I Suppose....

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supposition and supposing

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011




I suppose it would be quite easy to give up

Turn the other cheek and walk away

Make out like none of this is real

And hope that things will change another day...

I suppose we could pretend it never happened

That things are the same as they were

That this has not affected us whatsoever

And we have no penalties to incur....

I suppose I could just lay in bed and sleep

Dream of what once was or could have been

Make up stories for our friends

Blur the edges and exclude the in-between...

I suppose we could make believe we're fine

Let others think we are adding to our years

If outsiders think that all is well

We won't have to show them our tears...

I suppose we could just move on

Pretend like none of this is true

I believe it might work a bit for me

And possibly work a bit for you...

I suppose you could stay at a mates'

Just take your make-up and some clothes

I could stay here trying to suss out what went wrong

I suppose.

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