7min in heaven Akatsuki style.

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ok your in the Akatsuko (if you watch naruto youl understand,if you dont WHY THE HELL YOU READIN THIS?)and you decide to play 7min in heaven.who you go in with is a secret untill your reading.

Its a cold stormy day, and you me(Juliettea)and the Akatsuki members are in my room. Juliettea: \"Im bored.\" You:\"me to.\" Itachi:\"then lets play a game...how about-\" Juliettea:\"7 MIN IN HEAVEN!\" you:\"you have finaly lost it girl.you know Zues is watching.\" Juliettea:\"D-Daddy? hes...watching?\" you:\"yeah.And im not playing.The last time..,well you get it\" *everyone looks at Hidan* Tobi:\"please play _________-chan! Pay for tobi.\" you:\"fine but if i go in with that sleezeball (*points to Itachi*)I will kill all of you!\" Itachi:\"sleezeball?!?\" Juliettea:\"ok you go first.\" you:\"fine!\" *you pic a color out of the hat look at it wondering whos color it is.* you:\"that is one ugly hat!\" juliettea:\"your stalling.\" you:\"...White.\" juliettea:\"*turns pale* huh?your...but..,*glares at sasori*i hate you!\" Sasori:\"hehe.of course.exactly why you-\" juliettea:\"say it and Zetsu gets a snack!\" Zetsu:\"^^/ i am hungry!\" you:\"JUST TELL ME WHO I GOT!\" Kisame:\"*snickering*juliettea.\" you:\"O_O...GODDAMN YOU SASORI!\" *we go in and sit down* juliettea:\"well this is awkward...\" you:\"Yah.\"


Itachi:\"dude, way to waiste two hot girls!\" Sasori:\"sorry.besides you know juliettea hates you and _______ thinks your a 'sleezeball'.\" Itachi:\"shut up.besides, Juliettea dosnt hate me if she kissed me\"

?inside? juliettea:\"-and he was all like 'im goin fishin if yah wana come wif me.It turned out he ment to be his date!\" you:\"eww!and he was 78?gross!*sigh* when can we leave?\" juliettea:\"now.\" we get up and leave.you go sit next to hidan and i walk over to Deidara and Sasori, slap Sasori and kiss Deidara.you slap sasori as well and then go to insult Itachi.


Itachi:\"sleezeball?me, a sleezeball?\" Sasori:\"man those girls can slap!\" Deidara:\"that was...weird\" Kisame:*sleeping* Tobi:\"tobi good boy?\" Pein:\"SHUT UP TOBI!\" Zetsu:\"..,im hungry...\" Hidan:\"i had no part in this.\" Konan:\"weird...\"

>< hahah!

Submitted: October 05, 2009

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Christine Chapman

That is so funny! Did you write this on your DSi again? Doesn't matter, it was good anyway! So funny! I love it!

Mon, October 19th, 2009 10:58pm


yes, i did use the dsi.or was i on my wii? oh well.it dosnt matter.n not really.i could never right anything that was uber funny.this is like one of those 'hah, no to get on with my life' kind of things.and dont try to cheer me up.you think its funny, fine by me, but i dont.

Tue, October 20th, 2009 4:43pm

Christine Chapman

OMG, don't put down your writing! It's like kicking yourself in the face on purpose! It just hurts you! Stop that!

Wed, October 21st, 2009 12:06am


okay then....that was....weird....lol you comented that on my birthday. and btw im back with my old boyfriend.

Thu, October 29th, 2009 6:42pm


wait...that wasnt what i ment to write. any way i dont try to be funny.i just am. im actualy very serious. but all ninjas are.
Matt: says the pestimist....
Thalia:would you get OFF!?!god your retarded.that was Matt.ironic, right? hes my best friend, and my roomy.we share a room because....well irealy dont know why.but yah, he hacked this and my youtube so he can type when i am.
Matt: lol.but hacking is illegal.....
Matt: ok. but first, it hurts when you call me a name, but calling me a name in japanese will leave a scar.
Thalia: *slaps forehead*will you please kill me, uncle Hades?

Fri, October 30th, 2009 2:00am

Christine Chapman


That's great about your boyfriend, and happy birthday!! I have a boyfriend now too! I love him!

Wed, November 4th, 2009 1:07am


love is a strong word.but im happy for you.i am now, once again, single.me n justin got in a fight and he said some very bad things to me.and if he reads this,this is to him; I DIDNT CHEAT ON YOU!WE WHERE NOT GOING OUT!HE JUST TOLD ME HE LOVED ME AND I SAID IT BACK!IT WAS 4AM!!!!!...my life has no point.maybe i should...nah.i was gona kill him, but thats to easy for me.i is a ninja.ninja always wins.unless its against Chuck Noris.but any way, congradulations.i hope it lasts.im gonna stop typing before my cat eats my foot.he is chewing on it again...

Tue, November 3rd, 2009 5:30pm

Christine Chapman

I'm so sorry! That's not fair! But still don't kill him. He might see reason... Maybe. And thanks.

Wed, November 4th, 2009 9:46pm


i might not kill him, but he said he was sorry and he loves me, but then called me 'bull shet' again.*sigh* i wish he wasnt like that.i like another guy but theres a bit of a problem with us...

Wed, November 4th, 2009 5:21pm


xDDD hilarous
poor itachi is a sleezeball

Wed, November 25th, 2009 8:42pm


so true.i love him though.he isnt so bad.hes cute, like deidara XD

Thu, December 17th, 2009 4:35pm

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