The Bonesong

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A poem I wrote while dwelling on a chance meeting with a dear friend. There was so much running through my head, but the poem I knocked out just seemed to sum it up so perfectly.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



AN:// If you follow my writing, I really don't expect you to read my poetry, now or ever. I realize it's not terribly good. This is particularly dear to my heart, and I feel compelled to upload it because it is so powerful to me. It sums up a relationship in my life that confuses me deeply. Also, a little shout out to the people following Angel's Grave, I am deeply sorry for how long the next chapter will take. School just began for me, and my deadline was eaten alive by that. I'll try to be better, in the meantime please bear with me.


The Bonesong,



Clammy shadows slide away under my fingers

Ribs like rungs on a ladder pulling me up

To bleeding lips spilling white clouds

Into the curtain that hides us


So wet, so cold, so dead, so wrong, so hot, so close, so alive

Brittle finger bones cling, griping wire shoulders

Red ink stains porcelain

Art no one understands


And she loves me tonight……

If she’s dying like I’m dying.



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