I Think I Know Who It Was...

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Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Submitted: July 26, 2011




A table in the front room stands

The window pane is made of glass

A postman flings his rubber bands

And workmen talk while cutting grass

A cheese is sold in a delicatessen

The bus driver passes bikes en route

A teacher begins the morning lesson

A body lies in someones' boot

The car park spaces are marked in white

A rope is tied to a tree and a tyre

Bats come out of the cave at night

Some old wood is burned on a fire

The heat rises towards the moon

Graffitti on the bridge is sprayed

A baby is fed with a plastic spoon

And the dismayed onlookers are dismayed

His futile efforts are overlooked

An ice-cream van rings its' bells

The restaurant is overbooked

And the witches cast their spells

Trawlermen are busy fixing nets

Seagulls circle the bins in the park

The bookies' refuse to take any bets

A wife hurries home to her man before dark

The water in the bath is steaming hot

A cat is sleeping on the stairs

A girl squeezes puss from a spot

The ravers are dressed in wigs and flares

A taxi is called just after eleven

The diver comes up for air and breathes

A priest lights a candle and thinks of heaven

Another man wipes his nose on his sleeve

The cashier asks if you're paying by card

A jet leaves a trail in the sky

The examiner makes the exam quite hard

Grandad eats a nice pork pie

Chemicals are spilled into the river

Letters are spoilt by tears and smudges

An auntie makes mashed potato and liver

Sentences are cut short by judges

The flowers grow beside the road

An arabian man is dealing in gold

The distributors truck has lost it's load

A man's workclothes are washed in Bold

The coffee cup is filled to the top

A musician practises his notes

The bully just refuses to stop

A canvasser walks the streets for votes

A pedestrian waits at a zebra crossing

The learner driver is behind the wheel

A caber tosser is busy tossing

His father used to work in steel

The rubber on the pencil broke

A jockey takes his boss for a ride

The comedian tells his funniest joke

The fat uncle gets stuck on the slide

A cleaner loses track of time

The copper chases handbag thieves

Somebody took what was rightfully mine

The person responsible leaves.


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