'Charlie Bronson goes to the Beach' Sunday Sun Exclusive

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My campaign to give Charlie Bronson some air time before it's too late... we all deserve to see the sunshine...

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011




Emporer supreme of all he surveys

Yet slave to his own mind and led by his thoughts

Locked in a cage for a number of days

Alone with regret and admitting his faults

His alter ego's must have alter ego's

Finds the lack of visitors alarmingly boring

Too scared of his own temper he knows

Creates from memory stories in drawing

'The most dangerous man on the planet!'

Deseves a little taste of our day to day sights

Must pace to n fro thinking why damn it?

He is a human being after all; he too has rights

Surrounded by greyness, blankness and gloom

Requests just a little colour in his existence

Silence from the 'Prophets of Doom'

Chains, keys, bars, keys, walls; Resistance

Notoriety in a nutshell he has become

Tailored by men in fresh tailored suits

Insanity has become his knife and his gun

Determination his fists and his boots

What's wrong with a lunchbox and a trip to the sea?

Would provide him with a palet for art

Give him the taste of for once being free 

His return would be like a new start

Whilst busy training for his next fight!

Do not disturb him or 'mark' his work

Have a thought for his singular eternal night

It must drive him fucking berserk

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie

Emperor supreme of all you survey

Continue your quest for acceptance of recovery

We might see you down at Fistral one day


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