Who Knows What The Fuck This Is Called And Who Really Cares?

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couple arguing before break up

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011




He goes

I fuckin love you

You are the moon and stars in my skies

You are the melodies in my head

And the sights in both my eyes


She goes

I used to love you

Not sure what I'm looking for

The fact that you still love me

Is just not enough anymore


He goes

I fuckin love you

I'll do anything you want

I won't take no for an answer

I will change my style and Font


She goes

I really wanted to love you

We went as far as we could

Don't hate me for the way we are

Love me for all the good


He goes

I fuckin loved you

I thought you were meant to be mine

What a waste of air and breath

What a waste of my time


She goes

Get a fuckin grip

I can't love you like this

Theres more to love than sex

And more to love than a kiss


He goes

I fuckin hate you

I hate everything you say

I hate the way you're still so calm

And I just cry all day


She goes

Grow the fuck up

Look at your reflection

Get some other love in your life 

Get some fuckin direction


He goes

You're my reason for waking

My point, my direction

The plans I'm making

The cause of my erection


She goes

Drink some fuckin coffee

Sit back in your chair

Stop your mouth from working

Hang on a minute there


He goes

How the fuck can I hang on

I'm clinging on to you

I'm hoping I am dreaming

And I'll wake up next to you


She goes

Get it fuckin straight

You are not what I want

You can change your style and your ways

You can change the colour of your Font


He goes

I'll do fuckin anything

Anything he goes

He cries, she pulls away

Suddenly he knows


She goes

A part of me will love you

And a part of me is glad

That we are going our seperate ways

And you are old and sad


He goes 

I fuckin hate you

I cannot wait to get rid

I fuckin hate the things you do

And everything we did


She goes

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