Its a beautiful morning

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A poem to remind you that life isn't as rubbish as you first thought it was and that is can ALWAYS be turned around

Submitted: July 29, 2008

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Submitted: July 29, 2008




The feeling of euporia you've chased for so long
the feeling that nothing can go wrong has lingered over you for some time now
and life couldnt be much better than how it feels now

love, loss, joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure, LIFE

throw in the chains of pointless hate
thorw in the chains of pointless anger
throw in the life you've been living
trade it for a new one, its not that hard

Love, loss, joy, sorrow, pain, pleasrue, LIFE

why skip the bad parts ?
why run past those horrible times ?
let out the tears when they need to be let out
without the bad, there can never be a good worth experiencing

love, loss, joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure, LIFE

and when you run into that wall
that block in your mind
that infectious self doubt
hit it with all the good in the world
because all that good is just under a simple lock and key
and that key is Happiness
the lock is merely yourself

Ironic how the lock and the key are the same
how something like that in the real world makes no sense
so run away from the real world and live in your own mind
if theres more happiness there who are they to call you mad ?


Miss no opertunities, when shes there, what have you really got to lose ?


Take it with all the good and make it a new challenge in your mind


Keep hold of it while its there, never let go


Such a bad thing can be so good if you just let it


A reminder that you know your limits, and yet another challenge to break those limits


The feeling that you are in the middle of heaven, in the middle of all that is good

when really all you are in is the embodiment of yourself!


Life is for living, so LIVE IT.

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