Tribute to BB King

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Tribute to BB King

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011




So this guy plays The Blues in a low-key setting

Sings of his losses, his pain and regretting...

She draws her hair back away from her face

Says 'come on man, let's get out of this place'...


BB King has by now thickened his veins

So he feels no cold as outside it rains...

Still he does get a shiver of mild trepidation

As she mentions leaving and seperation...


'The Thrill Has Gone' she sings

'Boy it's long since gone away,

 Though it hurts me to tell you

And it kills me to say'

...'The Thrill Has Gone'


See he knew she was gonna be a Heartbreaker

He thought he could hold her and mould her and make her...

In the rain he wonders just How Blue Can You Get?

And cannot shed the Chains n Things, so gets wet...


'The Thrill Has Gone' she sings

'Man the thrill has been and gone away,

Though it hurts me to tell you

On this Stormy Monday'

...'The Thrill Has Gone'


She runs to her Hideaway, he heads for hell

The Three O'Clock Blues man got him in some spell

You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now boy for sure

Since I Met You Baby requested no more


In a low-key setting he sings Into The Night

Thinks, he can just make her out in the light

But Come Rain Or Come Shine man she 'ain't coming back

And Sixteen Tons of love don't mean jack


'See The Thrill Has Gone' he sings

Since my baby gone away

'Darling You Know I Love You'

Just wish my baby would stay

... But The Thrill Has Gone


Just Like A Woman

And just like every broken heart 

In every song...

The Thrill Has Gone.


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