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An Intersting story about two teenagers.

“Keeping it Mello”
Ganslyville High School is just like every other high school in America. We have the Nerds and Dweebs, the jocks and jerks, the grunge and punk kids, the “normies”, and then there is me, Sixteen year old high school senior, Randi Monselo. Now looking at me you may think I am just your average teenage girl, but if you are anyone from Ganslyville High you know I am the “Mello Fellow.”
I acquired this nick-name my freshman year. Two jocks walked up to me the second week of my “addiction.” So now before I go on to the nick-name story I have to explain my problem. You see, ever since my second week as a freshman I have been constantly drinking the soda we know as Mello Yellow. Do not ask me why, just one day I decided, “Gee whiz, I could go for something to drink,” I guess. Mello Yellow was just my drink of choice.
So anyway, back to the jock story. Well it is not much of a story; It just played out a little something like this.
“Hey, dude. Look at that weird chick over there!” one jock said
“Cha, what about her?” he other one said
“Like, you know how she like, totally has a thing for Mello Yellow ‘er whatever?”
“Ya. Like what about it?”
“I totally just made up a name to call her!”
“Ok, what is it?”
“Jus’ come ‘ere’
So they walk over to me and say, “Hey, weird girl! Guess what your new name is?” the first jock said
“Cha like totally dudes,” I said making fun of them, “Like what is it this time? At least make it something that has to at least do with me, instead of something like “swamp kingdom princess” or “Doorbell Dancer” because neither of those make any sense what-so-ever! Oh, but as you were saying.” I said.
“What? Like those totally make sense…a little…, but anyway your new name is Mello Fellow! Ka Ha isn’t that funny?” the jock said, playfully hitting his friend.
“Cha man you got her good!”
“Yeah guys, you are pretty cool. I wish I could make up terrible nick-names as good as you.” I said to them sarcastically.
“Uhhh…yeah! Later, Mello Fellow!”
And that how the stupid nick name came about.
My days at Ganslyville High are pretty boring for the most part. I walk in, in the morning through the main lobby entrance with a 12-pack of Mello, make my way down the tacky, green and red tiled hallway. I drop the drinks in front of my locker, open the locker, put the box of Mello in my locker, grab one, get my stuff for the day, and then make my way to first period.
Some days the jocks purposely knock the books out of my hands, so I have to casually pick them up and just continue on to class. When they do that I usually just picture them as little starving hyenas, cackling like the animals they are. Then a group of African poachers has to come through to cut off there heads and mount tem above a fireplace. That’s one of the less violent ones of course.
So anyways, after 1st I move on back down the tawdry halls to my second period. My teacher, Mr. Tasher, is probably one of the coolest guys you will ever meet, as far as teachers go that is. We do absolutely nothing in this class, he just gives us all A’s. It is pretty sweet. Not to mention, I have like a bunch of friends in there.
Third and Fourth periods are both boring. Third is just Math, and fourth is Bio-Chem. I never got why we had to take biology or any of those stupid classes anyway. I mean it’s not like I’m gonna use them. Like one day did some guy wake up and say, “Hey, I’m going to make teens lives even more miserable by making them take a useless class, unless of course they want o become a biochemist, or something.”’ Because seriously no one cares.
Fifth period is my lunch period. It is more like a blessed period if you ask me. You know why? Archie Turner, that is why. He may be one of the most graceful, beautiful, and rare beings of this earth. I sit at his table sometimes. I make sure to sit on the opposite side from him so I can se him. Sometimes he looks over at me, It is awesome!
I talked to him a couple times; we have a lot in common. He like is totally obsessed with the Star Wars movies and action figures. I told him I was, but really I was lost in his dark brown eyes. Oh my gosh, hold on! Here he comes!
“Hey, Randi. How, How’s it going?” he said nervously.
“Hey, Archie. I’m pretty uhh, pretty good I must say.” I replied
“Cool, yeah, super. I was like, ya know, wondering if maybe I could sit down and eat lunch with you?” he asked.
