Was it ever meant to go like this my sweet?

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Sadness and loss of love...

Submitted: August 18, 2011

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Submitted: August 18, 2011



When the sun came up on that very first virgin of our days together we laughed and smiled

And all that we ever did was set each other free from our stifled screams and binding chains

Every cloud in skies of days gone by evaporated like puddles of rain in the afternoon heat

We took our first initial baby steps to paradise hand in hand and filled each others brains

When the moon rose like a floodlight on the sparkle and gloss of our first embrace

You looked into my eyes and praised me for taking you and held my hand and we cried

And all we ever wanted was to taste the freedom that our hearts and minds deserved to have

Little did I know that all our truths down by that river would sink; and how we both lied

When the storm clouds came we chose to stay inside our castle and exhilerate us

I opened up my can of worms life and you returned the deed with lust in our warm bed

And all you ever wanted you said was the chance to fly with me stood at your side

I never thought I'd sing about the end of us and how your love had died and we were dead


Now every step I tread and every sign I see

Reminds me of the days gone by, of you n me

And every song on every radio I hear is sad

It holds some kind of relevant memory

I walk along with thoughts of you so clear

My body holds a heart that has no beat

I cry at night into my pillow when I see our star

Was it ever meant to go like this my sweet?

When lightning strikes knocked down chimneys, ours remained in tact and stood so tall

You told me how your body ached for love like mine and we smiled and we hoped and we

Held onto each other like our lives depended on us being so close and true and full of faith

You never told me then that one day you would grow tired of my unrivalled loyalty

When our childrenstood up tall and had a voiceit made our lives full and complete

We said we'd made the grade and all the promises we'd made were coming true

All I ever asked from you was trust andhonesty and the chance to feel wanted

I never knew back then that every time I heard your laughter, I would feel so blue


When that final fateful moment came, you shot me with your bullet words of hate

You told me that my love was making you feel inadequate and brought you down

I could have left you years before but did not have the courage or the bollocks to

And now our love is ridiculed and slandered in this two bob sad old town

When you walked away the air sapped from my lungs and all the spite came out

Like a poisonous venomous horrible snake I tried to bite you to return the pain

I should have walked away and held my tongue 'til we were cool to speak once more

But I never knew the ache I'd feel orloss of hope at never seeing your pretty face again


Was it ever meant to go like this my sweet?

Was it ever meant to go like this my sweet?

Tell me, look inside your heart we grew, me n you...

Was it ever meantto go like this my sweet?

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