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this is a short story on a girl who is a gem of a person by heart but is rejected by everybody whom she comes across be it her friends or her own family for that matter. she doesn't have pretty features and is her goodness is denied.

Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



  There was a girl who was not all pretty but was a person who had a very loving heart. She helped people within her capacity but she was always rejected by everybody. Nobody appreciated anything she ever did. They told her she wasnt good enough to be part of them. She didnt have anybody to sit with during school hours. Her very own mother gave her to do all the work of the house. She not saying a word used to do everything. 

  She had a pretty sister of the same age. People loved being her sister's friend. Looking at the difference that people made between the two she felt even deppresed and frustrated. This young not knowing the meaning of to be loved by someone was totally broken and shattered. She always helped out in whatever way she could but yet people didnt think her good enough to be friends with. 

  She was going through that phase of her life where she was rejected, abandoned, ignored, hated and so much more. She could not take any of it any longer. she was completly broken and had completly lost hope. For her friends and family meant so much that the whole idea of her being so badly rejected could not be accepted by her at all. 

  One morning while getting dressed for school, she looked at the mirror and said, "why God, why did you create me this way? why did you make so ugly that even though whatever i do i am still not good enough for anyone? I dont have any reason to live. Its like living without life. It hurts me so much i cannot take this."

  She took a chair that was nearby and broke the mirror with it. The pieces of broken glass scattered all around. She without a single thought picked up a piece of broken glass and made all possible ugly looking cuts on her face and hands. This poor little girl laid dead in the sea of her own blood. 

  Her sister came to tell her that they would miss the bus if she took any longer. But, she was shocked to see the sight of what had happened and screamed so loud that her mother came rushing. They were so shocked to see what was written on the wall with her blood. it said, " AM I GOOD ENOUGH NOW ".

she thought by doing this she would be good enough to fit in with the people she loved. 

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