Splitting the Atom...

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The angst in me, perception of me, my inner battle, the need to be liked and the struggle to find a balance.

Submitted: August 15, 2011

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Submitted: August 15, 2011



Harsh are my views, my words, sometimes- yes,

Submit my opinion, before I regress,

Far from the origins I often digress,

Tomorrow the man in the mirror I dress.

Strong my politik views on the news,

Read through the headlines, the placebo, the muse,

Tight are the bindings, the fixings, the screws,

Try walking a step in these second hand shoes.

Alone with my faults, I vault thoughts of you,

Hot is the chilli, I season my stew,

Second chances are given; but are very few,

Ever stopped to think... I might need one too?

Heavy, the burden of others within,

For without these 'others' I seldom win,

I give you no keys to let yourself in,

Too loud is the scream of your truth and your din.

Fuck politics, too political for me,

The struggles and troubles will never be free,

It's there inside us for e'er us to see,

And que sera what will be.

Lame are the reasons for giving to others,

Few are the chances of saving our brothers,

Sad are the memories of time with our mothers,

Rare is the loving of love with our lovers.

Screw down those screws and baton the batons,

Punch over my weight- like ten Ricky Hattons',

Fast are the tremors and the City it flattens,

Alone with your tools as you try to split atoms.

Gone are the voices that once gave us reason,

Glitter and ticker tape heralds the new season

I'm Ceasar of Rome and you commit treason,

Pull down the avenues with hundreds of trees on.

Fight back the tears of remorse, your regret,

Take your cash to the bookie and place a big bet,

You win; but as yet, see no return, so you fret,

Why does the rain of your reign feel so wet?

Bubbles are bursting, so burst is your bubble,

Seeing things clearly; you quickly spot trouble;

But speed is the reason for seeing things double,

You never foresaw the pile of rubble.

In ruins you lay and you lie as you lay,

You screw it all up as you screw her all day,

She sees the oasis and what some might say,

For one cheap encounter, forever you pay.

So quick was the quip that made you rejoice,

Loud was the sound as it found your voice,

So now you stand tall as they give you poise,

Oh joyous of joy as you celebrate joys.

To finish- a sentence or two about us,

You ask my opinion, my opinion you cuss,

Fuck! It was rushed from the back of the bus,

On remand, your demand, it caused such a fuss.

Fuck all the MP's and screw the bigwigs

Foster the children that slum it in digs,

Herald the triumphant bands and their gigs';

Hand out rewards like, red wine and figs.

Bow at your feet as you annoint the poor,

The people you meet and smoke joints with once more,

They once gave up space and you slept on their floor,

Now they hear not like they heard you before.

Could not seperate the atom, so gave up when you bit it,

The punchbag soaks your anger and proof that you hit it,

Don't pour cream in the punch as you'll definitely split it,

Stood up is the truth, so quickly you sit it....







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