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some of the words hard to express when life isn't working well.

Submitted: June 24, 2013

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Submitted: June 24, 2013



There are times when we are so weak

we can't think right

we can't decide which way

where to go and what to do

sometimes i wish world will stop turning

stop for a while

take a break

so i can breath

'cuz i feel so exhausted and tired

living like this sometimes feel like better off dead

it's better if i'm gone

i feel so depressed 

wishing i could turn back the clock or maybe 

i could move forward

'cuz i'm stagnant

i can;t move, i feel stuck in the world of confusion

in a world of darkness and pain

in a world with no peace

so many hatred, anger

world of negativity

i'm struggling to fight but it's so hard

it's so painful...

it's too tiring to go on living

where everyday is only struggle

everyday you have to face the problem that you can't escape

problems that as if there's no solution but to go

to go far and living alone.

i just hope that when i'm gone 

everything will be alright

maybe when i'm gone

there will be no pain

so i thinkn it's better to say goodbye.

goodbye to pain

goodbye to problem

goodbye to all...









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