Islam is the only relegion

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How i knew islam was the right relegion .....

Submitted: July 30, 2011

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Submitted: July 30, 2011



I  allways wondered about christianaty ?? why and how it could be true ?well i think you realy want to hear the truth well here it is :

God is great ,god is almighty god is everything we re not ,he is most paworful and god created humans, within his creations there were prophets to make the relegion known to

pepeol  .and between these prophets there was jesuse now ask your self hes just another human creation but a prophet and you all know what a prophet is ....oh well i wanna know how on earth can pepeol think he is the son of god ??? why would god want a son or need him for God he is everything  ,he rules all, and evernt worse pepeol think jesuse is a  second god why on earth would we need a second god ,for god created us with mindes to think soo wheres the thinking pepeol???

God has no wife no family no kids  he is the only one and all and mohamed is one of the massengers and the last one ,,,So why pray to jesuse and some freakesh 3erd spiritual god wich i think is akward,why not pray to god the right  way for after all we return to him not jesuse!??its true that in the quran wich is the islmic holy book ,in the Quran Allah (wich meens God)mentions the bibel (christin's book) and the torah(jews book) but in the time of the prophets the books were all correct all right like the quran they were the truth , but now day as the generation changes pepeol acctualy change the holy books bibel and the torah they acctualy change the beleifes of mankinde ! how wierd!could you beleive a man try to change the quran and they fund him burnt days after he wrote the book ! ALL we need is allah and islam the only relegion that was oringinly there befor you and i were born so wahy pray to a man that breathes ,lives,moves,talks like us why pray to him whene allah god is there for us whene he created the HOLE earth !!!!!!???

Ask you self pepeol ?? just ask your self ....

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