Emotionally shattered

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Life with full of pain and disappointments

Submitted: August 21, 2015

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Submitted: August 21, 2015



Sometimes you wondered

Why I feel so alone

Looks happy on the outside

But fell very tired inside

Emotionally I’m drowning

Withdrawn so much hatred

Pain and disappointment

Made lots of Mistakes and

Failed many times

Hurt people close to me

Disappointing them

Expectation not met

Haven't done what I should have done

Words never been said

Oh God please help stop this pain

A circling series of pain

A series of disappointment and failure

Emotionally down and shattered

Mentally confused and tired

Body completely wants to give up

I just need some rest sometimes

Some moment to stop

Stop to think and recover

Recover from pain, from failures

So I will still have strength to face tomorrow

Because tomorrow is another battle

Another failure along the way

Another pain but I’m hoping I’ll make it right

And with strength and help from above

I’ll make it through

I can make it better

I’ll gain more, I’ll have the strength

To face everyday failures and disappointments




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