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Losing Love

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011




He scours the Earth and it's fields for hours

Searching for one of life's finest sunflowers

Finds it, unearths it, devours

What once was his n hers is now 'ours'

He unfurls it's petals and tastes her nectar

Hunter scavenger becomes the selector

It's close to perfection no need to perfect her

Now finds the need to preserve and protect her

Wants to freeze her beauty in time

Show it off to the World labelled 'sublime'

Put down his feelings in reams of rhyme

Stashes her safe like proceeds of a crime

Takes her out daily to look at his prize

Marvels at her blossom and eyes

Praises the deity that resides in his skies

Exhales his love in her pleasured sighs

Sniffs her scent like a honey bee

Her photosynthesis is growing on he

They shoot from tall flower with love like a tree

And tower above all else that they see

She is grateful to him but at the back of her mind

Wants to tell him the truth but is rather too kind

Wishes that her time could be put on rewind

And longs to know how to speak as you find

Her beauty is wavering and her leaves are drying

The roots need fresh soil and tears she is crying

He thinks it's enough just the love he's supplying

She needs fertiliser he keeps on trying

To delay the fact that his precious is waning

Her untimely passing he's tirelessly restraining

She's tired of endlessly arguing, explaining

That where he found her she should be remaining

So regretfully he takes her back to the spot

Places her back where he found her, her plot

Knows that the beauty he once had will soon rot

Tells her their time shall not be forgot

She passed away peacefully a few summers back

He returns there often but alas alack

For company only has a bottle of Jack

And a bunch of poetry tied up in a sack

Now when he looks to seek perfection

He is fastidiously fussy about his selection

Knows that beauty is not a connection

Learn't that from his 'Sunflowers' rejection

Instead takes his time to broaden his horizon

Does not always pick what he has his eyes on

Has learned that beauty sometimes has a disguise on

And is wary of how soon his prize could be gone

So is less picky now but far more aware

That leaving exactly as is takes some care

What he brings here could be better off there

And that being in love is about being able to share

Armed with this info a newfound progression

Equality in lovelife requires concession

To avoid losing in love and the sadness of regression

Has realised that what he loves is not his possession.


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