The Gate Story

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Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



The Gate

Anna looked around at the long curved river, which was merely outlined in the treacherous  darkness. She was overwhelmed with a single feeling. The gratitude for a getaway that had seemed simply impossible before. She was now a refugee and there was nothing that could interrupt this sweet feeling called “latitude”.

After a few minutes or so, Anna decided to look down the bridge. She glanced vaguely things she had never thought about earlier. The slight, gentle movements of waves, the purely blue colour of water and the reflection of the crescent on the sea. Her eyes appeared as if she was fully immersed in dreams. She closed them. The unusual thing was that as she did that, she also stepped further in the direction of the edge of the bridge.

The moon slithered lower and so did opened again eyes of Anna. She calmly stared at the water below her bare feet. One quick peep to see if no one was nearby and she was prepared.  She knew why she went through such a long way. She jumped off.


The small circle on the water appeared. It grew up to a moment in which it was so huge it was difficult to spot.

The pale body of Anna with widely opened eyes was drowning… And drowning…

Darkness. Nothingness. The abyss. She woke up seeing an unspeakable miracle. It was the infinite light. Then she saw coast beneath her. A few further steps and she was there. In the middle of the two crossing rivers.

She was dazed. Dazed, because she had no idea where she is and who she is. She decided that the best way to found the answers was to follow one of the rivers. However, before she made even a first move, she glimpsed an unfamiliar flower near the place when the streams were crossed.

“What is it?” she thought.

“It is a narcissus.” a deep voice answered slowly.

The fear took over her mind and Anna instantly turned back.

On the unbelievably green grass she saw a mysterious figure in a black coat. It was unclear whether it’s a creature or a human being.

“Who are you?” Anna asked nervously.

“It does not matter which name you desire to use.” the hooded figure said.

The short moment of silence occurred, but Anna didn’t give up her efforts.

“You haven’t answered my question.”

Anna was sure to notice a twinkle in his eye.

“Who am I? I am you. Or perhaps the World. Nothing and everything.  You can call me by all these names.”

“So you’re God or something like this?” Anna continued.

The person in black was standing firmly on the ground and seemed to be motionless. He was perfectly silent.

“Where am I?” the silence interrupted.

“You should find it out on your own.” the figure commented.

“What am I supposed to do here?”

“Do what you are supposed to do.”

“I don’t understand.” the girl was even more confused.

“Some of my answers you shall understand and some of them you shall not.”

That was too much for Anna. It was far enough for her to get angry. She simply stepped beside the hooded figure and decided to fulfil her initial plan. Yet the creature blocked her path.

“You cannot go there.”

“Why? What are you gonna do? Punch me in the face? You’re ridiculous.”

Although she was decided to go away from that place, she suddenly started to feel an unusual cold saying to her she shouldn’t fight with the hooded figure. 

“Don’t mess with me!” she exclaimed. “What are these rivers anyway?! How can I get out of here?!”

“You shall not leave this place. These are rivers of Life and Death for those who live and those who died. And that is the place where their streams meet.” the person in black coat calmly answered pointing the crossing rivers.

“Am I to choose one of them or what?”

“You already chose .” even deeper voice answered.

“What?! Did I… Died?”

“You should have known the answer already.”

“Then I know who you are. You’re Death.”

“That is just another name.” he interjected. “You folks concern far too much about all these names.”

“Ehh…Come on, there must be a way to get out of here… You know, in movies you can always play some game with Death. So what do you think? We can play chess, for instance, and if I win, you’ll let me leave these horribly boring place. Is that OK? Shall we?”

 The Death smiled reluctantly.

“No, we shall not play any game.”

“It’s fun! Really! You must be incredibly bored sitting here for all those… erm… Millennia?”

“You are the only one who is capable of releasing you from here, Anna. And you chose already.”

Anna was baffled.

“So what you’re trying to say is that you can’t let me leave? I must do it? It’s a nonsense.”

As he heard that, he turned his back and said:

“You did not accept yourself. Did you think that you can escape your problems?”

She suddenly recalled.

“I… I dunno. What’s wrong with seeking freedom? All I wanted was to be free, be myself in this world of lies.”

The Death started to smile once again, but Anna couldn’t spot it.

“You never grew up. Thus, I am the inevitable despair of your meaningless life. “

“No! I just didn’t understand that…”

“Here is where my errand ends. You can go along a river you would like to go.”  the Death interrupted and as he ended his sentence he serenely faded away.

Confused Anna decided to walk along the left river. Though, the river seemed to be endless. After many hours of wandering she sat down and looked on her reflection in the stream. She closed her eyes. 

She saw a gate. The wide golden gate with skulls drawn on its doors. And the gate opened…

“Anna!” someone started to scream.

The bleak body was laying on the pavement surrounded by many people. A few of them tried to touch her, but most of them didn’t want to interact. Anna was cold and wet. Quiescent. Yet it could be seen that her pink lips were slightly smiling...

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