Casual Sex

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casual sex, one night stand

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011




So, we find ourselves in this situation

We talk, aiming for conversation

Pressing gently for more information

Both unaware of our destination...

I shift uncomfortably on my stool

You sip your drink and glance at the wall

I try to look and say something cool

But spill my drink and feel like a fool...

You ask me questions about where I've been

I smoke my fag like a young James Dean

And tell you of some of the things I've seen

You lean in which makes you look keen...


Round and round and round this goes

You speak, I watch the tip of your nose

You laugh, I play around with prose

And by the end we both suppose

That we look good without any clothes...


You move to the bar to buy more drinks

I complain of how the toilet stinks

You look at me like a golden sphinx

We don't care what anyone thinks

I ask about your previous lovers

You don't wish to talk about others

Or what you get up to between the covers

So the conversation turns to our brothers

You avoid the noise of the lairy blokes

Cue one of my awful jokes

You laugh at me in between tokes

Which draws attention from nearby folks


Round and round and round this goes

My interest in you obviously shows

I imagine your face in intimate throes

We hit the highs and avoid the lows

The yearning inside your belly grows...


So, moving on we turn a page

Take a bow son, take the stage

You're like a tiger prowling a cage

I note you look real good for your age...

You flick your hair and seem interested

I burp from the food I just digested

Which has no effect on the time we've invested

You pass without even knowing you're tested...

I notice my tattoo has a tiny scab

You seem to have the gift of the gab

And light up this place which is otherwise drab

I suggest that we call a taxi cab...


Round and round and round this goes

Direction found by how the wind blows

You speak I look at your open toes

I'm pleased you've ignored the average Joes'

And cannot wait to take off your clothes...


You take me to your tiny place

I marvel at your beautiful face

The blood in my veins beginning to race

And soon we're in each others' space...

We kiss, my hair is stood on end

There is passion, we do not need to pretend

I know where I'd like to spend,

The next few hours with my new friend...

You respond, extremely inviting

The way you touch me is highly exciting

The flame in our loins is truly igniting

Soon we are scratching and pulling and biting...


Round and round and round this goes

You don't need gangsters, I don't need hoes

We build up momentum, the juice it flows

Our positions change 'til we're comatose

This is how the story goes...


Casual Sex...

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