Fending off the slings and arrows...

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fielding questions about my current situation and providing proof of my intentions to move forward...

Submitted: August 21, 2011

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Submitted: August 21, 2011



I hear amazing revelations

Pathetic misinformed accusations

Borne of non-intellectual educations

Intrusive, nonsensical condemnations;

Fully aware of my current position

Mocking sarcastically my disposition

Disregarding the period for my transition

I saw this coming in a premonition;

I fend off slings and arrows at my intentions

Hear sarcastic reasons, inventions

Jealously watch as they draw their pensions

Sidestep situations with tensions;

Feel out of place due to lack of finances

Try to explain my lack of chances

Avoid invitations to dinners and dances

My current plight this only enhances;

Presently my options are restricted

Settle down, then get evicted

All of these things have been depicted

I have become the pathetic afflicted;

I have ideas and I try to speak

They see me as a loser, meek

My squashed plans render me weak

Yet still the assailants turn the other cheek;

One day my desire will blossom fruition

I will have the key that fits the ignition

Drive far away from my worthless position,

Leave the attackers with a sorry admission;

Thankfully there are those that see my plight

Choose to shadow me through this fight

Have the sense to see with more than their sight

Give me courage and wings to aid me in flight;

Grateful for this as I pick up the stones

They do not destroy me, I'm down to bare bones

And those that sit in their glittering thrones

Will have less than me in their showroom style homes;

For I have inside me strength and resolve

The problems my stomache shall dissolve

As long as I walk and the World does revolve

I shall be reborn refreshed; and evolve;




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