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about a girl...

Submitted: August 17, 2011

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Submitted: August 17, 2011



Baby I'm a drinker

A real deep thinker

And a damn fine lover too...

Yeah I'm a chancer

A crazy drunk dancer

And I drown in love with you.


Baby I'm a smoker

Long time silly joker

And yeah girl, i've told a few...

Yes I like a Stella

Wanna look like Weller

I sold all my music for you.


Baby I'm annoying

With my heart your'e toying

I wanna play a game with you...

Yes I drive you mad

But life with me ain't bad

I'd give mine up to be with you.


Baby I'm so crazy

Scruff, sometimes lazy

And do the things I wanna do...

Yes I slap your bottom

Drugs made my teeth rotten

Get 'em cleaned to sleep with you.


Baby I'm a dreamer

A firework a screamer

But I am set alight by only you...

Yes I like a cuddle

Throw my coat over a puddle

I shower all my love on you.


Baby I'm a coward

Act like Frankie Howard

I act a fool when I'm with you...

Yes I'm on the fiddle

I talk like it's a riddle

I'd write the longest rhyme for you.


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