The Meaning of Life, Food

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this was an assignment i had in foods class, it's defiantely my best writing assignment so far. i haven't got the mark back yet though.

Submitted: April 12, 2008

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Submitted: April 12, 2008



Food is the meaning of life: it brings us together, it gives us hope, it’s about love, comfort and compassion. Food isn’t just our daily sustenance; it truly does have a more profound meaning in our lives. Whether it’s an Italian wedding, where the love of food is the main event, or Ramadan, celebrated by the Muslims, where the practice of fasting for an entire month shows the charity and compassion the human race is capable of. Or even the last meal, for an inmate on death row, representing grace and compassion. All these reasons lead back to the meaning of life: love, compassion, and most importantly, food.
Food defines our lives in many ways. The love we show at dinners, breakfasts, and lunches, is all the cause of food bringing us together. The sense of belonging when one is sitting at a table with friends around is unlike any other feeling. Throwing a lavish dinner gives us hope of prosperity in that the love and amount of food will be abundant for a long time. Ramadan is the Muslim tradition dedicated to food.
During Ramadan, the participants cannot eat between sunrise and sundown. This is done to show the charity and compassion of humans as a whole. The food that is not eaten represents how humans are capable of sharing what they have with others, in this case, food. Also, the sense of culture is preserved by this tradition. Even in America, where the ethnic background is very widely diverse, the Muslim population continues to preserve this and other traditions. And by doing so, represents the love of food. Italians understand this and devote their weddings to food.
Italian weddings are unlike any other celebration on earth. The main event is not the marriage ceremony, but the dinner! Consisting of eight to ten courses, where each is as delicious as the last, the time spent together gives a chance for connecting and celebrating the love of family and food. The Italians truly do understand the meaning of food and life. No matter what your background or ethnicity, everyone can connect and show their love at a time of eating.
Through thick and thin, food is the one thing that can bring people together in times of need, or even cause new friendships. The meaning of food is the definition of life itself. The Italians and Muslims may know this better than anyone else, with entire rituals devoted to food. All life depends on eating, but food is what life is all about. All cultures are brought together in the “melting-pot.” This is the combining of many cultures in a small space. For example, the United States, where a great deal of the worlds cultures combine. All these cultures are brought together in love and unity by food. New friendships are formed, and old ones are re-ignited at a time of eating. The love shared around a dinner table, the compassion, and grace shown to inmates on death row, and the charity done by giving what we have to others. This truly is the meaning of life. No, it’s the meaning of food.

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