“Oh, yeah totally. That would be cool. Yeah, lemme’ just move down a little.”
“Cool, awesome. Thanks.” Said Archie
“Yeah so what’s up?”
“Nothing. I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to come to the arcade with me this Saturday.”
Dude, oh my god! He just totally asked me out! Ok Randi, get a hold of yourself, play it cool.
“yeah, totally. That would be wicked.”
Yes! Good job Randi. And you did not have like total diarrhea of the mouth.
“Really? Oh awesome. This is super. Ok well I will see ya Saturday then.” said Archie.
“Yeah cool. See ya. Oh Wait!”
“What time should I come or whatever?”
“Oh right, like probably around noonish. Well of that’s good for you or whatever.” he said
“Oh yeah, perfect! Sweet, ok see ya.”
At that moment the bell rang for sixth period. I got up to empty my Invader Zim lunch box, my heart still pounding in my chest.
On my way to seventh period one of the jocks came up to me and looked like he was going to knock the books from my hands. When he lifted his hand to hit them I got the kick of the Mello Yellow sugar rush and moved my books in the knick of time. He swung downward as hard as he could; missing my books and plummeting straight to the ground.
I could not help but laugh. It was way too funny to pass up. Everyone in the hall was pointing and laughing at him for once. It was pretty awesome.
So when I entered seventh period I opened my book to the story we had begun reading previously. It is probably one of the stupidest stories, I personally, have ever heard of. Get ready for this one, it is called “The Iron Jawed Man of the Sea.” Yeah, told you it sounded stupid.
When eighth period finally rolled around, I got I got butterflies really bad. Archie had come to Mrs. Rutherwell’s class for the day because he missed the notes from having gone on a field trip the day before.
 He looked so cute in his little argyle sweater. It was red and khaki, beautifully matching his khaki pants and brown loafers. His dark blonde hair swished back and forth as he looked from his paper to the note sheet.
He looked over at me and smiled real wide. I smiled back without even thinking. I smile every time I see him.
I also realized today was Friday meaning tomorrow is the day we go to the arcade. Yay!
So school ended and I drove myself home. I have a two-door Honda. I’m not sure what make it is though. The guy we bought it from didn’t know either. He just kind of gave it to us. I guess the little name thing on the back fell off or something.
Anyways, when I got home I walked in and told my mom about what I was doing tomorrow. I did not bother to tell her who I was going with I just told her I was going to the arcade.
So I went upstairs to my room and got out what I wanted to wear for the arcade. I just picked out something like I would wear to school. After all, why dress up? He asked me out when I was dressed the way I normally am, so why dress any different?
The next morning I woke up and it was already ten-thirty; so I got up, took a quick shower, did my hair, and put on the clothes I had picked out.
When I finished It was eleven-twenty so I still had some time to sit down and eat. I could smell fresh pancakes and bacon as I went down the stairs. When I entered the kitchen I grabbed a Mello from the fridge and sat down at the table where my mother was already reading a magazine and sipping on her coffee.
“Hey, mom. Can I just start eating or is it all gone?”
“Hey, hun. Yeah I put the bacon in the microwave and pancakes are laying on the plate next op the stove. Dig in,”
So I cracked open the microwave. The sweet aroma of greasy, artery clogging goodness spilled into the room. I walked over to the stove to get some pancakes; they were already buttered and covered in syrup.
I quickly downed my breakfast and looked at the time. It was eleven-forty five.
“Oh, mom, I got o go. I love you. See ya later!” I said, sill chewing on a strip of bacon.
So I ran out to my car, started down my street, and then rip-roared down the highway towards the arcade. When I pulled up to “Teddy’s Super Arcade” I ran up to the front door and went to the front counter.
“I’ll buy an all day ticket please.” I said to the girl behind the counter.
She was covered in piercings and tattoos. It was pretty cool, but gross at the same time. It was like a train wreck, it is terrible but you just have to keep looking.
