King iCon's decline

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A fiction work. A really short story. Just letting my imaginations go wild. Hope you like it.

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011




King iCon was a self obsessed ruler. So when he rolled out the new generation of the iPad in 3066(now in its 34th generation), each piece had a 3D image of the king covering its back. None of the three predominant races at that time, i.e. humans,robots and robo-sapiens were particularly amused by the king’s move. The fact that an ugly, old hag would cover the back of their sleek baby wasn’t particularly pleasing

King iCon was a robo-sapien. In fact, he was the first robo-sapien on planet earth. His father Kizashi was a revolutionary machine of his time. Kizashi could  do anything, from cleaning the dirt under your sofa to battling hundreds of robotanks(fully automated warfare tanks) at once. Kizashi was also credited for his research on the ‘gOldentOOth’ technology, which pushed up mass teleportation rates from a meagre .1KG/s to 3 KG/s. Apart from all this, he was heavily into social service. He was given the iNobel in 3032 for his making robots in some backward regions of Africa completely dependent on solar energy for recharging. iCon’s mother on the other hand, was a ridiculously beautiful , tech-crazy German engineer. So much was her love for technology, that she chose Kizashi ahead of Robot Pattinson(Undisputedly one of the best looking men of his time) as her life partner. King iCon’s birth in 3016 shocked humans and robots alike. What was more shocking than the new hybrid offspring(robo-sapiens)  was how different iCon was. iCon neither had Kizashi’s intelligence and kindness, nor his mother’s beauty. When monarchy was reinstated in 3031, Kizashi was unanimously chosen as the leader by the robots,humans and robo-sapiens. His death in 3037 saw iCon become the new ruler by default.

A young 21 year old iCon wasn’t the best choice for a leader and the world soon started realizing this. Soon after his mother’s death in 3044 , iCon started developing a hatred against robots and humans.  Humans and robots were treated as primitives and were termed ‘half-bloods’. Dark Suckerberg(also a robo-sapien), the then President of Facebook ordered removal of all human and robot profiles from Facebook. Some of them were even denied internet access which lead to a sudden spurt in deaths due to e-hunger in 3051-52. 

Young Jill Hates, a human owner of a small tech firm called Microsoft grew up watching all this. Jill Hates was a master at computer programming and robotics. Jill Hates  wasn’t particularly clean on his heart. A large part of his fortune came from a not-so-kind invention. His fortune slowly grew into millions of dollars by supplying ’ MyCon’, Microsoft’s flagship robot. MyCon was a specially programmed built to destroy humans and robot. iCon termed it as the next best thing to himself.

Now that he had sufficient funds, it was time for Jill Hates to execute his next big plan –iDestruction. He had had enough of iCon’s ruthless ways. He wasn’t obviously planning to take over as the ruler. iDestruction also meant financial gains for him, as he could end the iERA with the end of iCon. Eve Mobs( creator of all things ‘i’ and also iCon’s closest friend) enjoyed a gala time during iCon’s reign, with Crapple(Eve Mobs’ company) being the sole producer of all gadgets (other than robots).

iDestruction proved out to be very easy for Hates as all Antibots(Anti-i-bots) worked swiftly to eliminate all things beginning with i. The late 3080s saw mass dumpings of iPads, iPods . The i era together with King iCon came  to an end in 3091. The robo sapien clan was demolished.  Robots and humans again lived in harmony and the world became a better place to live!

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King iCon's decline

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