Chapter Two to Road To Nowhere

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Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



These past few hours have gone by so fast as we make our way to LA. You know what annoyed me the most about leaving was thatDad made things worse by hanging out near Mums work with the chick he had the affair with; and she’s not even that pretty- well compared to Mum she’s nowhere near it! Ever since then no one can even look at him straight let alone talk to him so I wonder how well this talk will go.

The whole car trip we all sat in silence, until we reached the long driveway. For some reason we were all eager to see the house, since none of us had, had much to do with our Grandparents until now. When we finally pulled up in front of what looked like an old cottage mansion, we all literally jumped out of the car to get a better look. “You guys seriously live here?” Lawrence asked.

“Yes, why? Do you think that because we’re your Grandparents it means that we’ll have an old cramped house or even a retirement house that hardly anyone could fit in?” Gran said.

“Well, yeah” Lawrence replied.

“Silly old kid” Grandad said as he ruffed up Lawrence’s hair “Come on, let’s go inside”.

Inside the house was just like the outside big and unexpected. We spent hours just walking around the house discovering new things. Honestly if I had the choice I would stay here, and I think the others would too. I mean seriously who would want to go back their going to make us go back and forth between them.

“Do you like it?” asked Grandma.

“Yes! I love it, I wish I could stay here” I replied looking around what seemed to be the living room. All I could see was a bunch of fancy couches, a fire place and a piano; but in this case I guess I could get by without a TV.

“Well theirs the thing sweetheart. Whether or not your parents work this out you have to go home, and figure things out for yourself. But if things were to go rough again you could come back, I mean I’m not stopping you, I’ve been wanting to have you guys here for years” She said before hustling out of the living room towards the kitchen after the cook.

“OMG!” I said as I walked into the dining room. The table that could seat an army was covered in food ranging from deserts to sides to delicious looking mains “This is amazing!”

“It’s for all the dinners we missed eating together” Grandad said before taking his place at the table and the rest of us followed.

After dinner was over, I walked/ half carried (since I had eaten to much) to ‘my bedroom’ as Grandma had said. As I walked in I noticed I hadn’t been in this room before let alone this part of the house, I don’t understand how I could have missed it. But knowing me I only really notice things when I’m tired and with that I fell into a deep sleep on the unusually soft bed.

Without realising it I had slept in and when I say slept in I mean slept in, it was 1:00pm by the time I had a shower got dressed and headed down stairs. As I walk through the dining room I grab an apple and head out back. When I walk through the open wide glass doors I see grandma sitting there with a cup of tea. “Hey Grams” I say as I sit down.

“Hi, sweetheart. Your Grandad took your brothers and sisters to the park they’ll be home in a few so if I were you I’d go have a swim while it’s still peaceful” She said and then got up and walked inside.

It took me a couple of minutes to actually find the pool since it was surrounded on one side by trees, that’s closest to the house. As I dove in I was relieved with how good the water felt against my skin and how much I’d be longing to be around water again. When I resurfaced there was a guy standing there with a mower staring at me although he was really hot and I mean hot!! The way he was staring at me was kind of creepy, but when he realised I was looking at him he moved away.

Later that evening our Grandparents took us all out for dinner, well a formal dinner that nearly the whole neighbourhood was invited too. Even though I was introduced to everyone, I still didn’t remember their names let alone talk to any of them for more than a second. Since I didn’t feel like socialising I stood next to the drinks table hoping no-one would notice me, until I glanced around the room and saw the same guy who was staring at me in the pool.

“Have a nice swim?” He asked.

“Yes, and who are you?” I replied.

“I work for your Grandparents” He said.

“Right…” I say.

“I’m Beau” he replies with a grin. The rest of the night was over in a blur.

The next day whilst I was on my way to the pool, I noticed something shiny in the grass and knowing me I picked it up and without realising it something hit me over the back of the head. After what seemed like years, my eyes fluttered open to see the guy that had the mower standing over me asking if I was okay. “Yeah, I’m fine... I think” I say.

“You sure? You’re head... It's bleeding” He replied.

“I…I’m what?” I stutter out and before I knew it my Grandparents were standing over me calling an ambulance.

A few hours later I wake up in a hospital bed, My brothers and sisters at the foot of my bed, my grandparents beside me and to top it all off in walks Mum and Dad…

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