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Some thoughts about living in a virtual world...

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



I have this friend who preferred to live in a virtual world called online community.He spent most of his time in front of the computer, and seems like his whole life is depending on it, without it, seems like his life will be useless and good as dead. One time, we have this conversation and asked him why he is so addicted to it, and he said, the reason is it's the only place where he can found joy and happiness, where he can found a real friend, a place where he is being recognized, where he can be somebody, where he can can be strong and powerful and a place where he can expressed his emotions without any restrictions.

Maybe in some point it's true, but in reality, I believe he is just pretending to live someone he is not, he builds his online character as a strong and powerful person, but as a result too, he ignores real people around him, especially his family. I can't blame him and in trying to understand, I've found myself in a similar situation. Most of the times we are wishing we live in a different world, because we are afraid to face the future or maybe afraid to face the reality. We wish we can escape somehow and live diffirently, Sometimes I hate my self that I wish that I am somebody else, living in different life, different world, borned in a different generations.

Although, it's sounds pathetic, but I still want to live in a real world, and I still want to be true to myself even in virtual community. Just like this, writing words out of my mind, it's still me, I don't care what people say or might say but who cares really. The only things matter, is that I feel some comfort when there's someone you can turn to, to express your feelings, especially when you are depressed and alone. This is what I believe the best thing about virtual community brings, where you can say or express your feelings, just like to a friend, who are always willing to listen...although not physically present but virtually where somehow, someone is listening by reading.

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