Don't give up on yourself . There will be a time when all the horror in your life will be over and you will shine like a star. But don't wait for it,work for it. You never know the perfect moment may pass by and you might not even know.

I wanted to write for a really long-time, there was always an excuse. You know those crappy excuses that we all just allow ourself to hold back from and not 'try' . There will always be something that will hold us back from something, as if we just aren't good enough for it.Not thinking that none of us are perfect,not thinking that what is the worst that could happen,we fail? Well we all fail at some point or on another,in sometihng, WE ALL FAIL.My point here is, you don't have to be the 'best' in everything, you are who you are,and noone else can take your identity other then you,yourself . Surely perfection in who we are is what we should seek for, but at the end if you don't succeed, don't give up . Remember this is only the beginning,get up and try harder . 

Take me for example writting here is my first time, this evening Iset up the account and just stared at plain blank white screen for hours, with a vertical bar  that kept blinking at me. As if it was waiting for me to write something. As if it was waiting for me to just give it all out. Its not that I had no clue what to say, i've always had some crazy ideas in my mind of what I was going to write if I ever intend to, but in reality when I got a chance i panicked and just went blank. Like a new borns mind,empty. So I gived up and went on youtube I ended up watching Ellen Degenerees videos somehow,like I've always done in the past.But this time it was different,this I went back and started to write the first thing that came to my mind,not caring how good or perfect it is or have to be. Ever felt like that before? Ever felt like, there were words right on the tip of your tounge and all you had to do was just let it all out, but right when they are about to escape your mouth you just hold them back. Something just holds you back. As if there is a force that is holding you back from letting all that pile out that have been building on your mind. Do you ever go to bed at night and right before going to sleep you think about your day and somehow you end up regretting and thinking to yourself I should have said it to them. I should had just let it all out. Next time, DO IT! It dosen't matter if its your girlfriend who cheated on you,stop saying 'its fine' and tell her how you really feel. If you want to be a dancer and your parents don't agree? Then work your ass off and be a world class dancer. If you want to be a teacher then tell your teacher you want to help out and start mentoring other kids,you never know you can end up being a University professor.


In conclusion,don't hold yourself back from anything,you get opportunities? Take them. You don't get them? Look for them. This is your time.There is no bigger fear then the fear when we wrap ourselves in our own insecurity. That is when we give up on everything ,without even trying. You got something in your mind? Say it,just not in a way that it might hurt someone else's feelings, although if they are hurting you then SAY IT. If someone's bullying you then ask them to stop. If they don't then take action against them,tell your family, your friends,your teachers.You only have one life to live and you don't want to waste your tears over someone who's not even worth it. If you are about to start something new? Then don't think about it too much,just go with the flow. If its meant to be yours then no matter what happens,you will get it! And lastly if things aren't going right then don't give up,work harder.Their will be your time. The time when you will shine.


Submitted: January 24, 2015

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