Broken Pieces Fall, From my Heart

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Will They Ever be Picked Up??

Submitted: April 16, 2011

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Submitted: April 16, 2011



I sit in the shadows alone, without love.

I no longer feel the love of a person,

The beat of another heart,

The warmth of another soul.

My heart is breaking like a glass may shatter.

The sound; piercing my ears,

The picture; staining my memory,

The pain . . . unbearable.


The pieces begin to fall.

Like an autumn leaf, from the great oak.

I start to feel the emptiness inside,

Nothing is there,

Merely the pain stands with me now.

On one hand I am grateful,

The pain reminds me that I am always alive,

My face hasn't faded into the shadows, 

I haven’t disappeared into the distance,

I haven’t vanished from view,

  . . . For now.


The pieces wait on the ground, to be picked up once more,

Much like an infant waits for their mother’s long embrace.

I, myself, cannot save them for my own gain.

I cannot lay them back as one.

I cannot even stroke them for their comfort.

For doing so would be cheating.

Only the love,

the warmth,

the embrace of another,

Can save these pieces from their certain doom.


I long for the day that they become one,

I long for the one who does so,

For me.

For me.

All this for me.

I stand, waiting for the day the pain disappears.

That I become full,

Full of love,

Full of hope,

Full of happiness that stands beyond abundant joy.


But for now,

I lay alone in the shadows,

  . . . Empty,

With the pieces scattered around my feet,

As I wait,

For him.

My special one,

To save the fallen petals,

And to give them back,

To my awaiting heart.

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