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Today's prayer

Submitted: August 12, 2013

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Submitted: August 12, 2013



Lord, here I am again asking for your help

many years had passed and still struggling

still struggling with the same problem

i thought i had it resolved but it always come back

Lord, I know that I have made a lot of mistakes

made a lot of bad decisions 

that leads to more problems

Lord, help me, I'm nowhere to go

My life seems hopeless

full of fear, full of pain

sometimes I really don;t know what to do

getting through the day seems so hard 

i feel like I'm almost dying

Lord, I know i deserve punishment because of my sins

please forgive me lord for all the sins i've done

please lord take all away all my fears and pain

so i can go on or else just take me away

just take me lord, it's better rather than going on living with fears

lord i'm tired, and everyday i feel like i'm drowning

deeper and deeper

that i can't get out

i can't breath

lord please help me, i need miracles

please show me how and show me what to do

because i'm lost

i can;t think straight

i can't think right

i feel i'm going to lose my mind

and can't control myself

please lord i'm begging you please help me

stop this, i don't want to hurt people especially

those i love, but why lord i'm end up on hurting them

i always tried my best to make them happy

but in the end, i cause all sadness and pain

lord is this the life you want me to be...

if i can only turn back the time, i promise that i will do better

i can;t move on lord, i'm stagnant, i can't focus

i can think positive

all i'm think is negative, and all these fears

not sure if i can handle it

i'm afraid to face the efuture

cause i know it means trouble

lord please i'm asking you to help me guide me

show mw the way

take all these fears, help me to strong

help me to say the right words

to do the right thing

to think right, to focus to the right direction

lord please forgive me...




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