I change my name to Hades

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immortality in a life of darkness...

Submitted: August 07, 2011

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Submitted: August 07, 2011



And so I change my name from Mark

To Hades, God of the underworld

I live my life now in the dark

My banner of hate against mankind unfurled

And now I do not give a single coin toss

For what was once my perfect life

The Demi-God that lurked in Argos

I cut at with my knife

My parents never worshipped me

Not like I do those I love

Jamie is my Percius

And rules the twisted men above

Be not sympathetic to my plight

Your chance has long since been and gone

For you all loved yourselves too much

To see how thoust were wrong

I know not what I had become

Yet knew that witches cursed my soul

For all I touched just turneth to shit

And disappeared down this hole

That hath now made my tormented home

Where alone I sit and write my verse

And you alone no longer have the tools

To make my matters worse

So pleased am I that man has shown

His truest colours at first chance

Oh Zeus, bring forth your sorry tales

And upon your decaying graves I'll dance...



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