All those days gone by

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a look back

Submitted: August 07, 2011

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Submitted: August 07, 2011



I sit here in the dark alone, 

In what used to sound like a home,

Our friends popping by and bidding good day

Babies laughing as they sit and play

These sounds all echo around this room

Yet now I sit and ponder, assume

The silence of something I never did

Lost my love, my home, my sex, my van, my phone, my kid

'Tis only right I move away

Must heed my true friends'  words they say

Look back with a slight tinge of regret

Of when we first met and what's not happened yet

Letting out intermittent sighs

Thoughts of legs and beautiful eyes

That used to sparkle with innocent manner

But once a strayer, bares a heavy banner

That signified the path of us

Love filled the engine, the future drove the bus

How sad not to last the bairns growing tall

Not opening the door to their boyfriends and girlfriends and saying hello in the hall

I think of all the meals I made

And all the albums we have played

I recall every massage and the sex

How unlucky was I to become the 'ex'?

What did I ever deserve to have been robbed of the finish line?

How many flowers and poems and bottles of wine?

How many times did I pleasure her first?

Took her food, run her baths, got her undies that fit! and drinks for her thirst?

I truly have lost count

It's not about the ammount

It'sabout deserving something back

Not being left on my 'Jack'

Having to sell all my music and such

When it's clear that I loved it almost as much

Sadly now I am tarnished for the rest of my days and years

To a life of always being unsure and displaying my fears

About letting go and having real fun

For my faith and respect of woman hast come undone

Badly in need of repair, a rethink

I won't find the answers in any drug or drink

Thought I would nurse you into old age

Thought the rest of my rhyme would fall on your page

And not at any stage

Have a jealousy rage

For now I feel enlightened, and clear

There was no mental illness between my left and right ear

I deserved for her to be sincere

'Cos I wanted you to be happy here

I wanted yours' to be the last voice I hear

Oh dear oh dear

I feel my life drifting away

With the dawning of each bright new day

And Iv'e settled for the fact that I'm clumsy, unlucky

Proud of my life, my self; and so plucky

Made and lost some good friends along the way

'Cos I have no time for those that stray or take the evidence to the things I say

Yet for all those years of staying steadfastly loyal and true

It's me losing everything... not you.




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