“That’ll be ten bucks lady.” Said the odd looking cashier.
I gave her the money and she gave me the bright blue wrist band in exchange. I strapped it on and entered the game room. It was lit by black light and the carpets were glowing. The designs, when hit with the black light, turned purple, and green, and pink. It was pretty tacky like a bowling alley. Well everyone says its tacky. But I know deep down inside we all love its beauty.
I walked in and saw Archie waiting by the soda and pizza bar.
“Hey Archie!” I called
“Hey Randi! What, uh, what’s up? Archie timidly asked.
“Nothing. You?”
“Nothing, just sitting here with you.”
“Yup. So what do you want to do?” I asked.
“Well do you want to get a soda and go over to the air hockey table? I’ll pay.”
“Ok! Sure that sounds awesome.”
“Ok cool. I’ll meet you over there in like a minute.”
So I walked over to the neon colored table and sat down on the spacey looking bench. It was pretty quiet in the air hockey room compared to the rest of the arcade. It is easier to hear not only yourself but whoever else talks in here. Oh here comes Archie with the drinks.
“Hey Rand’ I got you Mello Yellow of course. Here you go.” He said, handing me my drink.
“Thanks Arch’!” I said taking a sip of my drink.
“Well, you wanna’ play some air hockey?”
“That depends you ready to get you butt kicked?!” I said.
“Haha! You think you may win but I have the force on my side!”
“Oh really? Well we’ll see about that.” I said.
So the game began. We were actually quite evenly matched. I thought he was going to beat me for sure, but I thought wrong. After going at it for about a minute or so I finally scored the first point.
“Ha! I told you I could beat you.”
“Well that’s only one point. First one to five wins!”
So the game lasted about fifteen whole minutes before Archie snuck in the last point
“Oh no way! I totally thought I was going to have you!” I said to him.
“I thought you were going to for a second too! I guess I got lucky.”
“Haha, this time maybe but next time you won’t be so fortunate!” I said to him.
“You may be right. So anyway, how come you always drink Mello Yellow? I never got the chance to ask.”
“Well, do you really want to know? It’s kind of embarrassing.”
“Yeah, I really do! Please tell me.”
“Ok, but just promise no to tell anyone.”
“Ok, I promise.”
“Ok, well in the ninth grade we had the same lunch. We sat on opposite sides of the cafeteria, but I could still see you, and I kind of had a crush on you cus’ you were really cute and seemed really nice. So one day I took notice that you had a Mello Yellow in your lunch everyday. I thought maybe since you liked it, if I liked it you would see me with it and like me back. And ever since that day I have been drinking it to see if you would like me. And now you asked me out so it was worth it.”
“Wow…really? You drink I all the time because of me? That’s so sweet, but I like you for who you are no because you like the same soda as me.”
“Really? So I can stop drinking it now?”
“Haha! Yes you can. And you know how you could see me? Well I could see you too. I’ve always kinda liked you too. I jus never had the guts to say anything.”
“Thank goodness this stuff was getting boring, and you have?”
“Yeah, I swear. It’s kinda weird I know…”
“Ah, ah, ah, stop right there.”
And jus then I leaned in closer for the kiss. The only problem is- wow wait a sec!
“Oh my god Randi are you o.k.?”
I fell off the bench. I didn’t realize he didn’t go in all the way…that sucked.
“Yeah I’m fine. That was kind of embarrassing.”
Don’t worry about it.No one saw.”
I looked and everyone was staring in at me.
“Now, let’s try that again.” He said.
We both leaned in this time. It was the perfect kiss; it tasted like Mello Yellow, but who cares.

Submitted: March 08, 2009

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i liked the begining with the jocks
“Cha man you got her good!”
“Yeah guys, you are pretty cool. I wish I could make up terrible nick-names as good as you.” I said to them sarcastically.

i laughed out loud there...lol
very funny

Wed, March 11th, 2009 9:58pm


lol coolio! thanks!

Thu, March 19th, 2009 12:38pm

Felicia Marie

Hahahah! My friend Ash is known as "The Pop-tart Girl", Seriously. Loved the story!

Fri, July 24th, 2009 3:30pm


Dude that is awesome!! Glad you liked it!
How'd she get that name if you don't mind me asking? haha

Fri, July 24th, 2009 10:37am

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