Annoying boys and their silly toys

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Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011




Sitting in the standstill traffic again, it's about to rain

Shoulda let the train take the strain

Damn these traffic lights are a pain

Remind me not to come this way again...

Scooter boys go whizzing past

The traffic lights are green at last

I hit the accelerator and we move off fast

Should stick to the limit but I can't be arsed...

We catch up with the moped click

They think their bikes are cool and 'sick'

Man I think the guy at the front is a dick

And the one not letting me pass is a prick...

They give the traditional one finger salute

Guy thinks he's clever, big-headed and cute

As he pulls wide, inside and past him I shoot

I check my mirror and smile, unlucky me old fruit...

Now he's back upon my tail

Tries the inside line, major fail,

As past the guy in third I sail,

And the heavens unleash a downpour of hail...

So just two bikes left in front,

Riding two abreast and I'm on the hunt,

One tries a wheelie, a stupid stunt

And slides off his machine, silly cunt...

Just the leader of the pack remains

He's brave but I got power and brains

A clap of thunder, now it rains

The water pours off the tarmac and into drains...

We approach a major junction ahead

My TSi is only in second, enough said

He turns around and aims a pretend hand gun at my head

Shoots the busy junction instead and ends up dead...

He's trapped under the wheels of a truck

Think he just ran out of luck

One too many risks and he came unstuck

I couldn't give a fuck...

I just pretend I never saw what I saw

The rain stops it's sunny once more

Annoying boys and their silly toys before

You try to intimidate road users check, make sure

You watch the road ahead or end up dead on the floor...

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