I AM BUTLER!...i am match-maker?

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From the series "Not Your Grandma's Bible Stories" Elie has been a domestic all his life but when his boss calls upon him to attend to an extremely sensitive family business matter Elie holds continuation of the family name in his hands.

Submitted: August 22, 2014

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Submitted: August 22, 2014



~~Now I’d never take credit for being the Godfather of many nations of the earth but I did play a small part in the matter. Indulge an old fool for a moment if you would let me tell you a tale of a task I undertook. My name is Eliezer but you can call me Elie. I come from a long line of butlers like my father, his father and my great grandfather before. They were designed to serve and they did it proudly and with passion. I suppose I was cut from a different cloth that’s what my parents always said. As a boy I was shy and I was clumsy and my speech was slow not the qualities required for a head butler or any butler for that matter. I just didn’t fit in but I had a friend, one good friend because sometimes that’s all that you need.

My father tried to find me a job in his field but it never lasted. I was always thrown out of the residence for incompetency. Really it was my nerves that betrayed me when I got in the presence of that upper class of people. I swear to you that I tried with everything in me, I did. On my 16th birthday my father declared that he had given up on me for I was useless. I was devastated, why couldn’t he understand that I was trying and God forbid when your parents given up on you is there really any hope? I sat outside my father’s house wondering the best way to end my wretched life. How was I to rid my parents of the feeble, worthless offspring that I am. Just then Abram passed by. He was the son of my father’s boss and well known for the wealth of his family but more so for his humility.

“Elie why do you look so down on your birthday isn’t it a day of celebration?” He asked.
I didn’t respond but remained with my head lowered drawing in the sand. He walked over to me and touched me on the shoulder. Though he spoke softly so no one else could hear it seemed so loud to me that I could hear nothing else for that moment in time.
“Your reputation precedes you young Elie but tell me do you really want to walk in the footsteps of your forefathers”
“Yes sir. I want to serve. I want to make my father proud” I almost cried.

“Good then,” he replied “You will work for me, I will help you and all that I ask in return is your unfeigned loyalty.”
From that day forward because he believed I could, I began the journey that continues today. Abraham (Yes his God changed his name) was patient and kind and he was a friend consequently I gradually learned to relax and  I eventually excelled in my profession. In the sixty years I worked for Abraham I moved up the ranks and he moved his household several times so we lived in many different countries. He was severely criticized for blindly following the directions of an invisible God. But amazingly he always seemed to prosper in his ways. I didn’t understand his faithfulness to this God but I would hear him pray daily. I also witnessed how his wealth miraculously multiplied.

My boss had no children and it was a widespread joke that he was to be the father of many nations. The female servants chuckled that his wife was as old as the Rock of Ages but she and her husband continually thanked God for this child they did not have. It saddened me for he was a great man and I wanted the best for him. I loved Him like I should have my father. By law if Abraham did not have an heir his wealth would pass to me when he died. Yet secretly I hoped his God would not disappoint him. Everyone was relieved when they finally came to their senses and had a child through a surrogate. With my own eyes I saw that surrogate maid taunt and terrorize the woman of the house when she thought no one was around. She often brought the old lady to tears and it broke my heart. I had mixed emotions when the child Ishmael was born and Abraham had to send him and his mother away for the sake of his marriage.

 Finally, the God of Abraham and his wife came through for them and they had a baby boy named Isaac. I think this made me a believer. And I also became a proud Godfather. In the following years God never ceased to blow my mind. Can you believe He once tested Abraham’s faith by asking him to sacrifice Isaac? Yes, his only heir! What utter madness? For me it was the longest walk up that mountain but Abraham was determined to do it. Half-way up he asked me to stay back with the donkeys. I begged him to take me instead because I had lived my life and Isaac was still a child but he would hear nothing of it. For Abraham it was complete obedience to God or none at all.  To the relief of us all God provided an alternate sacrifice. In a strange way I understood the principle for I had been loyal and faithful to Abraham with everything he had entrusted into my care. Anything he asked of me I would have given.

 Thank you so much for allowing this imbecile to rabble on but understand me, this has been my life. All I know is how to be a good butler. I know how to take care of the house. Now, my friend has required something of me that I have no idea where to begin. He has asked me to find Isaac a good wife in the country of his ancestors. Me? Has Abraham lost his mind in his old age? I am just a butler so this request troubles me.

I confess I am worried that I will fail, the truth is I am scared and I want to run away. I almost feel like that teenager so many, many years ago; clumsy, impeded speech and all. But I know in my heart I am different. Abraham would have probably gone himself if he could but he is very old now and hardly ever leaves the house. I am therefore honored that he has chosen me and as daunting as this task seems I am determined for Abraham’s sake to accomplish it. I gave him my word that I would do as he asked.

Today as I set off I believe as Abraham has said that God will send an angel ahead of me. With confidence in God I began this day with a prayer for guidance. The trip is long but it has given me time to think and plan my approach to the challenge. I can do nothing in myself for I don’t even know the people I will meet. Whether they will be receptive or hostile. Maybe they will decided I am crazy old bag for travelling so far when there are many beautiful, eligible women where we live. I have taken with me loads of expensive gifts to give to the parents of the bride to be, to convince them that my boss is not a schemer but he means business. This same cargo also makes me susceptible to being beaten and robbed so again I pray for protection.
 Something in me testifies that I was lead to this place so I will wait right here at the spring where the young women gather to chat and collect water for their homes. O God I pray that the young lady whom I will ask for a drink will oblige me and also give water to my ten camels. If I can find one who is willing it will tell me that she has an attitude of service, she is kind and compassionate and she will be the one that God has chosen to be Isaac’s wife.

“Hello miss can you give me a drink of water, I have come a long way and I am very thirsty,”
“Yes,” she said “And your poor camels look weary I will run and fetch them some water also”
“Thank you Lord for making my path clear.” I whispered as the young lady ran off to get the water.
Rebekah was a beautiful girl about 19 years of age. I thanked her with gifts of gold jewelry and I discovered that her family was close relatives of Abraham, he would certainly be pleased. I could not believe how well this entire meeting was turning out and I felt compelled to take a minute to bow down and worship God right there.

Rebekah insisted that her family could put me up for the night and her brother came out to meet me. It was one thing that I had met her but I wasn’t sure how her family would respond to me. I could not have planned it any better myself everyone listened intently when I explained my purpose for coming. They all agreed that if it was God’s will their daughter should return with me to marry Isaac. They wished to keep her ten extra days so she could say her goodbyes to everyone and they could host a going away party but I insisted that we depart early the next morning and Rebekah was on board.
I hadn’t thought about it before but Abraham and I had made plans to the exclusion of Isaac. Now on our way back I wondered if Isaac would be pleased with my choice. Rebekah also seemed quite nervous whenever she spoke. As we neared the house I saw Isaac and waved to him. He saw us and started in our direction.

“Who is that coming to meet us?” She asked anxiously.
“Yes that is Isaac.” I replied answering the question she really wanted to ask.
“Oh but I’m not ready to meet him I haven’t cleaned up.” She said.
She dismounted the camel and covered her face with her scarf just as Isaac came up. He looked questioningly to me and I explained what I had done. Isaac nodded that he understood and simple said “Let God’s will be done.” He gently took Rebekah by the hand and led her to the house where he made her his wife and loved her deeply all the days of his life.

Inspired by Genesis Chapter 24

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