemed that somebody was trying to get  inside without a boarding pass. "but i really need to get in..."
Andy thought he must be crazy because he was hearing Vicky's voice. But he turned his head to see.
It was Vicky in her wedding gown! She looked like that she just had been running. Her hair looked messy.
"Andy!" Vicky shouted his name.
Andy went to the gate to see her. "what are you doing here?" Andy asked Vicky as soon as he reached her.
"I need to tell you something.." Vicky said.
"What is it?"
Instead of saying something, Vicky hugged Andy tightly. She buried her face in Andy's chest. Andy hugged her back.

After a while Vicky looked up and said, "I need you...i've been deceiving myself all this time..i'm never able forgetting you.."
Andy smiled. He kissed Vicky gently and hugged her tightly.


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